Should Groupon Stop Offering Gun-Related Deals?

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Groupon, no stranger to controversy, now finds itself in one related to a topic of national debate. The company has, until further notice, halted all gun-related deals.

Groupon says it is reviewing this category of deals. Do you think people should be able to purchase gun-related Groupons? Let us know in the comments.

If you live in the U.S., there’s no question that you’ve either heard people voicing their opinions about gun control, or contributed your own to some conversation. Since the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, the conversation that has been going on for ages has been escalated, also fueled by President Obama’s position on reducing gun violence.

Michael Cargill, a gun rights activist, concealed handgun instructor, and owner of Central Texas Gun Works, is calling for a nationwide boycott of Groupon, saying his contract with the company was “abruptly terminated” on Friday, after Groupon CEO Andrew Mason “decided the company would no longer associate with any business related to firearms,” according to shooting sports news site Ammoland.

Here’s a report from Austin’s (where Cargill is based) local FOX affiliate:

Here’s another from NBC affiliate kxan:

Groupon’s official stance, so far, is not quite as dramatic, saying that it is reviewing its policies regarding gun-related offers. AOL’s Daily Finance, who spoke with Cargill, also shared an emailed response from Groupon on the topic, which the company has since sent to WebProNews and a number of other media outlets.

“All scheduled and current gun-related deals featured on Groupon North America, including shooting ranges, conceal-and-carry and clay shooting, have been placed on hiatus while we review internal standards that shape the deal inventory we feature. The category is under review following recent consumer and merchant feedback.”

That’s the official statement, but is it just based on consumer and merchant feedback, or is the media itself playing a role in Groupon’s decision?

Cargill told FOX 7 that after Obama made a speech, his deal “went crazy,” and it looked like it was going to max out. Groupon, he says, called him to see if he could raise the ceiling of the number of people they would let in on the deal, so he did. He had over 1,000 buyers until Groupon shut it down two days later.

InfoWars also spoke with Cargill:

“Then they called me up on Friday morning and they said, ‘Well the CEO has decided to suspend all gun deals, anything having to do with guns, gun training, shooting clays, gun ranges; they suspended all gun deals,” Mr. Cargill told us.

When Cargill asked for an explanation, he says the representative told him, “Well, because of everything that’s going on in the media.”

“I said, ‘Well that’s not good enough because this is a concealed handgun license course, this is about gun safety, this is about conflict resolution, and this is about law-abiding citizens learning safety.’”

So, now Cargill is calling upon people to boycott Groupon, and is talking about exploring his legal options, so we may see at least one lawsuit against Groupon over this come to light soon. He says Groupon is not living up to is end of the contract, though it does reportedly say Groupon can terminate any deal at any time, but with written notice, which Cargill maintains he did not receive.

Here’s an example of one such deal that Groupon has run in the past:

It’s not uncommon for marketing services to not accept gun or weapon-related ads. Google’s AdWords, for example, prohibits the advertising of guns, gun parts or hardware, ammunition, bombs, knives, throwing stars, and brass knuckles. That’s in the U.S. Some countries have further restrictions. Google does allow for the promotion of: airsoft guns, stun guns and tasers, swords, air blog guns, non-working antique and replica guns, battery-operated flare guns and emergency flares, guns and ammunition books/magazines, holsters, paint guns, paintball guns, rifle/gun scopes, scope mounts, laser sights, kitchen knives and gun ranges.

Groupon’s policies are not as clear.

It’s entirely possible that gun-related deals will come back to Groupon. The company is reviewing its policies. That doesn’t mean they’re shutting them all down for good, though that’s a possibility too at this point. Groupon isn’t getting any more specific with its plans. If nothing else, perhaps Groupon will lay out a clear policy, more like Google’s, for what exactly is and is not allowed to be marketed using Groupon.

Should Groupon provide gun-related deals to consumers? Was Groupon right to pull deals like Cargill’s prematurely, despite having a contract with merchants? Tell us what you think about it.

Should Groupon Stop Offering Gun-Related Deals?
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  • http://groupon mark petrisak

    When a drunk driver Kill somebody They don’t Do car control And limit The type of car You can buy And how many people It can hold But they want to Control what kind Of guns we can buy It’s not the gun that killed people It’s the person who killed people I have no problem With Background checks and Registration In conclusion Guns don’t kill people people kill people Registration background checks should be a must That I do agree with

    • Steve

      You’re right mark – it’s people that kill people, but how does it help having more guns around?? It just makes it easier for lunatics to go around shooting people.

      Also, you’re analogy about cars killing people is flawed. People don’t jump into a car with the intent to kill people. They happen by accident. While a lunatic with guns, go out shooting people with the intent to kill.

      Even in free countries, we need limits.

  • Mike

    Bummer wants to outlaw ALL guns–he is NOT a supporter of the 2nd ammendment no matter what he says. Groupon should guage DEMAND for gun offers, and maybe wonder why applications for CCW training and demand for handguns and bullets are at an ALL TIME HIGH ?? Be it noted that even the liberals who would publish gun owner’s information in the newspapers ALL refused to put a sign on their lawn that THEIR OWN HOME IS GUN FREE.

  • John

    If indeed the reason for pulling support was as reported: “When Cargill asked for an explanation, he says the representative told him, “Well, because of everything that’s going on in the media.”” then that’s a poorly organised, generic knee-jerk response.

    It’s certainly not the response of a company that deserves business, since the company is showing that it’s broadly (over)reacting to events instead of thinking about why it’s in business in the first place… to provide intelligent services and supplies to consumers.

    Not all consumers are wild-eyed, pharmacy-induced killers. And as noted in the comment above, it’s as reasonable to pull automotive-based services and supplies as it is for any other item simply because “everything in the media” suggests this to be the case.

    • John

      haha, i meant, “comment BELOW”…

  • Raph

    Of course why should anything change? The gun people need to eat too!

  • Eduardo Novoa

    The massacre in Connecticut has been heard by all America. The massacres in Mexico are bigger and are unheard. Same weapons, same human beings just a few miles across the border, different nationalities. When will America really listen?

  • Jacob B

    You know they have the right to limit services to anyone as does any business. However they were letting those offers be posted before and are stopping them for all of the wrong reasons now. Allowing classes and offers to shooting ranges promotes what needs to be promoted, gun safety, knowledge, and practice with firearms. Instead they are making it harder for those with limited budgets to attend these classes to further their education on gun safety, etc.

    So no I dont think they should limit these services or offers for the reasons they have stopped them. I will no longer purchase anything from Groupon.

    • Brooke V

      What if your a mother or father that is a gun enthusiast? Target shooting is a sport and I choose to share that with my daughter and also have the option of protecting my family. Most people who own guns are not criminals and a lot are mothers and fathers and grandparents. Whether you like it or not…remember the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.- Wayne L. NRA

      As far as groupon…they are drinking the Obama kool aid…none of the policies he wants to implement will keep our children safe in schools. Basically it is just another jab at trying to remove the American people’s freedom! I will not support a company that does not support our constitution.

  • Stephen

    Groupon can do whatever they want – it is their potential revenue that they are losing. It will make 0 difference on any of the issues.

    • http://www.bloketoys.co.uk BlokeToys

      And the potential revenue they lose from not acting?

      A sensible business (like Groupon) would have done the math. If they have all the gun nuts boycott them they might miss out on a couple of million $’s a year, and if they don’t change and anti-gun groups run a boycott instead that will affect their entire business and cost them far more.

      It’s not a gun site, it’s a deals site. Many of their visitors are women, mothers, fathers, people who have an emotive response to this issue and have no interest in guns. And on the other hand you have a few gun nuts who go hunting at the weekends occasionally looking for a deal…

      I know which group I would rather keep happy – the larger group providing more of an income to my business.

      This is a no-brainer, upset a minority group of gun enthusiasts or upset millions of mothers and fathers across the country. Anyone who doesn’t get this should really never consider being in any kind of business at all, they will fail.

      • JesseJames

        Since Groupon targets based on communities and there are almost as many guns as there are citizens in the US, they would be very smart to keep offering these deals. To proclaim that American gun owners are a small minority is laughable. You really are quite naive when it comes to the pulse of the American citizenry.

      • Jeff

        I agree. This is simply a business decision in response to current events. I think NoBloke slept through most of his civics class and may have missed the business classes all together.

        My wife and I actually have a Groupon for a concealed carry permit tomorrow, and I was concerned that Groupon was going to notify us that the Groupon was going to be refunded and cancelled.

        The person teaching the class is a small business person who has a right to run his business and to feed himself. Personally, I think we need to make improvements to our gun laws, but the mass majority of gun related businesses, are law abiding and many even support recent proposals for changes in the law.

        This article presents a business question, not a moral one. The moral conversations need to occur but they need to occur elsewhere.

  • http://www.bloketoys.co.uk BlokeToys

    As it’s a private business, they have the right to choose without people making unreasonable demands on them. I find this pretty funny, that the same right-wing Republican base is now boycotting Groupon for this decision, while they get all in your face about gay people boycotting homophobic companies!

    They are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

    If you don’t like the decision, move on, no one is FORCING you to use the site, grow up!

    The real issue here is that companies are paying attention to public sentiment, and the public sentiment right now is that gun use and ownership has its place AWAY from certain areas. Yes, you currently have the right to own a gun, but that doesn’t mean you can DEMAND that they be made available to you wherever and whenever you please, or that anyone should be able to buy one from their local store.

    Attitudes are changing, and companies are paying attention to public sentiment. Many Americans don’t like to face facts – a lot of your country are angry at the Republican hypocrites, angry at the NRA and enraged at the ridiculous excuses the pro-gun idiots use to justify their gun-lust.

    Just because you have the right to own a gun does not mean the rest of the country should just get out of your way and make your life as easy as possible.

    One day America will grow up, unfortunately it won’t happen while attention is still being given the right-wing crazies in the country using their Bibles and Constitution as an excuse to do anything they please.

    • NoBloke

      Surprise, surprise, a limey prick is the fist douche bag to comment on American politics. Not that you know anything about our Constitution or way of life, but don’t you fools still have a monarch and royal class?? Seriously?? And we’re the ones that need to grow up. 25% of the EU countries still have a royal family. Once you get out of the dark ages, you can comment on our Constitution.

    • Brooke V

      Proud to be a right wing crazy!! It goes both ways…just remember everyone has their own thoughts. I love God, I love my Southern Baptist Church, I love my Country, I love to target shoot and I love the idea that I am able to protect my family if I need to and there is nothing wrong with any of it!

  • Roger

    Companies such as Groupon and people such as Chicago’s mayor That want an outright boycott of Guns and the businesses that support them should be boycotted themselves. No one should spend money in Illinois and stop using Groupon or any other company that does not support our rights.. Guns are part of what made America. Guns help keep this country free. Guns help protect the millions of home across this land. If you do not want others to have guns, do not call the police when you need help. They will show up with a gun. If you take away guns from the American people, then we are at the mercy of what ever the government demands. Freedom will be gone and those that have died fighting for the freedom we love will have been in vein.
    Support those that support the Second Amendment.

  • Lance

    20 small kids and 6 teachers = enough already! ANY changes should be reviewed, considered, modified. The worders of Constitution did NOT give a blanket permission for us to own nuclear missles, tanks, grenade launchers or overly-ammoed automatic weapons to shoot our kids and without any checks (driver license exam as example). We have a moral responsibility folks. Keep your hunting gear and home protection – no one is asking you give that up for crying out loud!

    • Karen

      This is a moot point. If you knew anything you’d know that the ads they’re pulling are mainly concealed handgun license classes which require fingerprinting, background checks and in most states mental checks as well. They aren’t posted ads on how to kill innocent children. This is such a stupid post.

    • http://www.allsafedefense.com TJ Johnston

      Americans aren’t expecting blanket permission to own nuclear missiles, tanks, etc. What we are guaranteed to own are the personal firearms that will protect ourselves and our families. The Second Amendment does not protect “sporting arms,” but rather the firearms that will maintain our liberty–from bad guys and bad government.

      • Steve

        @ TJ,

        Really?? You think your hand-gun is going to protect you from our government? In case, you didn’t know, the US has the mightiest military in the world… they have tanks, fighter jets, rocket launchers, machines guns, etc. You really think you’re making a case with that nonsense?

        And, that whole nonsense about protecting ourselves from the bad guys… how about that man who killed his own kid because he thought he was an intruder?!? How about the lunatic that killed 20 some children in cold blood?!? Where the hell were you and your hand gun to protect them?

        Cut the crap! Enough is enough. We need some serious reforms with our gun laws. And, all you sheeps out need to stop protecting the gun industry because they’re in it for the money and they really don’t give a crap about you or your freedom.

        • http://www.ameriwebs.net George Snell

          Did anyone notice? No rhyme or reason. Just name calling and slander. How typical of the hysterical anti-constitution anti-gun crowd.

    • Stephen

      “20 small kids and 6 teachers” just think how many could have been saved – if only someone had a gun.

    • https://twitter.com/TheWrightWingv2 TheWrightWing

      If only crazed shooters and criminals would finally respect gun laws, huh?

      The right to own guns, for self defense, is a basic human right. If someone was there to shoot back, in that Gun Free Zone the shooter wouldn’t have been able to shoot all the kids he wanted, unimpeded.

  • http://webdesignjustforyou.com Eileen Forte

    Yes, I think people should have the option whether they want to buy gun related products or not. If someone wants to commit violence, there are many household items that can be used too. After all, the murderer in Newtown could have bashed in a lot of kids’ heads with a steel pipe too.

  • TJ Johnston

    Guns are not evil. They are tools that can enhance the ability of the user. An excellent phrase to remember: “The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” We need more good guys with guns to stop these mass shootings.

  • Jeff Benty

    No they should not, if they cave to Obama Law then they win. 1 million gun owners in NY alone says they should not as that will be a huge loss in sales. Talk about poor business decisions.

  • Clement Lisi

    Forget Groupon—

  • Erin

    It’s all about freedom. Groupon is free to choose their business practices, and we are free to boycott them if we choose. That’s the power of the people.

  • http://www.advertisingindepth.com Dennis Holman

    GroupOn, as a private company, has a the right to choose the advertisers that it will accept. However, I am disappointed in this decision by GroupOn, and I will exercise MY freedom to refrain from the use of GroupOn so long as they refuse to accept firearms-related advertising.

  • Augusta

    I don’t think Groupon should do that.
    FIRST thing for ANY BODY who uses or is going to use a gun should be an evalution by a psychologist or psychiatrist. If the person passes this test, then the “shrink” should write a certification for the necessary authorities in which states that person X is in position to have a gun. Selling guns that easily as it has been in the United States favorizes that many people with mental disorders have a gun; and that is a REAL problem. Imagine Groupon offers with great prices, how many guns could people with mental problems and criminals buy (?)
    Having and using a gun should be MORE controlled in the U.S.

    • Biff

      Anyone that suggest legislation that is Un-Constitutional should have to exist with out any Constitutional protections, and yes, Augusta, that includes your First Amendment right to show the world that your a brainless twit by opening your mouth and spewing stupidity. Do you have any idea why the Constitution was framed as it is? The Founding Fathers expressed their most sincere and dear beliefs in the First Amendment and then tried to guarantee that no future govt would be able to quash those freedoms by writing in the Right to Bear Arms in the very next Amendment. The Second Amendment isn’t about target shooting or hunting. It’s a Restraining order against a tyrannical Government. If you can’t understand that, you really don’t deserve the privilege of living in this country.

  • Two Dogs

    To Andrew Mason. I will cease doing business with Groupon until you change your policy and SUPPORT the Second Amendment.

  • Augusta

    Sorry, I wrote something wrong in my first comment.
    Groupon SHOULD stop offering Gun-Related Deals

  • DJ Lloyd

    Guns are NOT the problem, defective people are the problem! Groupon should honor all legal weapon ads. Why interfere with the second amendment and free trade or commerce. Banning guns won’t stop the violence; the perpetrator will just choose to have an illegal gun or another weapon of choice. We as a society need to STOP protecting our defective off-spring and classify them as dangerous. Political Correctness has long been a factor in allowing sub human intelligence and behavior to prevail.

  • http://www.WelcomeToLincolnMaine.com Lee

    No!, of course not.

  • Larry


  • Tyrone Shelton

    Hell NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Al Haffar

    When Groupon announced that they are halting all the gun related deals which is part of their business, like any deal, they basically telling the American people that Groupon:
    1-Does not believe in the 2nd amendment. 2- does not believe in the constitution of the United States. 3- that they are liberals all the way. 4- And they just reduced the number of their customers by 4.000.000+. By taking this action. Any business that does not believe and protect the Constitution should move else where out side the US.

  • http://www.coloradocprfirstaid.com Brandon

    I was about to offer a non-firearms related deal through Groupon. While as a private company they are free to have their opinions, their opinions are disappointing. Those who seek training generally do so to obey laws regarding firearms and to exercise their rights in a safe manner. I would think that Groupon would want to encourage such activities. Put in another manner, if a drunk driver crashes into, and kills a group of kids, would they also cancel offering deals that promote safe driving and automotive maintenance?

  • David Lewis

    It is about time to get serious about gun control. How many more people need to be killed before there is greater control? No one needs an automatic weapon. No one needs an automatic weapon for hunting unless they are a really bad shot.

    • Daivd Freeman

      The knee jerk reactions to such horrific deaths is to blame guns, rather than looking to the real sources of this type of behavior. I’m amazed at how many people seem to think that passing laws to control this gun or that gun will affect criminals, psychopaths or the criminal ill. As society becomes more complex the answers proposed to its problems are to “restrict,” “restrict,” “restrict”. So we should be restricting cars that kill more people each day than guns ever do. If you’ve never held or shot a gun, never been trained in its use and safety, never hunted or done any target shooting, maybe you don’t understand. Or maybe what you really don’t understand is guns in the hands of good people insure freedom. You ready to give up yours? I’m not.

    • Roger

      And how many people were killed in 9-11?

      Lets ban Airplanes. Drunk drivers, Cars too. Meth is already illegal. That don’t stop them from making it.

      When only a handful of people commit an atrocity, don’t lump the other 100 million people in the same pile. When you do you are saying everyone that has a gun is just as evil as the person that committed the crime.
      Just in case you are misinformed. It is already illegal to own an Automatic weapon without approval from the government. (You can’t just walk into your favorite store and walk out with one.) This means every gun that is Semi-automatic, you have to pull the trigger every time you want to shoot. You cant just hold the trigger in and spray bullets. The people that shot up these places had to make a conscience decision to shoot every bullet they fire.

    • https://twitter.com/TheWrightWingv2 TheWrightWing

      Isnt it interesting how some people always seems to know what other people really “need”?

      How about I decide for myself? I don’t hunt, I shoot back at criminals.

  • http://www.concealedwisconsin.com Andy

    This is America and Groupon can do whatever they choose, but in a free market – social media driven – environment, they should understand the fiscal consequences of offending 43-55 Million gun owning households in America. It is already spreading across the internet.

    • Linda Bible

      Your are 100% correct Andy!

  • Linda Bible

    Absolutely NOT! The sale and ownership of a gun is not what is causing Gun violence. It is the lack of procedure in purchasing a gun and back ground checks. If people are no longer allowed to purchase guns, it will be a short time before the crime rate goes through the roof, because Criminals will be fully aware that No One has any weapons to protect themselves, store owners will be at the mercy of every CRIMINAL with a gun, because these Thugs will have no fear that they may be faced with retribution and just do as they please. I hope that Groupon does not cave in to the stupidity of a few panicked, unthinking liberals, especially when the attorney for the Batman movie shooting has been identified as an “actor” portraying herself as a devastated parent of one of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. Something is not right and a law being passed in NY without much further investigation is despicable.

  • Sheree

    No, no one should stop offering deals on guns or gun related products. It is our right as Americans to bear arms. If lawful citizens do not bear arms, or are not allowed to bear arms, the only people that will have guns are the criminals.

    Many people do not understand that criminals do not care what the laws are.

  • https://twitter.com/ TheWrightWing

    Guns don’t kill people. The mentally ill kill people.

    No more Groupon for me, caving in to hysterically sobbing idiots? I’ll take my business elsewhere.

  • Mel

    The sale of firearms needs to continue. Our country is in a very emotional state due to the actions of our government and our leaders. Hopefully the government will gain some integrity and things will return to normal.


    continue to offer deals

  • Von

    No, it should not submit to the hype coming from the White House dealing with “gun control”.

    The 2nd Amendment is clear about the right to bear arms and if you look at the Federalist Papers, the one of the main reasons for the right was to make a stand against a tyrannical government.

  • E. Richard Scholz

    These are quite appropriate for Groupon to continue to advertise! The anti-gun culture needs to take a chill pill and leave lawful gun owners, purchasers and advertisers alone.

  • Big Jim Slade

    Groupon should stop annoying me in general. Does anybody really want late night Brazilian tofu deals in some town 30 miles away?

  • http://Mabuzi.com Mabuzi

    Political related sucking up! Morals,but we know morals big business dont go together.

  • Mike Ortega

    The problem is not the GUNS, the problem is the the emotionally disturbed people. Instead of treating the cause of the illness (which is difficult), We as a society treat the symptom, the physical thing the Gun, the Drug, etc., etc., (which is much easier for us to understand). We are a land of Laws, We think, We can control everything with laws and rational thoughts. Emotionally disturbed people do not think rationally nor care about laws. We need to treat the cause not the symptom.

  • Stephen

    Groupon can eliminate them to their own detriment, I hope they go bust!

    Much of America is falling into a trap, buying into greater gun control and more restrictions on our right to own firearms. Spin it how you will the administration has conceded the new laws they’re pushing would NOT have prevented the Newtown tragedy. Disarming law abiding citizens worked for Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse-tung, Kim Jong-il, Castro and other despots. King Obama is using Newtown to push his long held agenda of disarming us. Outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns while law abiding citizens are sucker bait.

    Rough Quote; “Gun control: the theory that a woman found dead in an ally, raped and strangled with her own pantyhose is morally superior to her having to explain the fatal bullet wound in her attacker!”

  • http://www.allmartshopping.com/ paula krue

    I think that is up to Groupon and whatever they decide should be respected. Either way.

  • Billy

    Instead of removing gun related deals, maybe Groupon should find psychiatrists and offer discount counseling…

  • http://several Reid

    I think Groupon should double down on it’s efforts to offer gun related products. the reason is simple…

    If they let government or politically inspired forced dictate what they offer, what’s next, “Omaha Steaks”?

    Think about it.

  • edwina

    what? groupon is involved with crazy gun people!!!!? time to get avaaz to start a massive groupon boycott, reveal them as teh crazies and reveal all those other crazies who live in their mother’s basements and think they are in a 1950s movie. the implacable stupidity of the gun people is like some sophmoric joke from the onion that continually amazes. WHO ARE these bat-shit insane little boys? (or, of course, are they really 60 year old trolls….)

  • norman


    more dystopian fruitcakes…

  • Ryan

    I will never support a company that does not support law abiding citizens exercising their Constitutional freedoms. Period.

    • http://www.perfecthealthpartners.com Darrel Dunson

      Lets stand together and starve the anti-gunners out of business!

  • jon

    I just canceled my account @ Groupon. I’d rather pay full price. Email support@groupon.com and ask them to remove your account and information from their database. Also if you have it linked to your facebook make sure and delete that connection as well. Stand up to this now while we still have right to do so.

  • Matthew Carr

    I am anti anti-gun. When google banned guns, I quit using it. I will now quit using groupon.

    If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

  • Julie

    No, no, and no. By banning, stopping, or whatever word you want to use, they are discriminating against honest, abiding, responsible gun owners. Our countries constitution allows us to bear arms. Its not the guns its the idiots who steel them or get them illegally that commit the crimes; do the numbers, read the facts. The media and our government thinks by banning guns we will have no crime. Take England for example; they ban guns however per capita they have more crimes committed than the USA. Do the numbers, stand by your rights.

    • http://www.perfecthealthpartners.com Darrel Dunson

      Well said. I said the same thing but couldn’t say it in so few words. I truly think we should withhold financial support of any business with its head in the sand!

  • kent

    If you bow down to these gun control libs, I will not spend another dime in your company.

  • ME

    hi it seems people are more bothered about there right to bear arms tham the killings that are happening with them, i think groupon are right in there decision regarding this matter, after all it does not affect the right to own a weapon Does it? All it is doing is making them a little harder to get for those who shouldnt have them. And to me thats good. I would love to see a world without the need for private weapons maybee its something we can all work toward without affecting any rights!

    • Melanie Turner

      Do you think criminals are going to do what the law says? Do you know if any of these people, that have done the shootings had gun permits and had them lawfully? I don’t, they won’t publicize that information. That might hinder their agenda.

  • Ezra

    It’s ironic that all the gun nuts who bitch and whine about their rights think they have any right to tell a company what to do. The gun nuts can take their business elsewhere but they are the minority and in the end they will be insignificant until they follow their leaders who say they will start shooting if they aren’t heard.

    I own guns and quit the NRA 15 years ago because the gun nuts are ruining it for everyone. They no longer have the right to call themselves responsible gun owners they are merely paranoid fanatics who will marginalize themselves as lunatics. They had their chance to be rational and actually enhance the gun community. Now they are just a liability.

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