Infographic Looks At Web Design Trends

    July 17, 2014
    Chris Crum
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A few months ago, we shared an infographic from Aptitude looking at the history of web design that was pretty popular. Today, we have one from WhoIsHostingThis? examining trends in web design for 2014.

“Websites have certainly changed over the past 20 years,” a spokesperson for the company says. “Remember the days of flashing graphics, crazy fonts, and auto-play music? Thankfully, those days have led to a more minimalist approach so that today we enjoy sites that are simpler and user-friendly. We’ve seen some new trends lead the web design pack so far in 2014 (such as responsive design and vertical scrolling) and there are plenty more up-and-comers on the horizon.”

Image via WhoIsHostingThis?

  • Chester Marketing Agency

    some great points here :) especially with the video stuff, you can learn way more about a company/service within a minute worth of video than you can with text and pictures, exciting times

  • aaron bowersock

    Very nice- informative and accurate. I can’t fully agree with the idea that flat ui sacrifices form for function. It’s equally visually appealing in its own right (compared to skeuomorphism or other styles), and still finds a way to guide the user with its minimal visual cues.