Internet Dating: Who’s Really Out There?

    January 26, 2012
    Shawn Hess
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We see the commercials all the time, I found my mate on Match.com or E-harmony, or whatever services their advertising these days. Everybody is so happy and their significant other is everything they aways wanted.

It all starts with your customizable personality profile! How exciting!!!!! I can’t wait. If you’ve ever read any of these profiles, they are almost all the same: loves dogs, loves cats, likes to have a good time, loves honesty….whatever! These things would be more accurate if they were written by a panel of strangers who scrutinized user’s pictures and made-up a personality for them.

According to some guy named Brian Bowman, who used to work for Match.com, there’s a solution to all this B.S. people post about themselves on these dating sites. He uses the word “authenticity” to describe his revolutionary idea about internet dating.

According to Bowman, the concept stems from sites like Amazon.com and Netflix who use preference information to bring valid recommendations to their users. He believes this is the innovation that sites like Match.com lack. His vision is that Facebook pages, Twitter posts, Netflix choices, and other internet preferences will become transparent to prospective mates and that they will see a truer picture of who’s on the other side of the site.

While his ideal version of a dating site may leave some feeling like they’ve had their privacy invaded, Bowman feels that this evolution will become excepted as times change.

At the very least it will cut down on users who regularly misrepresent their identity to take advantage of others. It might also rid people of the tedious task of trying to accurately describe themselves to a stranger. We can only hope.

  • Joe

    That solution will make any dating site lose users by the truckload. How about letting the users be grownups and doing the investigation on other users themselves offline/online? Let them do their own background check or whatever. There are multiple reasons people want to keep their identity private. Some do it for very evil reasons but most don’t.

    It’s dating. People are going to B.S. their way to bed and most women don’t mind. Don’t try to require/start a Nanny Program or most people will get turned off and leave for the competition. Let adults be adults.

  • http://amzn.to/xObggc P. James Holland

    This seems a bit far off in the future to actually implement. Great in theory – but no way you could actually pull this off without a clear invasion of privacy. Maybe if they opt in or click something that says they will be using their information kind of like the Facebook app do… it may work.

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