Guy Builds Cool Oreo Separator. Twist? It’s to Get Rid of the Creme Altogether

    February 27, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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I get that you built a super-complicated machine to separate the Oreo cookies from the Oreo creme. Seriously, I get it. It’s so you can harvest all the creme and make one mega creme-filled cookie, right?

No? It’s because you hate the creme? What the hell?

  • Patrice

    I want one. I hate the cream.lol Now he gets it why doesn’t nabisco. They have every kind of Oreo except cookie only. GIVE US THE COOKIE>

  • Janek Duzy

    Wow is this what a physicist spends his time on? I am a journeyman tool and die maker. Bent aluminum with the on switch being another bent piece of aluminum is awful. If this guy was uneducated then i would say nice job but he has probably wasted 100k on school to come up with that. Im so afraid of the future of American engineering. Screw China!

  • Cole

    He should sell the cream online. I know I would buy some.