Here's Hideki Kamiya Talking About The Wonderful 101 At PAX


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Earlier this month, Nintendo brought Hideki Kamiya to Seattle to meet with fans directly and talk about his latest title - The Wonderful 101.

At the convention, Nintendo hosted a panel with Kamiya answering questions about The Wonderful 101 and his career at both Capcom and Platinun Games. The focus was obviously on The Wonderful 101, however, and Nintendo has provided us with video showing a recap of the panel:

Compared to his persona on Twitter, Kamiya comes off as much gentler and fun when you actually see him in person. To further prove that point, Nintendo also put together a short clip of Kamiya having all kinds of fun at PAX:

The Wonderful 101 launches this Sunday, September 15, exclusively on the Wii U.

[Image: Nintendo/YouTube]