Hulk Hogan: Stone Cold Questions Legend Status

By: Ellisha Rader Mannering - August 11, 2014

To most wrestling fans, Hulk Hogan is a legend in the ring. Some people even credit him with making professional wrestling such a big deal in the 80s and early 90s.

While most people are impressed by the Hulkster, there is one man who isn’t – Stone Cold Steve Austin.

While most other wrestlers have tremendous respect for Hulk Hogan and would rank him as one of the best, Stone Cold said that he feels that he is more of a legend than Hogan.

“If you’re talking to me, it’s going to be Stone Cold Steve Austin,” said Austin. “If you guys are talking to Hulk, it’s going to be him.”

In spite of his opinion on the matter, he went on to say that he does respect Hogan for his contributions to the sport and his successful career.

“I respect Hulk Hogan because his career lasted some 30 odd years,” Austin stated.

Austin went on to say that although his career may not have been as long as Hogan’s he felt that he did more in the time that he was wrestling than Hogan did.

“I think I lasted about 15, but during my peak years, I took the business to a height it had never seen before,” he continued.

“When you say to anybody off the street: ‘Hey, do you know anything about pro wrestling?’ They’ll say, ‘Yeah, wasn’t that guy Hulk Hogan a pro wrestler?’ His name might come to your mind before mine, so I give that guy all due respect. He had a tremendous run.”

Who do you think was better?

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  • AJ

    I love Austin but no way in hell can he say he was better than Hogan not by a longshot!!! If it wasn’t for Hulk, Steve may not have had everything he has today!!!

    • Jeremy

      He never said that you moron.

    • Rocco Russo

      You must be out of your mind with that comment, its called wrestling which Hogan can’t do worth a shit.

      • AJ Brock

        Well, Austin certainly wasn’t the best worker, either. We’re not talking about technical wrestling prowess; we’re talking about drawing power and overall impact on the industry.

        • T

          Well, you used the word “worker”- which means you have been in the “business”. 2 different eras. When Hogan was big- he was the main draw– same with Stone Cold- BUT Stone Cold drew much more heat.

      • Iron hands

        I disagree Rocco, but i thought the same thing as a kid.Go on YouTube and watch his matches in japan in the early 80s and in the early 90 with the Great Muta and watch Hogans press conference after…classic.

        • Rocco Russo

          I will check them out, thanks.

      • Whitey_Bulging

        Maybe not… but he made WWF what it became. Steve Austin seems to forget about The Rock… who helped do a lot of heavy lifting that era.

        • Byrdman

          If that’s the case The Ultimate Warrior did the same in Hogan era.

          • unclecabo

            Ultimate Warrior became a big draw about 10 years after Hogan was THE big draw…

          • Raj

            Hogan became a big draw I believe around 85 maybe 84, The Ultimate Warrior was becoming a big deal before Wrestlemania 6 which would place his beginning as a draw at about 1989, possibly before that.

            I don’t think that gap of time constitutes 10 years.

    • 2banoz’d

      You’re damn right, AJ!!!! Oh, I mean, HELL YEAH!!!!

  • Judge J

    Hogan was, is, and will forever be an egocentric jackass. Case closed.

    • Huh?

      That doesn’t answer the question.

      • The Great One

        The answer being that an egocentric jackass will always say HE’S the best.

    • Rocco Russo

      Well said.

      • Rocco Russo

        Well said was for Judge J, he hit the nail on the head.

    • Jeremy

      Steve Austin walked out on WWE when they wanted him to lose to Lesnar, Austin REFUSED To put Lesnar over. He has an ego too, you do not get to the top of your profession without it.

      • Michael Massey

        Steve Austin has an ego ?? Who would have thunk it ?? LOL

      • WweFanatic33

        He only walked away because he wanted it to be a big ppv match not just a random Raw or Smackdown. There should have been a build up to it. He has said that many times in interviews. Vince wanted to rush it rather than draw the story out.

      • FantasticFresh

        Austin said he wouldnt lose to him on raw

      • Michael K

        Yea Hogan doesn’t have an EGO? Yes Austin walked out for a good reason. He saw what was going on for the future and left. Hogan refused to stay around because of money…and McMahon. We know who lasted longer and actually came back to the WWE first

        • Wes

          hulk deserved more money, love him or hate him he always draws people and ratings. or did anyway lol

    • JohnnySwolls

      and Stone Cold is different? He’s always been an alcoholic, wife beating, asshole.

      • Whatever

        He’s a wife beater??? This is new to me.

        • JohnnySwolls

          Debra reported it in 2002. She also reported he beat her three more times and WWE put her under a gag order. She said it was because of steroids and recreational drugs. This was long before everything was on the internet 24/7. easier to hide and seems to have worked.

          • T

            I dont believe a word that comes out of Debra’s mouth.

          • Michael K

            I heard nothing comes out of Debras mouth…LOL!

    • RobW

      He did more for kids, charity, clean living, and granting wishes for Make A Wish than anyone, except now it’s John Cena working for and with Make A Wish Foundation. Austin drank beer and that is what he’s known for in wrestling, plus he did have some really good matches. Hogan did more for wrestling than any other wrestler. PERIOD.

    • x

      you mad ?

    • Whitey_Bulging

      So were many others… except they’re dead.

  • dirty do no no

    hogan paved the way but merchandise and ticket sales show austin is number one. also, story lines and memorable moments/matches austin takes the win too. cant beat hogan slamming andre moment but cant beat austins impact. and thats the bottom line..

    • Shran

      He probably helped increase beer sales as well.

    • Erik Dickerson

      its a lot easier to move black merchandise then red and yellow, even in the 80s. Also austin was during the advent of the internet so making sales easier. The other fact that people forget is its a lot easier bringing fans back then it is gaining new fans. A lot of austins fans were the hulksters fans in the 80s who had quit watching. Now they were older. Austin didn’t add a whole lot of new fans once you take that into consideration. Remember austin never headlined a wrestlemania with as many in attendance as wrestlemania 3, and he never drew the ratings of saturdays main even when hogan faced andre.

      • Jeremy

        TV existed before the internet was ever created, and more people had TV’s than the internet when Austin was on top.

        What happened was Austin was at the right place at the right time, when he got big the world was a different place, they were tired of cliche characters that are either “good or bad”, Austin walked the line between good and bad, he was different from what wrestling provided before.

        Also, Austin was in a storyline where he was beating up his boss on a weekly basis and making him look like a fool, something pretty much every blue collar worker wishes they could do to their boss, and it was mostly blue collar workers who watched wrestling at the time.

        • Erik Dickerson

          Yup apparently you are clueless is a reasonable response to actual reasons. Got it. Austin was big but not anywhere near the level of Hogan in the 80s.

          • Terry

            lol…really? you want to check those buy rates and merchandise sales? another thing that figures into the equation: Hogan was a face for a lot longer than Austin, who they tried to flip flop time again…personally, i’ll take the man that’s going to make me money, and that’s Austin

          • Erik Dickerson

            You don’t seem to grasp the argument, Austin makes no money if not for Hogan. Really you do realize that Hogan paved the way for Austin, Hogan drew in a ton of fans, most of which were young in the 80s. These fans would return and spend money when they were in their late teens and early 20s and watch austin when wrestling presented a new era. Hogan did the harder job of creating fans and Austin just brought them back. If you really think I said Hogan sold more merchandise you really need a reading comp course.

          • Terry

            so you’re saying that if Hogan had stayed in the AWA that McMahon wouldn’t have taken someone else and created another star? come now, please tell me that you don’t believe in the marketing genius that is Vincent Kennedy McMahon?

          • The Real Legend

            The article is about ego and legendary status–both guys believe they are the biggest legend in the business and they should. Hogan clearly is THE biggest legend bringing the business mainstream and carrying it for many years. Stone Cold was one of a few guys for a few years and then he was gone. It’s not even close.

          • Rocco Russo

            Its wrestling not selling shit if your a real fan, Hogan could not use a wrestling hold if his life depended on it.

    • Janice

      Because dirty do no no said so!

    • JohnnySwolls

      lets not mention the Rock, HHH, Michaels, Taker, Kane, and Foley who were pushing the company at the time as well. Definitely a team game. That was proved when Austin left and the show became bigger than ever expanding to Smackdown.

      • Mark

        Wait though. Hogan had Warrior. Giant. Demolition. Also, Austin was on Smackdown so that comment confuses me.

        • JohnnySwolls

          Warrior, Giant, and Demolition? Compared to The Rock, Foley, HHH, HBK, Taker, Kane, Dudleys, Hardy Boys. etc etc. Come on now. I loved Warrior but he was the “top” guy for what 2 years when Hogan went to make TV shows and movies? And the rest aren’t even comparable.

          Smackdown point because the concept was based on The Rock and his catchphrase, “Laying the Smackdown”. When Smackdown debut in 99, The Rock and HHH were also top guys. As I said, when Austin left they were already established top guys. Not taking anything away from Austin but claiming he had more of an impact without pointing out his supporting cast is foolish. HHH, The Rock, Foley, JR, Taker, Kane, Vince, Henry, Edge, ALL Hall of Famers or heading in eventually. Who was Hogans great rival? Who was his Vince? It was a different time.

          • Mark

            I get your point too. I have been a faithful viewer since the Hogan era. He is definitely a legend, and a reason why the company is around. But you can’t deny Austin the same credit. And the Rock too btw.

            And I really tuned in to SNME to watch Demolition, not Hogan. 😛

          • JohnnySwolls

            I definitely agree. I just wouldn’t put Austin over Hogan. Same level, absolutely. Personally, I liked the Rock, HBK, Taker, and HHH better than Austin. Just never clicked with the character for me. Same with Hogan. I was a Macho Man mark.

          • Mark

            Probably explains why I was an Austin fan, and a Demolition fan lol.

            Oh and always a Taker fan. I dont know if anyone can/should say they arent.

        • H4BAF

          Wait, no mention of Randy Savage?

          • Mark

            My bad. I was never a Savage guy or a Hogan guy lol.

    • Joey Shabadoo

      i’m guessing you’re under 20 years old. one of the most memorable moments in the entire history of WWF/WWE is when Hogan slammed Andre the giant in wrestlemania. Austin can’t even come close to a “memorable” moment like that.

      • Mark

        Well I certain hope the under 20 wasnt aimed at me. I just hit 40, I remember when Taker debuted. lol

        To say either arent a legend is just crazy. They each did the same for the company in their own respect.

      • YourMamaLikesMyJunk

        Do you not recall Austin siding with Vince at WrestleMania?

  • Manuel Lopez

    Hulk Hogan paved the way for Steve Austin, The Rock, HHH and many others. He IS a legend!

  • RGD

    Where does he question Hogan as a legend? What a misleading piece of crap article. Comparing the two is no different than choosing a favorite sports team.

    • Jeremy

      Exactly, it’s typical though of hacks with no lives.

  • Calmurselves

    stone cold is like in a whole nother category of wrestler. i hope he doesnt street fight in his part time he did own the wwe for some time at a point. the stunner omg.

  • Deckie Deckie

    Naaahhhh… a “sport” which is not a sport….and everything if faked….hard to decide better or worst…..but as the legend goes…..Hulk Hogan is way …..way over Steve Austin…..way above…..jejejeje

    • Triston Henderson

      Everything is faked? What about the injuries? Did Darren Drozdov fake becoming a quadriplegic?

      • Deckie Deckie

        A “sport” where the actual activity that constitutes the “sport” is fake….but in the process of faking it an accident happens,(overacting?) it does not change the fact that the so called sport….IS FAKE!!

        • Jeremy

          Funny, pro wrestling does not claim to be a sport. Moron.

          • RobW

            Right. According to McMahon it’s ENTERTAINMENT.

          • Deckie Deckie

            Hey smart person…..nahhhh forget it…..jejejeje

        • Chuck Doubleoseven

          The activity isnt fake, you moron. Those are real athletes running around out there. I wanna see your favorite athlete do that stuff as often as they do. The stories are fake. Everyone knows this stuff though. Do you watch a movie at the theatre at jump up and scream “FAKE” when Tom Cruise jumps off the 100 story building with no harness? Or gets shot?I bet not.

          • A Guest

            “Do you watch a movie at the theatre at jump up and scream “FAKE” when
            Tom Cruise jumps off the 100 story building with no harness? Or gets
            shot?I bet not.” No, but you should.

          • Deckie Deckie

            To put it mildly….one is acting….portraying a story on film…..acting…..opposite to wrestling they do not call it by any other name….moron!
            Now…..wrestling ….the stuff you call wrestling ….the hulk Hogan/others like him stuff… but fake…..all of it….

        • Triston Henderson

          Good job NOT answering my question!! Every tv show and movie ever made is “fake”. Do you feel the need to bring that up everytime you talk about one?

          • Deckie Deckie

            One can break a leg during a fake event…..not hard…..jejejeje

      • H4BAF

        Really dude? THAT idiotic argument? What’s next, if you like watching porn that means that you’d want your wife or daughter doing it?
        YES, “professional wrestling” IS fake. The storylines, the outcomes, who’s “feuding” with who, who’s going to do what, all of that is fake.
        There aren’t many people around who would argue these guys get hurt, have to work hard, have to train hard, and take a beating as time goes on.
        But yeah, by and large it’s fake. Unless of course, you believe that there’s an undead guy named the Undertaker walking around.

      • Deckie Deckie

        He just wasn’t too good at faking it…..

  • Weston Liveit

    Isn’t there a generational thing going on here? Austin “Stone Cold” persona came about in an era when wresting became big, big, business and mainstream. Stone Cold Steve Austin was not wholly responsible for this. No doubt Stone Cold Steve Austin made WWF/WWE tons of money in a short span. Hulk Hogan was the first true wrestling superstar. And if you have any doubt about how innovative Hogan was consider this: Ric Flair had been doing this much longer than Hogan and cutting some spellbinding promos since the late 70s. Yet in the mid 80s Ric Flair could not hold a candle to Hogan.

    • ryan

      Hogan was not the first superstar of wrestling Bruno Sanmartino and Andre The Giant where both before Hogan and much bigger stars. Andre is and always will be the best.

      • Michael Massey

        Nobody has said Hogan was the first superstar , get real . What Hogan did with his act was take a business that was stuck ( and Vince McMahon was brilliant with this ) and bring it back to the mainstream entertainment world. Hogan was the driving force behind that , period. ALL the others , from Piper on down, were secondary to Hogan. Do NOT misunderstand what I am staying .Hogan wasn’t the greatest athlete and wrestler ever or even in his time . That didn’t matter. He was the greatest entertainer period . He was the guy the WWE ( then WWF ) hitched their future on and he took them to heights no one else could have.
        Austin was fantastic as well, but here is the one point about Austin that makes the difference between him and Hogan. When Hogan left, the WWE ( WWF) battled hard with WCW ( and some with ECW ) and had to change their entire program. They went to the ” Attitude Era” . When Austin left, it was business as usual . Austin as good as he was, as popular as he was, wasn’t a game changer . He was here one day, gone the next . That is the difference between the two and always will be

        • Mark

          Hogan left and it was business as usual too.

      • H4BAF

        If the argument is that Hogan isn’t the best because he wasn’t/isn’t a good “wrestler”, how the heck does Andre the Giant get mentioned in this?

    • thomas

      Hogan was an entertainer not a wrestler he couldn’t hold a candle to the Nature Boy in the ring get real

      • Rocco Russo

        Very well said.

      • Jeremy

        Hogan was still a wrestler whether you idiotic nerds want to admit it or not.

        • Rocco Russo

          Are you freaking kidding me, what the hell were you watching?

        • Rocco Russo

          shake body, make face, point finger, throw a few punches, do leg drop, boring as hell with 0 wrestling ability.

          • Daniel Chamberlain

            As opposed to constantly strutting around the ring, continuously adjusting his wrestling tights to cover his flab, shouting out whoo!, followed by a single punch, low blow, and figure four. Ric Flair’s gimmick was as a technical wrestler. but he was not a technical wrestler. Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit… those are technical wrestlers.

          • ed2knKC

            You’re insane.. The crowd loved the strut, flab, you only wished you had that body instead of the beer belly.. Like Flair would say. “Sit down fat boy!”.. As far as the Wooo goes everyone loves that just listen to the crowds whenever anyone does the chop!.. Flair had that awesome suplex he did where he keeps them up forever! He had the chop block, he had the move where he would work on the leg including the one where he’d brink their leg down and apply the figure four.. Wrestlers his co workers say he’s the greatest of all time! WOOOO

          • H4BAF

            Funny, with all that “boring” stuff going on, THAT’S what made wrestling popular back then, so you’re probably in the minority on that. And please, get off that moral high horse with this “0 wrestling ability” garbage.
            When you start talking about actual, REAL wrestling, then go to that card. Until then, it’s entertainment, that’s what everyone is saying, and that’s the point of this whole thing.
            But yeah, redneck busting beer cans against his head is definitely “technical ability”. Give me a freaking break.

      • Richard Harris

        Hogan, Flair, they were both Entertainers, Man! Get real! How old are you? It’s all B.S.!

    • ed2knKC

      You’re crazy!.. Flair without a doubt is the greatest of all time.. Mic skills, wrestling skills, everything!.. Flair the only two time hall of famer, 16 time Champion!.. Remember Hogan had the money of WWF and Rocky 3 pushing him, Flair wrestled and kept the NWA and WCW going! WOOOO

      • RobW

        Flair also had more help in winning his matches than anyone in the history of wrestling. How many matches did he actually win on his own??? Too few to count. That’s excluding his cheating and low blows, of course.

        • ed2knKC

          Yeah that’s what made it so great, the fans loved it, that’s why Flair said he was the dirtiest player in the game! The Horsemen fans would love it when they cheated, look at Flair’s match when AA came out and did the spinebuster on Undertaker at wrestlemania the crowd goes nuts! Guess what fans of the good guys hated it, you know what they would do they would pay money to watch the Horsemen get beat up.. That’s why Both Flair and the Horsemen were the greatest!.. It’s a business and they were over BIG TIME! WOOOO

        • H4BAF

          Good Lord this argument is getting dumb. “Cheating and low blows”? Flair not winning matches on his “own”? Did you not get the memo about how wrestling is scripted?
          You do know that was what was supposed to happen, right? I don’t need to sit you down and talk about the Easter Bunny and Santa do I?

  • Stevie10703

    Funny enough, when Austin started out, he was very similar to Hogan in appearance and went by “Stunning” Steve Austin and had long blond hair. Like Hogan, he started to lose the hair but, he shaved it off and got the Stone Cold persona and everything else is history.
    I have to say, wrestling was great when there were two competing organizations, the WCW and the WWE. It brought out the best in both of them and Hogan and the NWO made the WCW and Stone Cold and the Rock made the WWE. It made for great viewing and we got a lot of bang for the entertainment buck.

    • RealNameNoGimmicks

      Tons of wrestlers started out w/ long blond hair but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they were emulating Hogan. Flair’s look was pretty popular as well. HHH had the same flowing blond hair look when he first started out and he’d tell you in a min. that he was emulating Flair.

      I don’t think Stone Cold really “lost” the hair… he shortened it during his last days in WCW (Hollywood Blonds w/ Pillman) and while in ECW he went to a buzz cut to go along w/ his persona. When he debuted as The Ringmaster while in the WWF, he still had the buzz cut look for a bit and eventually shaved it when the Stone Cold persona took off. Hogan just flat out LOST his hair lol.

  • Stupid people amuse me

    putting this in NBA terms, this is like comparing Wilt Chamberlain and Michael Jordan. Both considered 2 of the greatest of all time, and both took the game to a higher level.
    Hulk helped solidify wrestling into entertainment in a larger market whereas Austin took what was already popular and elevated it to another level

  • Chris Naused

    Hogan was a great entertainer. As far as being a technical wrestler, Austin would take him in their primes. Hogan was a showman, Austin was a fighter. Austin for the win.

    • AximusPrime

      Watch some Hogan matches when he was in Japan.

      • Terry

        Hogan was only as good as his opponents…put him in the ring with the Great Khali and you’ll see what i mean…Austin could mat wrestle with the best (Bret Hart, WM 13) or he could brawl…

        • AximusPrime

          To say Hogan is only as good as his opponents is a monumental cop-out. Are Hogan’s matches in North America generally considered technical masterpieces? Not by a long shot. However, look at his match with Andre at Wrestlemania 3. There is a reason that match has great historical significance, and it had nothing to do with the number or complexity of the moves executed during that match. Same can be said about his Wrestlemania matches with the Ultimate Warrior and The Rock. Here in the States and Canada, Hogan was more show than go because he knew how to play to the crowd’s emotion both before the match with his promos and during the match with his mannerisms. Hogan’s matches in Japan were totally different as the audience expects and reacts to things differently than here in the West. There’s a reason that Hogan’s career had the longevity that it had, and it was because he could get the audience to emotionally invest in what he did, as little as it was in comparison to guys like Savage and Steamboat in that era. Not to take anything away from Austin, but the majority of his success came after Austin had his neck broken and his knees were bad, relegating him to mostly brawls. It’s kind of unfair to put down Hogan for not being a technical wrestler when Austin got over without being much of a technical wrestler when it counted either.

          • Terry

            seriously, you need to go back and watch the WWE Network…try to find 10 Hogan matches that were “technical” matches…then look at Austin…as far as being “emotionally invested”, Austin could drive a beer truck into the arena and get a pop…don’t recall that with Hogan’s Viper or Hummer

          • AximusPrime

            Reading comprehension must have been a hard subject for you as I clearly said in my second sentence:

            “Are Hogan’s matches in North America generally considered technical masterpieces? Not by a long shot.”

            So I don’t know why you would tell me to look for ten Hogan matches that were “technical matches”, as by my own admission, they don’t exist in North America. I said in Japan he showcased more technical skills. Show me where on the WWE network that they offer matches from New Japan or any other Japanese promotion. Yeah, that’s what I thought. As for Austin, stop trying to put him on the same level as guys like Bret Hart or Kurt Angle. Yes, Austin was pretty proficient when he needed to be, but for the most part he was a brawler, more so after his neck injury. Austin was carried by in-ring technicians just as much as Hogan was according to you. To say otherwise is simply anti-Hogan bias at this point.

          • Terry

            lol..apparently you’ve never watched “Stunning” Steve Austin…especially the “Dangerous Alliance” or “Hollywood Blonds” Steve Austin…Austin was more of a technical wrestler then, and yes, he was on the same level as Bret Hart and Kurt Angle…just because you were too busy being a WWF mark at the time with Doink the Clown, don’t dismiss his ability…

          • AximusPrime

            So it’s okay to dismiss Hogan’s ability because you’ve never seen his Japan work, but I’m a mark because I never saw “Stunning” Steve Austin in his heyday (which I did, and he was by no means on the same level as Bret Hart or Kurt Angle). And seriously, what grown man leads with “lol”?

          • Terry

            the kind that is laughing at you and the absurd man-crush you have with Hogan…bet you still have your pillow buddy from the 80s…probably have the thumb wrestlers too…how’s that go over with your dates – “wanna thumb wrestle? you can be Macho Man, i’m Hogan!”…seriously, i’ve seen videos of Hogan wrestling in Japan…still no technical masterpiece…

          • AximusPrime

            So because I don’t have the same haterection you have for a man you have never met in your life, I must automatically love him? Okay, good to know how simple you view life. You also probably need to wear a helmet everywhere you go and drink from a spill-proof cup. You might want to wipe the drool from the side of your mouth too.

          • Terry

            i don’t “hate” the man…just replied that Hogan was only as good as his opponents and you took your man-crush to the next level…in their primes, Austin would wrestle circles around Hogan, plain and simple…you “should” ask yourself why Hogan ducked Austin on several occasions when it presented itself that they could face off…

          • AximusPrime

            Your assertion that “Hogan was only as good as his opponents” can literally be applied to Austin as well. The fact is either could have wrestled inanimate objects and still blown the roof off of the arena because it was never about their in-ring skills. You said something to the effect of “Put him in the ring with the Great Khali”, well guess what? By Wrestlemania III, Andre was just as slow and plodding then as Khali is now. People don’t remember that match because of either performer’s technical prowess. And you can also tell me how Hogan ducking Austin (which I have never really seen it mentioned anywhere, so please feel free to fill me in on when that happened) is any worse than Austin refusing to work with Jeff Jarrett, refusing to drop the WWF Title to HHH, or how he walked out when asked to put over Brock Lesnar.

          • Terry

            dear Lord…you just equated Khali with Andre…as for Austin walking out when asked to put over Brock Lesnar, the question is why would he? no buildup, no story, not one announcement that Austin would even face Lesnar on Raw…Austin vs Lesnar deserved more than an announcement 5 minutes before Raw started…that’s a WCW move, ala Hogan and Goldberg…i doubt Austin had any problem putting over Lesnar, but the timing made NO sense…as for dropping the belt to HHH, Austin put Triple H over two months after that…as for JJ, don’t tell me that you expected ANYONE to put JJ over…the only person that put JJ over was McMahon and he eventually won that “war”…

          • AximusPrime

            “dear Lord…you just equated Khali with Andre”

            Yes, because at that stage in his career Andre was a shell of his former self. Up til now, we have been talking about in ring ability haven’t we? If you were talking about star power, then yes Andre is leagues beyond Khali. Of course, then it would have nothing to do with in-ring ability which is what this whole argument has been over.

            “as for Austin walking out when asked to put over Brock Lesnar, the question is why would he?no buildup, no story, not one announcement that Austin would even face Lesnar on Raw…Austin vs Lesnar deserved more than an announcement 5 minutes before Raw started…that’s a WCW move, ala Hogan and Goldberg…i doubt Austin had any problem putting over Lesnar, but the timing made NO sense…”

            Because it’s his fucking job. Brock was obviously their chosen one then. Everyone else they had fed to him did as they were told. Austin was pretty much done with his in ring career by that point, why not put over the company’s new face. Funny, Hogan put Lesnar over and the buildup only took place during an episode of Smackdown and it went a long way in solidifying Lesnar as legitimate. And Hogan versus Goldberg had at least a weeks buildup so your comparison fails.

            “as for dropping the belt to HHH, Austin put Triple H over two months after that”

            That’s not the point. Austin politicked his way out of having to do a job, so Mankind was shoehorned into the match with less than a week before the PPV. HHH refuses to put someone over, he’s rightfully crucified by the IWC. Austin did the exact same thing to him long before HHH ever had stroke with the office, but people like to give him a pass.

            “as for JJ, don’t tell me that you expected ANYONE to put JJ over…the only person that put JJ over was McMahon and he eventually won that “war”…”

            I never said put him over, I said work with him. There was no way back then that Jarrett would have ever gone over Austin. But the point is that Austin refused to work a program with him because he was all butthurt over a comment Jarrett made earlier regarding how Austin 3:16 was sacrilegious. Austin has had his fair share of moments where he acted like a diva.

          • Terry

            …man-crush Monday…i bet your Facebook profile pic is Hogan since it’s his birthday…funny, when it was Hogan’s turn to work with Jarrett, what happened? “oh, my knee”

          • AximusPrime

            No, my Facebook profile pic is a pic of the back of your mom’s head.

          • Terry

            funny, you must be a necrophiliac…tell your girlfriend i’ll be over with that dime i owe her…she’s pretty good in bed…too bad you’re into sex with dead people…

          • AximusPrime

            Huh, that explains why she doesn’t move much.

          • Terry

            from what your girlfriend says, neither do you…

          • AximusPrime

            My girlfriend IS your mom, tool. I guess you’re both a necrophiliac and you’re incestuous. Sorry I fucked her to death by the way.

          • Terry

            so, the best you can get is a dead woman? pretty sad bro, pretty sad…guess she’s not like every other woman you’ve tried to talk to that says no…oh, and you may have licked her to death, but i doubt you could screw a slug to death with what little you have

          • AximusPrime

            The fact that you have seen what I have also shows you’re pretty queer too. So you not only obsess over Stone Cold’s dick, but you want to talk about mine too. You want to keep going with this shit? I tried to have an intelligent discussion, but you started with the man-crush shit despite the blatant irony of your love of Steve Austin and how “Stunning” you think he is.

          • Terry

            i haven’t seen what little you have, just was judging by the frown on my poor mother’s face, the one you said you screwed to death…must not have been pleasant…i can go all day telling you how much you fail at being a man…anyone who goes to the graveyard to pick up chicks is a failure

          • AximusPrime

            I guess you’re right, I am a failure with the ladies right there beside you and the drag queen you’re pictured with.

          • Terry

            that may be what’s wrong with you, you don’t know a real woman when you see one…if you would leave the dead chicks alone, you might could find one, albeit an ugly one to have sex with…i know it must be hard when you can’t even pay one to have sex with you, but hang in there…maybe you should visit a nursing home or maybe a home for the blind..just make sure you find a blind chick with no hands

          • AximusPrime

            Yeah, I’m sure she’s a “real” woman alright. I’m sure she has more femininity in her penis than you have penis.

          • Terry

            oh, that’s what’s wrong: you don’t know what a vagina is…in that case, there’s no helping you..hopefully gay marriage is an option in your state…pucker up, buttercup!

          • AximusPrime

            Yeah, some drag-queen-banger on the internet is going to tell me what’s wrong with me. It’s been fun, but I’m bored now. Hopefully someone else indulges in your cries for help.

          • Terry

            run away cause you can’t hang with the grown folks…have fun tonight jerkin’ to Hogan…bet it’s like porn for you since you’re so sure that’s the chick for you

          • Terry

            apparently you’ve never seen Clerks 2 with a name like “AximusPrime”…still scared of “PillowPants”, eh?

          • Terry

            heck, Hogan himself wouldn’t put over Jeff Jarrett…here’s the spill on Hogan:

            1985 – Would Hogan be willing to work a program with Rick Steamboat if
            Steamboat agreed to turn heel? No. Give him Big John Studd instead.

            1986 – Hogan-Savage is tentatively planned for WM 2, after the two had
            feuded in house shows which Savage had won by DQ or countout. Hogan
            nixes the idea of facing the dynamic, atheltic Savage at ‘Mania, even
            though he would be booked to win. Hogan handpicks King Kong Bundy to
            embarass in a cage match. Savage wrestles George Steele far down the

            1986 – Hogan agrees to work with Paul Orndorff, but won’t do the job to
            him. Hogan agrees only because he is guarenteed a win at a huge event.
            He defeats Orndorff in a cage match on SNME to end the feud.

            1987 – Hogan again turns down the idea of feuding with Savage; but
            suggests turning him face, so Hogan can step aside for awhile, film a
            movie and get some needed rest.

            Savage turns face that summer.

            1988 – Hogan agrees to “drop” the belt to Andre, but only under
            questionable circumstances to preserve his character. Hogan agrees to
            “give the rub” to Savage at WM IV. Hogan only agrees because he is
            promised he will get the title back at WM 5.

            1988 – Six months later, as Savage is having a successful run, Hogan
            suggests putting them together as a team “Mega Powers” and they headline
            Summerslam. Hogan is no longer the champion – but still in the main

            1989 – Hogan finally meets Savage at Wrestlemania V. Hogan beats him for
            the title. Rather than face Savage in the anticipated rematch at
            Summerslam, or a program with Rick Rude as creative suggests – Hogan
            deccides to go a different route.

            Hogan suggests a tag team match, pitting himself and his close friend
            Brutus Beefcake, against Savage and an ACTOR, Tiny Lister who played
            Zeus in the Hogan film “No Holds Barred”. The film opened that summer to
            decent business, so Hogan uses a WWE PPV to promote the film, while
            “giving the rub” to his friend Beefcake.

            1990 – Hogan agrees to drop the belt to Ultimate Warrior at
            Wrestlemania. Only with a guarentee of an extended break and the promise
            he would get the title back. A month after ‘Mania, Hogan is “attacked”
            by Earthquake and off TV for a few months. After teasing retirement on
            TV, Hogan returns at Summerslam as “Immortal” and vanquishes his good
            friend John Tenta (Earthquake).

            1990 – To preserve the Warrior character, creative decides he will drop
            the title to someone OTHER than Hogan. Despite the allure of a
            Hogan/Warrior rematch – Randy Savage is rumoured to be the man Warrior
            will drop the belt to at Royal Rumble ’91. Hogan suggests Sgt Slaughter.
            Slaughter has just returned as an “Iraqi sympathizer” and Hogan pushes
            for Slaughter to beat Warrior, then he can beat Slaughter to regain the

            1991 – Hogan defeats Slaughter a few months after “Desert Storm” starts.
            He waves his flag and defeats the Iraqi villan at Wrestlemania. After
            headlining Wrestlemania for the past two years, Savage and Warrior are
            reduced to the undercard.

            1991 – Hogan again decides against a rematch with Warrior at Summerslam,
            and suggests they team together against Slaughter & The Iron Shiek.
            Six months after he had beaten Slaughter for the belt, he feels the
            feud is not over and that fans will tune in to watch him team with
            Warrior against “the enemy”.

            1991 – Hogan agrees to drop the title to Undertaker, but refuses to do a
            clean job to him. Ric Flair interferes in the match with a chair and
            ‘Taker gets the win.

            1992 – McMahon decides that Flair will win the title at Royal Rumble,
            then drop the title to Hogan in a “dream match” at Wrestlemania VIII.
            Hogan decides he wants to take another extended break after ‘Mania. He
            suggests Flair drop the title to Savage instead and he can work with Sid
            Vicious and “give him the rub”.

            Despite the fact that Flair/Savage is the WWE Title match, it is placed
            in the middle of the show. Hogan and the lumbering Sid Vicious close the
            show. The first time the WWE Champion has not been in the main event of

            1993 – Hogan agrees to return to team with Brutus Beefcake against Money
            Inc. at Wrestlemania and it appears to be the first time he will NOT be
            in the main event.

            When Hogan learns that WWE Champion Bret Hart is scheduled to drop the
            title to Yokozuna, he informs McMahon that this will be the first
            Wrestlemania that a face doesn’t win the main event and the “people
            aren’t gonna like it”. Hogan suggests “surprising” the audience by
            challenging Yoko immediately afterward and beating him to win the WWE
            Title. Vince McMahon agees. Hogan beats Yoko to regain the title.

            1993 – McMahon and WWE creative suggests Hogan and Bret Hart engage in a
            face vs face match at Summerslam that will see Hogan “pass the torch”
            to Hart and drop the title.

            Hogan turned the idea down, and agreed to drop the title back to
            Yokozuna, who in turn would drop it to Hart at SS. Some critics believe,
            however, that Hogan simply didn’t want to drop the title to the new
            flagship of the company.

            Hogan drops the belt to Yoko at KOTR (but doesn’t drop it cleanly),
            while WWE goes with the failed Lex Luger “US Express” idea. Hogan leaves
            WWE two months later and does not appear at Summerslam.

            1994 – Hogan signs with WCW after being courted by Ric Flair and Eric
            Bischoff. Hogan insisted on “complete creative control” over the Hulk
            Hogan character and a certain perrcentage of EACH PPV TOTAL REVENUE.

            1994 – A three match series is planned with Hogan/Flair. Hogan would win
            the first, Flair would regain it and Hogan would win the finale. All
            parties agree.

            Hogan wins the WCW World Title from Ric Flair in his first match back in
            a year. When the time comes for Flair to regain the title, Hogan
            refuses, saying the fans “weren’t ready for him to drop it”.

            Flair later admits in his book, that fans were already booing Hogan at
            shows, but that WCW was dubbing in a “cheering crowd soundtrack”.

            The subsequent PPVs featuring Flair/Hogan fail to sell.

            1994 – Hogan negotiates for former WWE stars and Hogan allies Brutus Beefcake, Earthquake and Typhoon to join WCW.

            Creative suggests Hogan face Sting in a face vs face “dream match” at
            Starrcade. Hogan decides it makes better sense for him to face Beefcake
            as the heel, “The Butcher”. The PPV flops.

            1995 – Hogan convinces Randy Savage to leave WWE and join WCW. Instead
            of starting a feud between the two former WWE Champions, Hogan insists
            on teaming with Savage against Kevin Sullivan and his 3 Faces of Fear.

            1995 – Hogan agrees to work with Vader, but the program soon falls apart
            when both acuse the other of “not selling for the other”.

            Fans are steadily losing interest in WCW. The company begins to falter
            seriously, as executives point at the Hogan contract and “creative
            control” agreement as being a main culprit. Hogan takes extended time
            off – but remains the highest paid man on the roster.

            1996 – With WCW desperate to compete with WWE, WCW signs Hall and Nash
            and plot the NWO angle. Hogan is booked to turn heel and he agrees. The
            angle is a smash. Within weeks, Hogan wins the World Title from The

            Instead of milking fresh matchups as a heel, Hogan decides that WCW
            should bring in Roddy Piper. Despite the possibility of a Starrcade
            matchup with Lex Luger or The Giant – Hogan faces Piper in a cage match
            in the main event. Hogan puts over Piper via the sleeperhold, in a
            NON-TITLE match.

            1997 – Hogan feuds with Piper and Savage, while turning down suggestions
            he put over Luger or Diamond Dallas Page for the title. He appears
            weekly, but rarely wrestles on TV, while still remaining the highest
            paid star in WCW.

            1997 – In his much hyped Starrcade match with Sting, it was decided that
            Hogan would beat Sting after an alleged “fast count” by referee Nick
            Patrick. WCW’s newly contracted Bret Hart would accuse Patrick and have
            the match restarted with Sting winning by submission.

            Hogan reportedly paid off referee Patrick, to count normally and make it
            look like Hogan had pinned Sting cleanly. When this DID happen, the
            planned finish played out – but fans booed because it was clearly
            botched and made Sting look bad.

            1998 – Hogan agreed to put over Goldberg cleanly on Nitro, but with the
            condition that Karl Malone & DDP get involved to prompt a
            Hogan/Dennis Rodman team to debut on PPV at Bash At The Beach. Hogan
            promoted the match on “The Tonight Show” and later teamed with Bischoff
            against DDP and Jay Leno HIMSELF!

            The Hogan celebrity tag team matches stole all the attention while WCW Champion Goldberg was all but ignored.

            1999 – After six months without the title, and still being the top guy,
            Hogan regained the title from Kevin Nash in the “Fingerpoke of Doom”
            incident. Openly flaunting his creative control clause. He would lose
            the title, but not cleanly to Ric Flair.

            When the NWO angle began to lose serious steam, Hogan turned face again.
            Randy Savage had recently turned heel and regained the WCW Title.

            Once again, this time conviently as a face, Hogan defeated Savage to regain the title.

            Despite having names like Hart, Luger and Sting to work with Savage – the title went baclk to Hogan. At his request.

            2000 – Hogan begins feuding with WCW booker Vince Russo over how he’s
            being used. Russo wanted to push younger stars and to appease Russo
            only, Hogan worked with young Billy Kidman.

            When a WCW Title match with Jeff Jarrett was booked, Russo had Jarrett
            winning. Hogan refused, because his contract with WCW was almost up and
            he feared Russo wouldn’t use him on future PPV events. Meaning Hogan
            would lose out on serious cash.

            Russo pulled a swerve on Hogan by having Jarrett lay down for him
            intentionally. Hogan did so, winning the belt – then was immeditaely
            stripped of it.

            Hogan was never seen in WCW again.

            2002 – Hogan accepts an offer to return to WWE and reunite the original
            NWO, with the understanding he would be in a featured match with The
            Rock at Wrestlemania X8.

            Hogan scored a huge deal from WWE, and agreed to put over The Rock. He
            suggests they close the show as he felt “they had drawn the crowd” – but
            McMahon and specifically Triple H refuse to put the WWE Title match in a
            secondary role.

            Hogan is later booked to win the title from Triple H, but is
            dissapointed when it comes with the condition he drop it to Undertaker a
            month later.

            After being booked to lose to Kurt Angle at KOTR 2002, Hogan decided he
            needed time off again. Despite only having been back for all of four

            Hogan is convinced to stay long enough to get in a quick tag team
            championship win with Edge. He is then asked to put over Brock Lesnar,
            which he does.

            He is dissatisfied with his role, because he isn’t be portrayed the way
            “he thought he would”. He takes another “extended break” after the
            Lesnar match.

            2003 – He returns at the request of VinceMcMahon and the promise of a
            big Wrestlemania payday. Their street fight is a featured match on the

            With the WWE Title now revolving around much younger wrestlers, Hogan is
            frustrated by Creatives decision to book him in a secondary role on
            Smackdown and he leaves WWE again.

            2004 – Hogan is openly courted by TNA Wrestling, but the deal hits a
            snag when Hogan was reportedly told he would have to put over Jarrett at
            some point. Hogan begins to complain of “knee problems” as the deal
            falls apart.

            2005 – Hogan is inducted into the Hall of Fame, and agrees to the idea of a Hogan/Shawn Michaels match at Summerslam.

            McMahon proposes two matches, with each winning one. Hogan agrees.

            After spending all of his comeback as a face, HBK agrees to turn heel to sell the match.

            Michaels carries a clearly laboring Hogan through a decent match at Summerslam, and HBK does the clean job to Hogan.

            The second match in the series is called off, when Hogan began to complain “his knee was acting up again”.

            Hence, the Hogan win over HBK stands as their one and only meeting.

          • AximusPrime

            Yeah, I’m the one obsessed with Hogan? You have problems.

          • A Guest

            um…sorry to interject here, but I distinctly recall during Hogan’s acceptance speech into the HOF, when Hogan challenged Austin to a match near the end of his speech. Austin never publicly responded to the challenge. I had the opportunity to interview Austin before the release of his first feature film, The Condemned, while I worked for a radio station in Orlando, FL at the time, back in 2007. So I asked Austin if he would ever work with Hogan, he said no, stating that it would not be entertaining, considering their age, injuries, and similar styles. Sounded like excuses to me, despite the respect I have for Austin. So who ducked who?

          • Kal

            How is he dismissing his talen? He is simplystating that at the time of his popularity he was not a technical wrestler but more of a brawler. And you are proving his point by talking about Austin’s techinical performances before he was ever “Stone Cold” which is what he was famous for.

          • Terry

            Lord God, it’s a “two on one handicapped match”…lol…are you the Macho Man to his Hogan? the discussion started with the situation “in their primes”, or did you miss that? so yes, i would consider Austin’s prime physical condition to be BEFORE the “Stone Cold” days after Owen screwed his neck and his knees were shot…

  • BigShowGrizzly

    They both hsd

  • psac

    In terms of being a better in-ring “wrestler”/performer, it isn’t even close, Austin is way ahead. Same for reputation for being a nicer guy, and caring for the business and for putting other wrestlers ahead. When it comes to mic work, it might be a push — different skills for different eras, both defined their era and were the best at their time. But even Austin says it himself, in terms of overall public awareness, it’s not a contest. Hogan will forever be tops.

    • Jonathan McCormick

      That’s just false. Stone Cold refused to put several wrestlers over. Most notably, Brock Lesnar. Who, around the same time, DID get a win over Hulk Hogan. Check facts. And you can come up with whatever “part time” drivel you want to come up with, the fact is Brock was an up and comer that Austin refused to hand the reigns over to, and Hogan had no problem laying on his back for him.

    • AximusPrime

      Hogan is a far better performer than he is given credit for as evidenced by his matches in Japan. Hogan knew how to get over with the North American crowds without over working himself, which is why his career had more longevity that Austin’s. Also, Austin is just as big a politician as Hogan ever was. Just ask guys like Brock Lesnar and Jeff Jarrett who Austin refused to work with.

      • psac

        That’s fair, good comments. I was under the impression back then that Austin’s concern with Lesnar was safety, but that could have been spin control. I hadn’t heard of the issues with JJ.

  • Toledo

    The thing is… when Austin was taking the business to a height it had never had… Hogan was part of a group call NWO…

    • Cole

      Hogan made NWO lol that really helped Steve take that business to a new height so yea your right

    • Cole

      Let me add to that, i know Hogan didn’t “start” the NWO but the moment he changed , the second he became a bad guy..he made the NWO…13 years old i was shocked , i knew wrestling was fake but to see Mr America turn like that, just shocked me. I have been shocked a few times since, 9/11,seeing Iraq, first time i got on a bus in England on my way from London to Weymouth and realized these people do not have better manners than Americans they are rude and mouthy…and the other day i was writing a program in C++ , I got a file with a chart , it stated 35% of Americans do not know how to use a computer…i checked with my boss , said this must be wrong..and nope…it was correct…over 100 million people in this country have no idea how to use a computer… just shocking

  • BigShowGrizzly

    They both had help too it wasn’t like they were one man shows out there. Hogan had Andre the Giant, Macho Man Randy Savage and The Ultimate Warrior. Stone Cold had The Rock, Mankind, DX and Vince McMahon without these guys Hogan and Stone Cold wouldn’t have been as great you have to give props to the guys they worked with too occasionally.

  • candace

    Stone Cold is way better than Hogan. Hulk was washed up back then. For some reason he thinks he is the best. Stone Cold can still wrestle today. Hulk can barely move.Rick Flair,Roddy Piper.Andre The Giant were better than old man Hogan.

    • AximusPrime

      Watch Hogan’s matches in Japan. He’s a far better wrestler than he gets credit for. Hogan held back in the U.S. because actual wrestling ability is necessary for getting over. Austin and The Rock are great examples of this phenomena too.

    • Kal

      Are you rteally trying to say that stone Cold is better because he can move better now? I mean Hogan is 61 and Austin is 49, I would hope he could move better now for being over 10 years younger. The argument is about who had more of an impact on the WWE franchise.

  • Brian

    even Stevie Wonder can see that this is just PR to set up some kind of match to draw in more $$$$$$$$. As far as wrestling goes they were both great actors and filled their part in the story.

  • .mike williams

    They both suck they are both gimmick performers with no real wrestling ability and austin in real life is a women beating coward

  • Jerry Fay

    Both good actors . . . it’s entertainment not competition. Terry Bolea was not noted for being a “scientific” wrestler like the retro rasslers Gagne, Thesz, or Flair. Anyway this new hype is good for he box office . . . bottom line!

    • AximusPrime

      Watch some of Hogan’s matches in Japan, Hogan is very underrated in his technical abilities since it was never necessary in getting him over here in the U.S.

      • ed2knKC

        You just keep going on about Japan who cares! Who are you Hogan’s agent!.. Hogan was lame, even the NWO thing got old, all you saying the NWO was so popular and great don’t forget you have to have the good guy and the bad guy, not just one makes it.. As much time and money you were investing in watching and loving the NWO I was doing as much pulling for the greatest ever.. The first bad guys the first real gang. The 4 Horsemen, who just happened to be lead by the greatest of all time.. Coincidence I think not! WOOOOO

        • AximusPrime

          Great, some delusional internet mark that thinks he’s Flair. You must be fun at parties, provided you’re ever invited.

          • ed2knKC

            We’re all Marks IDIOT or we wouldn’t be sitting here debating this (In your case trying). Go watch Japan, how many times are you going to tell us that. Shows your lack of intelligence you have to resort to name calling LOL… I am fun at parties, you couldn’t hang with the Parties we have!

          • AximusPrime

            I called you “some delusional internet mark that thinks he’s Flair”, I don’t have a problem admitting I am a mark myself. Dude, if you have such a problem with me telling people to watch his matches in Japan, then stop reading my comments. You’re life must be really good that some random guy on the internet is pissing you off to the point that his comments that are NOT directed at you have caused you to respond.

  • 1phill1

    Hulk Hogan was the tool used by McMahon to destroy territorial wrestling as it existed at the time – my son cried when the AWA lost him. Sorry Mr. Austin you were never a game changer, just another McMahon pawn ~

  • Jason MacKay

    Is this even debatable? C’mon, Steve!

  • Rocco Russo

    Without a doubt Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hogan may have been popular with 4 year olds but could not wrestle worth a lick, lol.

    • Rocco Russo

      Think about it you Ignorant Hogan fans, all he had was shaking his body, throwing a few punched and a leg drop, freaking boring as hell.

      • H4BAF

        God, this is as idiotic as arguing about who would win an imaginary fight between two fictitious super heroes.

  • PopularEase .

    Austin sizzled in the can, Hogan burnt in the frying pan. know what im saying man.. it’s all as real as a tin of spam once everyone believes then yes we can.

  • Jeremy

    Bullshit headline, Austin did no such thing. Typical hack job.

  • Ted Mortensen

    OMG this guy must be nuts!

  • JohnnySwolls

    His words are being taken out of context. I disagree with him a bit in regards to him taking WWE to heights it had never seen. He wasn’t alone. The Attitude era had the most talent in the history of wrestling. When he went down with injuries AND walked out on the company guys like Rock, HHH, Michaels, Taker, Foley, and several others pushed WWE. It definitely was a group effort. He is certainly a legend in the same conversation as Hogan BUT he’s not above Hogan. Hogan was the originator of main stream pro wrestling.

    • Happy Daze

      No guy is ever alone. When the only guy on any roster worth a damn is the main guy. business suffers. Diesel’s run as champ is a good example of that. So is Bret’s 1st run with the belt. Hogan and Austin both had tremendous supporting rosters. But they were the captains. Austin took the business to new heights in part because there were new heights to take it to. There was no internet in the 80s. Vince did as many tie ins as possible in both eras. there was just more unexplored ground to cover in the Attitude era

  • oz

    Stone cold is the fucking man, he was a wrestler that made that story in the WWF about how much havoc he can cause and then wrestle, hulk i personally dont like him and think hes overrated. If your good your good i dont believe he was. He just came around the right time. Like the beatles

  • Gandhi316

    I am sensing a Austin vs Hogan wrestlemania event brewing up for next year!!!!

  • The Grinch

    Hogan is a Legend, so is Stone Cold.But if you are talking actual in ring ability, there is no comparison, Steve Austin was 10x better .Charisma and persona probably near evenly matched , considering they were from 2 different eras of Wrestling.Mic skills definitely go to Stone Cold , i think we may never see Promos as good as Steves were – and even he has a rival for that in The Rock, who imho is probably the single best on the Mic of all time .

  • Michael Massey

    Yeah, I would say Austin was a better wrestler than Hogan, let’s be honest, Hogan wasn’t all that great a WRESTLER. But the point Austin is either missing or avoiding is the main point and simple, Hogan was he MAN , if it wasn’t for Hulk Hogan, there would not have a Stone Cold Steve Austin. , talent and ability be damned . Hogan brought pro wrestling back to the main stage, the main media . Without that, Austin would not be a millionaire, not be a making a living through the media , but having to work wrestling shows until his body quit, like far too many wrestlers had to do in the past. Ego aside , Austin should have never gone here .

  • AJ Brock

    I am a wrestling historian, and my All-Time Top 20 reads as follows:

    2-Jim Londos
    3-Lou Thesz
    4- Ed “Strangler” Lewis
    5- Frank Gotch
    6- Bruno Sammartino
    7-Ric Flair
    8-Andre The Giant
    10- Buddy Rogers
    11-El Santo
    12-Antonio Inoki
    14-Joe Stecher
    15-Giant Baba
    16-Gorgeous George
    17-Verne Gagne
    18-The Rock
    19-George Hackenschmidt
    20-Harley Race

    Hulk Hogan MADE pro wrestling mainstream; Steve Austin revived it. However, Hogan’s longevity and drawing power makes him #1, although Londos and Thesz are a very close 2nd & 3rd.

    • Half-Evil D

      Hogan was also the first wrestler that made it obvious to fans that wrestling was fake / scripted. He was the first good guy I ever booed when I was a kid.

    • ed2knKC

      For being a so called historian your list is BS! Looks like you have no clue about wrestling!

      • AJ Brock

        LOL, OK troll. I bet you don’t even recognize half of the names on the the list. Perhaps you should do some research.

        • ed2knKC

          I looked at the list there were 4 I never herd of!.. When anyone’s list has Hogan #1 that just shows how Flawed your list is. Hogan is too fake, for claiming to be such a historian you should know Hogan’s not the greatest hell most wrestling fans and experts don’t even put him in the top 10. You don’t even have Steamboat on the list or Danny Hodge, or Angle or Backland.. Hogan was popular he made wrestling main stream but he didn’t make wrestling that’s been going on forever. MTV and Rock 3 made Hogan. Let’s not forget he was wrestling in AWA and was just another guy, while Flair was keeping the NWA going.

  • Hulkstermaniac

    Hogan was kid friendly in the 80’s. Steve was a rebel, two different kinds of guys. Hulk made the cover of Sports Illustrated. Stone cold? Hulk’s acting in Rocky 3 beats any 2 hour acting job by Stone Cold. That’s true. Hulk was more successful in WCW and WWF(e) than Stone Cold. Hulk since wrestling, has always had better looking muscles than Stone Cold. Hulk is rock and roll, beach , and Hollywood… while Stone cold is back woods, red neck, Wyatt repeat material. Who cares what either man does behind the scene? In the ring, has Stone Cold ever slammed an undefeated 510 pound giant named Andre the Giant? Has Stone Cold ever slammed King Kong Bundy? Happy Birthday HOGAN! Hulk rules.

    • AJ Brock

      Andre wasn’t really undefeated at the time. Just sayin’.

  • AJ Brock

    Many fans fail to remember that Austin wrestled as “Stunning” Steve Austin with long blond hair for numerous years and never experienced elite success… it wasn’t until the “Stone Cold” gimmick that he really became a headliner.

  • Catman

    Hogan got his fame in the 80’s. Austin got his fame as a solo wrestler in the 90’s. He wasn’t a legend when he was Bryan Tillman as the Hollywood Blonds.

  • Robert Ingenito

    the only other one you can cpmpare to the hulk is flair

  • martin

    Stone Cold is my FAVORITE wrestler of all time….Prob the
    most influential in the modern era along with the Rock, and Cena, but if we are
    talking legendary it will ALWAYS be Hulk Hogan…Austin led an Era…Hulk was the
    ERA that’s the difference…and the Era was both in and out of the ring

  • Half-Evil D

    if you go be image / publicity, Hogan was definitely a legend. If you go by actual skill in the ring, Hogan would near the bottom with Ultimate Warrior.

    • AximusPrime

      Watch Hogan’s matches in Japan against guys like Antonio Inoki and Great Muta. To imply that Hogan had no actual ring skill is pure ignorance. In North America, Hogan didn’t need to showcase his entire move set to get over. If technical skill equated success, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels would have been the biggest draws ever while guys like The Rock, Mankind, and Austin during the Attitude era would have been flops.

      • ed2knKC

        Hogan is lame same old thing, beat him up for 5 minutes then he Hulks up.. Flair is the greatest cause he can actually wrestle, in Japan he couldn’t just Hulk up over there they respect wrestling. That just shows Hogan is a entertainer not a wrestler. Flair is both like Joe Namath and Magic Johnson!

        • AximusPrime

          At the absolute best, Flair was the number one guy in the number two promotion. Flair being “the greatest” is a moot argument as Flair was never the draw Hogan was. While one could make the argument that Flair was a better in ring technician than Hogan, Hogan always had the crowd.

  • Tom H

    All of you 30-somethings living in your mom’s basement need to get a life – this stuff is fake and you talk about it like it’s real. The only reason anyone is “better” is because the company (WWE – and the E stands for Entertainment) scripts them to be. That being said both men did a lot for their company. Hogan was a pioneer entertainer and Austin built on the success started by Hulk. Both are legends in their business (even if in their own minds).

  • Mel

    No Hogan = No Stone Cold. This is not about wrestling ability. This is about the fact that Hulk Hogan was instrumental in putting wrestling on the map. There really isn’t any comparison. Both were legends in their own right and in different era’s of the WWE. Both were pioneers in their own rights.

  • ed2knKC

    I didn’t watch WWE or WWF as much cause I actually liked wrestling!.. I watched NWA and the greatest of all time WOOOO!

  • Abe_Blinkin

    Love Stone Cold- but nothing beats the Hulksters legendary rivalries with Randy Macho and Andre the Giant (RIP).

  • Jim

    Austin was a better worker by far! But Hogan brought wrestling into the main stream. Two different eras, but both are legends.

    • The Real Legend

      Comparing a “better worker” vs the man who brought the business mainstream is clearly stating that Hogan is the bigger legend–it’s not even close.

  • Rick

    Look, Both were great for pro wrestling promotion in their own time and ways. Hogan laid the foundation for many things and Austin biult admirably on that foundatin. You cannot build without the foundation and having a foundation with additional building is a total waste. So just give both of them their deserved kudos.

  • Chris

    Different era, you can never compare the two in their prime. Just like any sports figure from present to the past. Too many differences in the sport to compare. Hulk Hogan in his time made many kids want to be him. With his super human strength. As a kid I believed it, I fell in to the hype. I guess that’s why I’m still a fan. What Steve Austin did was awesome, but in his era I was older. So it related, I would like to beat people down and drink beers and pour it all over them. But for a kid… just doesn’t relate…

  • PeteJustPete

    OK, go back and watch the old matches with Hogan and the old matches with Stone Cold. Which ones can you stomach? Stone Cold is timeless and Hogan is an ego centric drone. Go back and watch Macho Man’s reactions to their interviews. His face says it all. If Hogan wasn’t talking; he wasn’t happy. Stone Cold was equal opportunity. He promoted the sport, not himself.

  • Clausel Berrouet


  • Chuck Doubleoseven

    Stone Cold saved the WWE and when he was up he was bigger then Hulk ever was. And there is no doubt today that Stone Cold gets more applause then Hulk could ever get. Stone Cold wasnt around near as long as Hulk, or else it wouldn’t be a debate. Stone Cold is kinda like Barry Sanders to Hulks Emit Smith. Though the NWO was the greatest faction ever created, got to give Hulk a lot of credit for that. But equal credit has to be given to Scott Hall Kevin Nash and Eric Bishoff for the NWO.

  • disqus_ZRMdUKoDts

    To each his own. Im a fan of both of these Icons and have been watching wrestling for almost 30 years, Hogans whole CAREER, the inception of WM, the Attitude ERA, Austin vRock feud, AustinvMcmahon feud, DX,NWO etc..
    So I know what the hell Im talking about.

    It goes something like this, What Hogan means to wrestling: Hogan was the first truly marketable Cookie Cutter Character(Original John Cena)that pandered to women and children, and his Andre the giant match and early WM matches helped the industry go Mainstream.
    Austin is more Iconic wrestler/Character. What Austin means to wrestling: When WCW was kicking the crap out of Vince for 81 straight weeks in a Row with the NWO leading the charge in 96 lead by Hall,Nash and “HOGAN”. The Austin Era began and set every merchandise record, every sell out, every catch phrase… And the impact of STONECOLD is 20 Years later you still see “AUSTIN 3:16″ Signs, every monday night whenever someone tries a promo, you still get his trademark “WHAT?? WHAT?? WHAT??” resignating loudly from the fans interrupting the act.
    Nobody holds up Hogan signs, or says Hogan catcheprases..30 years later when hes not in the building…

    Austin is the Greatest of All time, he was the perfect person for the business when it needed a Anti Establishment Atihero most. He took the business to heights never seen, he saved WWE from going under to WCW and Vince has inferred as much on some of his Austin DVDs.

  • Richard Harris

    It’s called acting. They are good stun men!

  • Richard Harris

    Pro Wrestling is Entertainment, nothing more, nothing less! Anyone who takes this crap serious, needs their head examine! LOL, LOL!

  • Jack Off

    “Legend”? Of WHAT?????? Its PHONY! IT’S ENTERTAINMENT! Being a “Legend” in wrestling is like saying the cast of “jersey Shore” are “Professional actors and actresses” This Steve Austin moron should feel completely embarrassed for making such an idiotic statement. I NEVER followed this garbage as an adult, my Brother and Father have but i do know enough about this to realize Hulk Hogan is to wrestling as Magic and Bird were to Basketball

  • frank

    I like both people but Hogan by far is the bigger star he took 2 promotions to the top in 2 different Decades WWF in the 80’s & WCW in the 90’s. Austin rise was mainly a Team thing You had DX is which were almost as hot as him along with the other wrestlers who have been mention. Austin has never been cast as the lead character in any box office movies or national commercials for national chains that I can think of. So if you ask me Hogan by far is the bigger legend its not his fault that WCW didn’t have Vince who understands merchandising if so Hogan would have destroyed them during the NWO days i mean you do have a few people who still wear Austin shirts but you have more people wearing NWO shirts

  • Solo_Calrissian

    Hogan helped popularize wrestling in the 80’s as did Austin with the 90’s. If Austin thinks he’s more of a legend, then so be it. He has a right to think that. And I’m sure if you ask HBK, HHH, Flair, Undertaker, Hart or Sting, any one of those guys would probably pick themselves over Hogan too.

    When NWO was at full steam and Hogan at the helm, people tuned in to see all of the old WWF stars take over the WCW and all the WWF had at the time was Austin, DX and a young Rock as the attitude era was growing. Not sure I (fully) agree with Austin, but if anyone has a leg to stand with that opinion, it’s him.

  • mayhem

    hogan carries the water for STONE COLD, FOOL………hogan as ALWAYS BEEN SICKENING

  • Vanilla Thunder

    Perhaps we should look at it like pro basketball–who is the greatest?? Or is it better to answer who was the greatest of their era? Was Micheal really better than Magic? LeBron? Probably, but it’s no guarantee. Magic can and did things neither Micheal or LeBron could dream of–yet is never really truly in the argument of greatest ever. Same can be said of Micheal and LeBron as well. What we do know is that they were for sure the greatest of their respective eras. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird ushered in a new era of the NBA that paved the way for all others that followed. No two ways about it–The Showtime Lakers led the NBA to a recognition and following and global audience like never before. Micheal took it even further. LeBron is now carrying the torch based on, in part, of what those greats before him did. He says so himself.
    Hulk Hogan stands alone because he did BOTH……he ushered in a new era of pro wrestling that went to the stratosphere due to his star power (like Magic and Larry did) and amazing abilities to both do things in the ring and outside that took it even higher in ratings and global viewership (aka Micheal). He went to Japan, he starred as Thunderlips in Rocky 3, only person to body slam Andre the Giant (and only person who could imagine doing so in those days), and marketed himself like none other. No, he couldn’t wrestle like Bob Backland, didn’t have Rick Flairs outrageously popular, well, flair…..but he had enough of everything to be the one and only to get credit for taking the sport far, far beyond anything imaginable prior to his arrival. For that reason alone, The Rock, Stone Cold, Triple H, etc. etc. can never compare–we will never know if they could have pulled that one off. We do know post-Hogan all stars in the game are introduced to such a large audience because of the Hulkster. All you have to do is look at a line up of all the all time greats in their garb and in their prime–who seriously grabs your attention first when asked who is the greatest?? I guarantee you Hulk Hogan gets over half the votes nationwide, with the other 20 splitting the remaing pie.

  • Ron

    One of the main things that drove the industry when Hogan was on top was competition. The same is true for Austin, and NO I am not talking about Andre or the Rock, nor am I referring to HHH or Randy Savage….. Who you all seemed to have forgotten!!!! For Hogan it was the NWA and Rick Flair. For Stone cold it was the WCW and Sting. That is why the business is not as big as it was in the mid 90’s because there is no real alternative TNA is ok but it isn’t any real threat

  • WC

    This topic can be argued till the end of time. Every wrestler mentioned is a legend. My opinion is the “Attitude Era” was full of the best talent the ever was, and ever will be. Everyone involved pushed the industry to new levels that just don’t seem possible to top. The Monday Night Wars are gone with no real competition in sight. Gone are the bad asses. Who now can fill the shoes of Hogan, Stone Cold, Taker, HHH, etc etc?

  • cmskunk

    Hogan in real life sucks, but as far as the legendary status, I give it to Hulk hands down. if it wasn’t for him wrestling may not have had a place for Austin to get so huge.

  • Austin316

    People…here here…

    Bottom line…Hogan may have been the star in the 80’s, but Austin Era conquered NWO/WCW (when Hogan was equally, if not, more popular as an NWO member). In the words of the Co-Creater of WWF/WWE Vince McMahon in 2009, “If nothing else, Austin is the Greatest WWE Superstar of ALL TIME” Let it marinate?!!

    • Truthteller33

      McMahon said that when Hogan was out of the fold. Of course he’d say that…Austin’s presence combined with a rudderless ship in WCW led to its demise. But this isn’t like comparing Magic and Bird to Jordan. Hogan was putting at least 80000 people in the Silverdome and headlining the first EIGHT WrestleMania’s. No one else comes close, not even Flair, because he wasn’t the crossover name Hogan was.

  • i love boobs

    HULKAMANIA RULES BROTHA!!!! Austin was good, but nowhere near as popular or as game changing as Hogan….. As a matter of fact I would put The Rock above Austin

  • Alfredo Faragalli

    Steve Austin is nothing but a little pussy who never hit anyone except women in real life.

  • scott

    This is an idotic argument. First, you cant compare merchandise sales because there was not the attention to merchandise sales in Hogans era. Not to mention the availability of merchandise is better than in Hogans era. Second, the kind of exposure is different in both era’s ie tv, internet, etc. While I like austin and i understand his quote, but he is wrong in any circumstance. Hogan transformed the business in many ways and layed the ground work for merchandising, tv, ppv, appearing in tv shows. He has enjoyed a run that continues to this day.

    • Truthteller33

      Bingo. It’s like saying RGIII is better than Joe Montana because he sold more jerseys. Hogan was the harbinger for not one, not two, but THREE different organizations. He elevated the AWA in the year plus he was there as their top face (they had a contract with CBS for a Saturday night show two years before Saturday Night’s Main Event for the WWF…cancelled when Hogan jumped ship) and that organization NEVER got over him leaving at the end of 1983. He basically started a mass exodus of guys to the WWF (Tito Santana, Gene Okerlund, Bobby Heenan, Jesse Ventura, Big John Studd). Then, when he left the WWF in 1992, their popularity took a dip and it took about 2 1/2 years to recover when he left for good after June 1993. He then signs with a floundering WCW and they quickly get on par with the WWF and of course, surpass them for a couple years when he turned heel. Austin was a mid carder in WCW (why is another story) and was a mid carder for the first 12 months of his WWF career before basically becoming white Bad News Brown and taking off. No knock on his run, he was the biggest dog in the yard for 3-4 years. But the REASON wrestling was in a position to be that relevant was because of the foundation Hogan laid as the biggest name in the business prior. No question.

  • Esfury

    Wow, they all got a good applause, but The ROCK got a thunderous applause when he came out just to show them all up. Nice!!!

  • Byrdman

    Hogan is the top legend. Remember when people got tired of the red and yellow eat your vitamins, say your prayers he reinvented himself. Immortal Hulk Hogan and Hollywood Hulk Hogan 4 Life.

  • James Smith

    I think we are leaving out another major player in helping WWE get where it is today and that man is the Undertake. Not to mention the others as well like Shawn Micheals, Bret Heart, The Rock, Mick Foley, and Triple H.

  • Smoke44

    Good god…how is this even an argument??? are all of you people under 30??? I enjoyed Austin and the Rock as much as the next guy…but in the grand scheme of things there’s only 2 such “Legends”…Hulk Hogan and the Nature Boy Ric Flair..period..and its hard to believe anyone would argue that

  • will

    Hogan much bigger for wrestling his run on WWE/WWF
    then he helped push WCW above WWE

  • Truthteller33

    Hogan elevated THREE different organizations (AWA, WCW, WWF). Not one and not in a vacuum with ideas derived from another promotion (i.e. ECW and the Attitude Era). Without Hogan, there is no Austin, because without Hogan, there are no big cable deals and hell, without Hogan, there is no NWO leading to such competition that McMahon HAD to go to the well the way he did. C’mon you guys, Austin was huge for four years. Hogan was WRESTLING for 15.

  • Ali

    Hogan! Hands down. Hogan made the most money, and since wrestling is a business, and NOT a sport, Hogan was better!

  • Marylyn Salazar

    wait a finger point and leg drop makes you a wrestler Hogan terry the I show my tool in video wasn’t a wrestler his only talent was his mouth

  • 1AmericanFreedomFighter

    you were fun to watch stone cold, couldn’t wait for next weeks show back then.. too bad you got your neck broke, we would have loved to see you and hogan fight.

  • 1AmericanFreedomFighter

    Really I think the best ever was or is Ric Flair

  • Drew

    One of the main reasons WWE killed WCW was Austin. He’s credited for starting the attitude era.

  • Michael K

    AUSTIN!…2 different eras, 2 different wrestling fan bases..Austin raised the roof off of places for he said 15 years or so and Hogan just kept that energy level for a long ass time; even now. Austin came in an turned out to be the bad guy we freaking LOVE! Hogan then was all over the place just like Cena is today. When Hogan went bad in WCW, it was the day that Hogan reached the level of Austin and took him one on one…but died out. Tough choice…but i would say Stone Cold Stuns Hogan!

  • Michael K

    I think we are all forgetting how Mmch Andre/Warrior AND Savage did for Hogan. How much Nash/Psycho Sid/Jeannetty did for HBK. How much Rock/Triple H/Taker/Foley did for Austin…the list goes on.

  • James

    I think Stone Cold may have had a few cold ones before this interview.

  • Jay

    Hogan was what put Pro Wrestling on the map!

  • Red Rooster

    It really doesn’t matter. The Brooklyn Brawler WAS and IS the best wrestler of all time and Hogan and Austin will cower in his shadow.

  • Jeryl Wilborn

    What a misleading article. That man did not disrespect anyone.

  • Goldberg World Order

    Hogan already knew he had an uber-ego, but found a way to make it profitable when he went to wCw. Thus, the Hollywood Hogan and the nWo. In the end, though, does it really matter?? Hogan in the 80’s, Austin in the 90’s, and RKO in the millennium. Every era has a super-ego, that’s pro wrestling…

  • msblakes

    As much as people may not like to admit it, Hogan is not as impactful as Stone Cold. True, Hogan is largely responsible for making wrestling mainstream; however, Stone Cold was responsible for a revolution in wrestling. He is definitely one of (if not the largest) ‘anti-hero’ the business has ever seen.

  • Bob, Lord of Evil

    Actually, the title of this article is misleading (I await the astonished gasps from readers). Austin never calls into question Hogan’s “legend” status…he commented that he (Austin) was a BIGGER legend and influence than Hogan. Which is not true IMO, Hogan is what saved the Pro Wrestling genre from flatlining in the early 80’s and enabled Stone Cold to actually HAVE a career as a wrestler.

  • Jack Burton

    Austin was the biggest star during the greatest era of pro wrestling. Hogan came first so it may be him but in terms of pure fanaticism, Austin was top dog. The attitude era crossed over to mainstream and Austin led the way.

    I still think The Rock surpassed both of them as the biggest star ever.

  • Trey

    Love Hogan… But Stone Cold is the greatest of all time…the guy has more memorable moments,better promos, and pretty much is the reason WCW is no more…Even today you still hear WHAT! Not to mention Stone Cold had the biggest pop at Wrestlemania this year and everyone in the arena wanted to see him stunner Hogan…Hogan was the man, but Austin made me a fan and took wrestling to bigger heights..and that’s the bottom line…