Here’s One Thing That’s Wrong With The New YouTube Comments

    November 17, 2013
    Chris Crum
    Comments are off for this post.

Google recently implemented a new commenting system on YouTube, which integrates Google+ into comments on YouTube video pages. Maybe you’ve heard about it.

Have you had any problems with the new YouTube comments? Let us know in the comments.

As you know, a lot of people haven’t taken too kindly to the change, and have voiced all sorts of complaints. Personally, I can see both positives and negatives, but it’s obvious that a lot of users (including the all important video creators) are upset.

One thing about the change that is clearly making the system less effective as a discussion platform is the way that people share content on social media in general. People are sharing links to YouTube videos on Google+ without thinking about what they’re saying being a comment on YouTube. If they are thinking about that, they’re not trying very hard.

Let me illustrate this in an example.

There’s a new Google Webmaster Help video in which Matt Cutts discusses blog comments and link spam. Cutts is the kind of guy who when he says something, a lot of people are interested. That means a lot of people are going to share this video. And they have been on Google+. They want to share it with their followers. Sometimes, they’re just saying what the video is, and sharing it.

For example, one user’s comment while sharing the video was, “Matt Cutts dishes out advice on commenting with links, and recommends using your real name in comments.”

And that’s fine for Google+. In fact, it makes tons of sense. You’re explaining the video you’re sharing, so your followers know what it’s about, and can decide whether or not they want to watch it.

As a YouTube comment on the actual video page, where people are already watching (or have already watched) the video, it doesn’t make sense.

How is a comment that is basically a description of the video a good point of discussion? As I write this, that’s the top comment (out of 66) for the video. And there are a bunch of others that essentially do the same thing.

So yeah, this is a pretty cut and dried example of the new commenting system destroying the discussion around a video. It’s basically more like trackbacks than comments.

While Google obviously wants to see more engagement on Google+, I really can’t see this particular approach having much of a positive impact. In fact, it’s causing people to hate Google+ and write songs about how much they hate it (warning: NSFW language):

On the initial video Google uploaded illustrating the new system, there over 34,000 comments as of the time of this writing. Many of them include Bob and his army. In case you haven’t seen Bob yet, he looks like this, and often has tanks, rockets, helicopters, guns, etc.

YouTube Bob

Here’s the current “top comment” for that video, by the way:

Do you think Google has some major issues with its new YouTube commenting system? Would you like to see them go back to the old style or just make improvements to the new version? Share your thoughts in the comments.

  • scitt

    Google+ sucks ass and has ruined a good thing. I am pissed and will start moving my email to another account. I will do everything to not support this BS!

    • http://Facebook Debi

      I closed my Google account. Too much privacy invasion. And, I like to reply to comments and the video immediately. I don’t like having to go to other channels to get there…I hated it!!! So much for video responses,,,,lot will miss out…

    • http://firefox kidus

      how do you add comments with signing in

  • Colin

    I don’t think it is a new comments system so much as another bit of YT that has been moved over to Google Plus. We don’t log in to YT anymore, we don’t comment and check responses on YT anymore, what’s next? Youtube.com is just becoming a facade for Google Plus.
    Google certainly arent going to change back because there’s nothing to change back to. That part of youtube is gone. It isn’t Youtube anymore, it’s Google Plus now. Either accept that you’ve been migrated to another site like a document, or close your Google account. Google has been planning this under-handed migration for years, complaining while still using their services will achieve nothing.

    • http://arpeggio-conservatory.com Courtney

      This is a good point. Companies are more successful when they present themselves as trustworthy. If Google wants to continue to stay on top of Microsoft, Yahoo, and Facebook they should integrate Youtube into their other Google sites and call it Google Videos or something. Meanwhile, they should get rid of the feature that forces us to use our real names on our accounts, because in spite of Matt Cutt’s advice, pseudonyms have been used for as long as people have been publishing stuff and the desire to use them is not going away anytime soon.

      • Ewade

        Exactly. Matts Cutts and company are playing “Google is God” because they can. The Golden rule should be changed to the Google rule. (He who has the gold makes the rules.)

    • Ewade

      Sort of like ObamaNotCare, eh? I want my insurance back. Too bad. I wonder if they consulted with Google on that? Hmmmm.

      • Ghostwriter

        Spoken like a true ignoramus.

  • Commander Liam

    I totally hate the new comment thing. Its so confusing! Im boycotting Youtube tomorrow.

  • http://none bob

    All I Wanted to do is ask a question about a programming YouTube I had been watching. All I got on YouTube is a window opened for about 1 second and closed, with no explanation of what to do.

    It is now one half hour later and I still do not know how to post a comment. I have watched YouTube and goggled and no clear explanation of how to simply post a short comment on a YouTube while watching.

    Better or worse I don’t know as it is not obvious how it works. I have been using computers since DOS days, currently use Linux as main OS, and have made several installations of Arch Linux with no help. Why is it that the new YouTube commenting system is so obscure. Is this a entrance exam for YouTube?

    I have a G+ and like it so far. G+ is controllable I can determine which circles I want and do not have to have a lot of other stuff on my page. I tried Face book and did not like itl. If Google tries to make a Facebook type experience I will not keep my account. Please fix this.

    • Wldsthrnboy

      Making it like social network like Facebook is exactly what they are doing. They took it from a place for people/companies/artists/teachers/ect. to post and get feedback on anything you could possibly imagine and turned it into a popularity contest to consume, track and mold pop culture then sell it back to the brain dead masses. They have stripped absolutely every redeeming worthwhile aspect of the service. It is absolutely impossible to ask a question or comment on something and be able to receive a reply or have a discussion unless it is with people in your “circle”. They ave taken every single aspect of the site that was informative, educational, or entertaining and left it a million user promotional/marketing device for narcissists promote themselves and analytics info to sell personalized advertising. The site has always had that aspect of it, but it was also an immense interactive resource. They have stripped the latter completely away now.

      Everything Google will now be removed by me including Chrome and I will be using alternate media sites.
      Good riddance.

  • Bob Rodriguez

    Google has alienated me since their latest penguin updates. I use YouTube as a storage device for my videos and to share with my family and friends. If some stranger wants to comment I can just delete it. They are purely profit driven and content has taken a back seat. I get it. I’m just not buying it.

    I really don’t care about Google these days. It is a good thing that I have had my business for 17 years now. I don’t need them anymore. My default browser is set to Yahoo now. I hope that everyone else catches on as well.

    • http://Facebook Debi

      I never stopped using Yahoo, have never let me down…

  • http://www.PaxeonPublishing.com Scott

    If it’s not broke, don’t mess with it. Adjust, refine, etc., but sweeping changes (which Google is despised for) throw everything off. As an online educator and author, having become somewhat (although mistakenly) dependent on Google, I would appreciate consistency. Students and readers need to interact with me IN the video thread and now because of another foolish move by Cutts and his clan, they cannot. This is a huge screw-up, once again by Google, like so many of the search algorithm changes. Foolish and self-aggrandizing without consideration for . Leave things the hell alone, Matt!

    • http://www.tfgtv.com Matt Quinn

      You have a SERIOUS use for video content? Then why are you using a platform that’s no more than a ‘kiddie’s toy’? YouTube is for singing cats, brain-dead teenagers and conspiracy theorists!

      It’s not place for serious educators or business users!

  • http://www.PaxeonPublishing.com Scott

    If it’s not broke, don’t mess with it. Adjust, refine, etc., but sweeping changes (which Google is despised for) throw everything off. As an online educator and author, having become somewhat (although mistakenly) dependent on Google, I would appreciate consistency. Students and readers need to interact with me IN the video thread and now because of another foolish move by Cutts and his clan, they cannot. This is a huge screw-up, once again by Google, like so many of the search algorithm changes. Foolish and self-aggrandizing without consideration for the individual, which is REALLY what it’s all about. Leave things the hell alone, Matt!

  • http://www.tfgtv.com Matt Quinn

    YouTube/Google is a deeply dishonest company…

    If you have a popular video for instance, upon which you refuse to allow advertising, YouTube will DISHONESTLY accuse you of using a bot! – Why? You’re eating bandwidth they can’t leverage!

    It’s defamation – but they know no-one is likely to sue.

    Now; they COULD just ask for a modest subscription (like Vimeo), but no… Clearly there is another agenda at play.

    Likewise with their railroading of people to Google+ – It’s just dishonest! Clearly your data and information is a valuable commodity. Because they’re dishonest they’re basically going to con you out of it…

    Google don’t want serious computer users – Google are building an idiocracy! – There are some games where the only winning move is not to play!

  • Sylvia

    GOOGLE is with there “wrong EGO’ destroying them self… !

    I WAS a big Fan of Google …… time ago !!

    NOW my feelings of being put in a “Google Jail” did changing over the last times… more and more
    to a “BIG F …. you Google ” for trying to make as all here to your damn brain-dead slaves !!!

    Sorry .. when this sound a little RAW …. BUT THIS IS HOW ALL THIS bs MAKE ME FEELING AND iI AM NOT THE ONLY ONE !

    Google ..YOU NEED as BUT WE do not truly need YOU !

    Goggle Management .. WAKE UP and better THINK quickly again !!

    was the BEST Community out there for years ….. until YOU “Google” came in this “game ‘ !

    People take your RIGHT to express your mind and feelings openly !


  • L Keith Jordan

    I’m rather new to G+ and YT as far as posting goes, so I’ll admit up front I don’t have a big experience base from which to draw (as some of you obviously do). However, I think there are a few things that all of us as users should consider. FIRST, G+ and YT are FREE, and no one is forced to use these services. If someone wants more control over their situation, they are free to use another free service or pay for the service they require. SECOND, sooner or later, Google must find a way to unify its offerings. The more diversified the platforms, the more difficult to manage them. This will likely not be their last attempt to unify their offerings. If they get the approach wrong, we, the users, are free to supply feedback. An intelligent SaaS company will listen, respond, and change their approach. THIRD, Google monetizes some services to keep others free. This is not betrayal or dishonesty, it’s just good business.

    • JLiRD808

      U have not studied social media/web 2.0 in-depth have u?

      These platforms were in fact, originally designed FOR US, and were always MEANT TO BE FREE. When people say “it’s free, you should stop complaining and use another service”, the argument is flawed. Even Jawed, the co-founder of YouTube is pissed. YouTube was built for us ALL to upload, comment, like, dislike, share. The fact that Google now requires you to have a G+ account (trying to build its silly social network) and is making decisions based on increasing advertiser dollars, market share/presence, and shareholder earnings is FCKED UP.

      Anyways, all those ads we have to sit through on YouTube, COSTS US TIME, right?? Plus, Google makes money from companies that advertise on YT, while we watch them and click on them! So in fact, the USERS are in control, and in a web 2.0 way, part-owners.

      Ur a sucker if you don’t see these things…..boy.

  • http://spiros.ws Ross

    It seems that google has lost touch with its user base, and is now aggressively changing it’s sites to suit their business model. Big mistake. One of the most important parts of youtube, was the user interaction through the comments section. By not being able to respond to videos, and or comments, it will alienate people from visiting or staying within youtube. What I can see now, is a great opportunity for a new web startup to jump in and fill the gap that youtube has created.

  • http://www.loriswebs.com Lorel

    I use G+ solely for business purposes and I use YouTube for my own personal interests. Therefore I won’t be posting on YouTube anymore as I don’t want those posts to show up on my G+ site. Hopefully Google will undo this attack on our privacy. Not likely however, but one can hope that the lack of participation in their scheme will eat a hole in their $$ pocket.

  • toto

    I’d recommend everybody to cancel their Google accounts with gmail and everything and start over with fake names, if you like their services. Migrate your mail to Yahoo. They don’t have the spying “power” that Google has and don’t have analytics software all over the web.

  • http://www.marketsharewebdesign.com/ Kathy

    So many changes, so fast. It’s too hard to keep up with. How long will it be before the general public figures out what Google is up to?

  • Scott

    Someone please let me know why now the thumb down for a comment or thumb down for the video cannot be recognized by the new You Tube comment system. I can thumb up with no problem, that is, if I thumb up a comment, for instance, then the number for total thumb up increase by one immediately, yet if I thumb down a comment or thumb down the entire video, it will do nothing. (no change in total number of thumb up) Please help!

  • qoifis

    haven’t been able to make a comment on YouTube for weeks – thought is was my browser at first so took hours changing stuff around – still no joy – so now people get to put out what they like and you can.t comment – very frustrating

  • http://youtube paul

    Google took away the fun of commenting in you tube videos and also the number of views seem to decrease since this change. I cant stand the new comment system it sucks period. Google is making youtube sink now. I think I will take my videos to dailymotion or elsewhere now.

  • http://www.cartridgesave.co.uk Alex M

    It’s just been too much of an overt attempt to foist Google+ onto everyone. Obviously G+ isn’t massively popular (I quite like it – I ditched Facebook this year and it’s offered a decent alternative) and it’s immediate impact on YouTube is confusing, bizarre, and hasn’t stopped the vitriol from commenters.

    It needs another overhaul, basically. I’ve used YouTube since 2006 and have always loved the comments section (no matter how insanely barbarous), but I do know I’ve now stopped commenting on videos altogether.

    • JLiRD808

      Yeah…it’s sad to me too.

      For a lot of us that used YT a lot, it was never too hard to overlook the “insanely barbarous” comments, and just ignore them. I remember the “This comment has received too many negative votes. Click to show”, and thought it was a decent measure of user-based spam control.

      But from what I’ve read, it was a marketing conundrum that Google was in. Big name brands did not want to advertise on Google if the comments were “F_CKN N$$#G#^$$&$%!!”. So they sought to clean it up….for ADVERTISING DOLLARS.

      But yes, I think that by throwing out the bad (will trolling ever REALLY stop??), YouTube will also throw out the great and brilliant comments, those from some dude on the other side of the planet that had something amazing or hilarious to say, but is not in anyone’s G+ circle >:(

  • Orwellian Freedom

    I have a google+ account erected since the change. What I find with it is that when I am logged out, then I see answer buttons after all the posts since the Big Change after November 9th. But the moment I log in, all the answer buttons that enable direct replies to other posts quite simply vanish. The only ones that remain are the few on comment threads that I have started myself! It’s impossible to enter any other thread. In other words, google+ offers me the possibility to have a conversation with myself! How enticing. Only if someone else who seems enabled to reply to others comes along and starts a dialogue in reply to my initial post can I get a conversation going.
    I don’t object to many of the google+ changes, I think them very useful, particularly the right to explain things in depth, and the bell alerts on any video that tell me I have been posted and allow me to reply directly from that other video. What puzzles me is why I have been relegated to a little corner by myself and have no seeming right to enter the big debates going on elsewhere in the comments. I have followed all the (dangerous) advice given on google groups to enable all scripts and third-party cookies. It never enabled me to reply on other threads.
    I am not a troll but a serious person who has given a lot of solid info on YT. But on the threads I frequent I see the trolls and liars still there using pseudonyms and still hurling their insulting muthefikers and creatards/retards at others. And they seem to have no restrictions on their ability to join threads. So I conclude that the idea prevalent that Google is trying to stopping the trolls is a false one, maybe part of the Big Lie. Maybe they actually want to stop cogent, serious people who somehow fell foul of google’s wish for brain-dead consumers and cotton-wool ideas. On Google groups devoted to this I find many others complaining that like me they joined google+ but still can’t reply to comments. From Google itself there is merely the usual silence.
    Then there’s the circle of friends problem: It appears you can specify whether anyone can reply to your posts and if so who, amongst your ‘circle of friends’. From google itself I have had three suggestions of ‘people I know’ whom I might suggest to be friends with me. Without exception they belonged to my worst enemies on YT. Was that a joke, google?

    I leave no restrictions whatsoever on the threads I open. But it is pure chance who answers them and it probably won’t be the person spouting lies that I would really like to take on but can’t answer directly. In fact my solitary post may well be ignored. The ease with which you can now ban someone so he cannot even see what you have written is already being exploited by trolls and liars to prevent you replying to them even by opening another thread. A system designed to protect 14 year old sensitive maidens from YT bullies is being used cynically for oneupmanship purposes by hardened trolls and liars to dish their contradicters.
    And some of the worst people are those who, although highly intelligent, come to YT to push disinformation in perfect syntax but tongue-in-cheek. That form of trolling could never be detected by software. People still come to YT to troll, and now they have a lot more space available to do so. Some of those trolls are too intelligent to rain insults on people’s heads. They are more likely to accuse those who try to put the record straight of being trolls themselves and then ban them as I recently experienced after the Change.

    As for marking other posts up or down, I have tried it many times and see a tiny red window which tells me that ‘now is not the time’ to thumb up a post. It never is the time to do so now, Mr Google.

    So – new google comment system? Caveat emptor!

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/Hypnotistshypnotist The Hypnotist’s Hypnotist

    Google keeps “fixing what isn’t broken” and every fix actually does break something. I cannot leave YouTube altogether, due to one of my accounts being under contract to an MCN; however I am doing my part in the protest.

    I’ve started a couple of playlists curating all of the original protest videos I can find in regards of Google Plus. I’ve removed all regular videos I uploaded from the channel in question, dedicating it totally to protest videos and curated protest playlists.

    The way to let Google know our displeasure is not to close your Google Account, but to “abandon in place”; leave the account in existence, but remove any videos which are not protest related; thus robbing Google of monetizable content. My protest curation is my website link. Come and see the curated lists’ contents to date.

  • JLiRD808

    I’ve time-stamped the song placements of entire concerts, including the different movements of Mozart’s Jupiter, Bob Marley’s “Live at Harvard Stadium”, and others.

    People would thumbs up them to the top all the time, so others could access. I did the same for others that had time-stamped long performances, if the uploader failed to. Those types of comments would LIVE at the top as a “top comment”.

    Not only are all those great comments now lost in obscurity (YT reset EVERYTHING!!), I feel like they wont LIVE at the top anymore anyways, as I am not in any G+ circles, the uploader, a celebrity, an influencer….whoever the fck knows.

    FCK G+….cant stand this integration.

  • http://www.copywriter-ac.com Alan

    I’ve moved my (only 2) videos to Liveleak and deleted them from SadTube.

    I was fed up with Sadtube last year, as they hid the inbox for messages and replies. Now it’s obvious why – they didn’t WANT you to find it.

    Liveleak is more fun, less censored and a thriving community I can relate to.

  • http://none Alex Constantino

    I have read over the comments and it seems to me the people here have no idea what it takes to keep something like this going, how many people and countries does youtube service. There are going to be glitches and tweeks that happen but then what is the cost of the service to the average user. Maybe it is no more that waiting for a group of people (Youtube employees) to find a fix on / in a massive computer program to get to it.

  • http://firefox kidus

    i don’t like someone saying bad words

  • John LeVasseur

    I can’t even leave a comment on Youtube anymore. When I click in the comments box to type.a window opens up, nothing happens, it closes, and that’s it. Nothing happens. Even if I’m logged into to google. They have rendered the ability to say anything about a video impossible for some people.

    Now I’m not a technophobe or an idiot. I’ve been on-line since the whole interwebby thing happened in the early 90’s. I can program. I write websites. And I cannot figure out what is happening. I can’t even leave a comment on my own videos.

  • Hoover2630

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  • hen

    youtube has always been my number 1 for commenting with discussions or questions or just funny cracks at the video being watched comments with videos go hand in its all part of the experience but google seems to be trying to reallly push G+ by making it only possible to thumb up (+1) or comment by sharing on google plus this is just a desperate attempt to push the invasive not welcoming mandatory shitty social media app that google has put fourth to unify our internet experience and in its wake has completely ruined a once loved video sharing site. if you read this far thanks for hearing my thoughts.