‘Hemlock Grove’ Season 2 Full Of ‘Cool Surprises,’ Says Eli Roth [Netflix]

By: Chris Crum - September 30, 2013

Hemlock Grove will be back on Netflix next year with a second season. We don’t know a whole lot in the way of details about where the story is going, but from the sound of it, we’re going to be surprised by what happens.

Executive Producer Eli Roth posted the following photo from a table read on Instagram, saying, “Read through was incredible! So many cool suprises this year.”

Hemlock Grove’s Joel de la Fuente recently posted this:

It’s been nearly two months since production designer Drew Boughton told us they were starting to set up production for Season 2.

The show picked up “seasoned showrunner” Charles H. Eglee of The Walking Dead, Dexter and The Shield fame as an executive producer. Season 2 will be shorter than the first at ten episodes, and will be released sometime in 2014.

“One was just a warm up for what we have in store for season two. Get ready to be scared in ways you never expected,” Roth said when the second season was announced.

Hemlock Grove was nominated for two Emmys – one for its theme song and another for its special effects.

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  • vince

    Glad I finally watched, much better than I thought. These young actors are good. And the older ones are Spot on. Very few cheesy spots. Pleasantly surprised. Well done.

  • Richard winters

    This show is a lot better than the ones they are running now. it should be a permeate series though so much can happen. Peter needs his long hair back. Shelly needs to be a really hot chick now that she’s transformed and her and peter should be an item. Both with them to together nothing could get to peter. Awesome show though. I just made up my own ending. I though it was over. So many really good shows like this one are cut short. For what reasons we don’t know. I even signed up and bought Netflix hoping there would be a season two.

  • Savy

    I knew there would be another season! It just left me hanging pretty much, the last episode was quite confusing. I’m super excited about it. (:

  • Amber

    I think this show is awesome…I couldn’t wait to see what the crazy doctor was working that no one was allowed to see. Cant wait till season two. 2 thumbs up!!!

  • Jess

    I’m writing my own ending too; I just finished watching it recently and figured it was over as well. Gotta admit I was hugely disappointed that Letha died with the baby though I did think the part where Roman killed his mother was perfect. Still I think if he had to confront Letha and that he had a child it would have been even more interesting and they could still do a lot with the vampire aspect which would make the whole being a father thing as well interesting. So far the most addicting and well done show I’ve ever seen, right up there with Dexter and Lie To Me.

    • Dayna Shallenberger

      I was also upset about Letha dying but I am taking it that her baby is the baby in Roman’s attic. Olivia knew it was Roman’s baby from the beginning and that is why she had them make an obstetrics wing at the white tower so Letha would have the baby there and Dr. Pryce would let Letha die and give her(Olivia) the baby. I can’t get enough of this show.

  • Tracy T

    Omg fpund this on netflix so addicted had to watch every single one! Found Peter & Roman very hot ♥♥ great cast absolutely loved every minute & Roman’s Mum was beautiful elegant so classy!! Also fantastic dark humour!! Well written!! ★★★★★★
    can’t wait for another series!!

  • Tracy T

    Omg found this on netflix so addicted had to watch every single one! Found Peter & Roman very hot ♥♥ great cast absolutely loved every minute & Roman’s Mum was beautiful elegant so classy!! Also fantastic dark humour!! Well written!! ★★★★★★
    can’t wait for another series!!

  • Jasmine

    Every episode I was more and more indulged in this surprising story. Was nothing what I expected when I started to watch! Highly recommend. Last episode was insane! I want to see this vampire baby. Roman please get in my pants. Thank you.

  • susan rogers

    I can’t wait for season 2 can anyone tell me when it airs? Season 1 has me hanging it was great.

  • Josie

    I only just finished watching online… My grandmother and me were watching it but she didn’t realise I was interested so I only saw random bits from different episodes. The way it ended up being like was so worth watching. Took me awhile but I watched it in two nights, I couldn’t stop I’m addicted… I normally hate horrors and movies like this, I get extremely scared but this one excited me, I have no idea why. I’m all for Roman and Peter, I think that would just be… I Don’t know it may sound cliché but almost all of the fans are already shipping them (Thinking of them in a relationship manor or hoping at least)I’m in that group, I really hope the two of them get together might be completely opposite of what you’re going for with this series but, please? haha we’re just sitting on our couches hoping for the best.

    • Josie

      This is so late but it only just showed here in NZ and I only just finished watching it I don’t even think anyone will read it but for those who do 😛 Hi