Google Shuts Down Social Game Acquisition Slide

By: Chris Crum - August 26, 2011

Just over a year ago, Google bought Slide, a social game company mostly known for games like SuperPoke Pets, SPP Ranch, Top Fish, etc. It didn’t seem to be outside of the realm of possibility that this would heavily factor into Google’s social network plans, which at the time were still unclear.

All of this time, however, Slide’s team has operated separate from other Google projects, and Google of course recently launched Google+, and even more recently, games on Google+. It would appear that the Slide acquisition isn’t bringing much to the Google+ table.

Google, after dropping $200 million on Slide, is shutting it down, as first reported by Liz Gannes at AllThingsD. Meanwhile, Slide founder Max Levchin, who Google made a VP of Engineering following the acquisition, is leaving the company.

The Slide Team posted a message on the company blog saying:

We wanted to give you all advance notice that in the coming months, a number of Slide’s products and applications will be retired. This includes Slide’s products such as Slideshow and SuperPoke! Pets, as well as more recent products such as Photovine, Video Inbox and Pool Party. We created products with the goal of providing a fun way for people to connect, communicate and share. While we are incredibly grateful to our users and for all of the wonderful feedback over the years, many of these products are no longer as active or haven’t caught on as we originally hoped.

Most importantly, we wanted to take this opportunity to reassure you that we’re committed to helping our users preserve their data as easily as possible. We recognize that many of you have stored valuable content with us and want to assure you that, wherever possible, you will have ample time to download that information or transfer it to another service.

For example, on, we will enable users to either download their photos or export them to a Picasa account. We are working to release this export feature over the coming weeks and, once added, users will have several months to take advantage of transferring their photos.

A Google spokesperson is quoted as saying, “Max has decided to leave Slide and Google to pursue other opportunities, and we wish him the best. Most of the team from Slide will remain at Google to work on other opportunities.”

According to Gannes, at least some of the Slide team will be going to the YouTube team. I’d be very surprised if others didn’t make their way to Google+, given the aforementioned gaming offering on Google’s new social network.

Google also acquired another social gaming company last year in SocialDeck.

Google of course has some prominent third-parties offering games through Google+, such as Zynga, which makes some of the most popular games on Facebook, and Rovio, which makes the very popular Angry Birds.

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  • http://facebook bonnie

    The online game SuperPoke Pets recently sold to Google. The game has been operating for over 3 years and in the last 6 months varies changes have been ongoing with the promise that the game would still be available to play and online. The original owners Slide and Google allowed players to purchase items, “gold” with real money up until July 1st 2011 which is the date they set for no longer creating new items to feature in the online shop to buy with real money. There were people who bought “gold” and kept it in reserve so they could use it at a later time. It was announce August 25 2011 that Google was deactivating the game after months of assured promises across the online forum and to its players this would not happen. People have invested thousands of dollars a piece into this game. They are outraged that only two months ago the players were given false promises of continued game play, only to be told today on the online forum that in less than 6 months or sooner it will be deleted. There are also several other major issues. One happening in the last 6 months of requested debt charges to bank accounts multiply times for their VIP services resulting in several hundred members getting charged over draft fees from their banks or credit card companies. Numerous game glitches that were never fixed along game playing. Accounts banned with no explanations given. Charges made to credit cards that were kept on file with no way to delete them from the system. Changes made to the Terms of Service with no prompts given to the customers of when these changes occurred. No customer service contact phone number. Customer service was an email only system and it took weeks to get a response if any.
    There are many more issues I am sure I can think of over my 3 years of playing this game. And there are many more that did not happen to me but my fellow players. We have been wronged. And I hope you can help.
    The game’s website is www.
    Please take a look
    Google took advantage of the loyal players in this game. We were told it would not shut-down that the game had evolved to the max and that the players could self-contain the game by using a market place for coins. People bought up gold thinking the game would cont. in the future. now 7 weeks after shutting off gold products they decide to pull the plug. This is greed on google part. A company I will not trust after empty promises are made. Buyer beware of products of virtual goods they will sell and then just pull the plug on the game. All because they can and will use your money in any situation, then claim its not a profit making venue. Shame on you google!

    • charlene robb

      i totally agree with everything you’ve said :(

      • Zena Powell

        I too totally agree with Bonnie. Do not take this game away. If I take pictures of my pet and don’t have her, the memory will be too painful to bear.

        • Meredith

          You can take pictures, but the game won’t let you transfer them to email or anything.
          I have had an account for a little over 2 years and my nearly 5 year old son just started playing May 25 of this year and now just 2 weeks after I created an account for my 3 year old daughter Google is going to break their hearts. What am I supposed to say to my son when he asks to play with his panda named Panda Bear or my daughter Molly’s bunny named after herself? I could always buy her a bunny I suppose, but you can’t have a Panda for a pet. Google children play this game too.

    • Chris Crum

      We’re looking into this.

      • Veronica

        Please do!!! I too just had my 12 year old daughter sign up thinking its safe and fun game for her to play online with me and can get a check on it. I have been w/ SPP from almost the very start and only purchased Gold every now and then, but it did sure add up $$$… Why slide did this is beyond me and I thought Google was an upstanding company. It seems we were wrong! I understand the need to make $, but Google is HUGE and I am sure if they would bring VIP accounts, Gold buying & the life back to SPP, it would flourish once again because us TRUE fans of the game have stayed through it ALL!!!

      • Barb Puder

        I’ve been playing for a year and a half, and loved it. It’s different from the shoot-em-up games, or the ones where the time crunch can cause stress. SPP is actually creative and relaxing, and during a time when I can’t afford most other entertainment, it’s nice to have something that I could enjoy without investing significant money unless I chose to. Maybe I should be glad my husband wasn’t working, as I probably would have spent money on it. But even at that, it’s not about the money. It’s about a game that is fun, creative, and more “social” than any of the other social games I’ve tried. It’s working just fine in its current maintenance mode (no new development). Why take it away?

      • Josh

        Thanks Chris, any help would be appreciated by the SPP community!

      • raine918

        Thank you Chris cause SPP employees posted this not long ago and that means they lied to us.

        A few players have speculated that Slide will be turning off SPP entirely on July 1st, July 2nd, or in the near future. This is completely untrue and we would like to put these rumors to rest. We hope that SPP will remain an active game and community, and we have no plans to shut the site down. We know some of you are wondering how SPP will be able to continue without money coming in from Gold. Over the past few months we have worked to optimize to be as efficient as possible and require minimal maintenance and resources.

        Here is the link to it.

        • christalee

          We have been lied to, mislead and I’m so glad you posted this. A class action suit is definitely in order.

    • Bobbie Spencer

      I totally agree with what Bonnie and everyone else has said. I to have invested money in this game with promises it would alway be there for us to play.

    • Danyelle

      I agree with this completely. We were all lied to by google. It is so wrong of them to shut it down. We were told the game would continue and be self-sufficient. I have also played for nearly 3 years, and spent who knows how much money. I can promise you that if they take away superpoke pets, I will not use or buy another google product.

      • Danyelle

        Was meant to be a reply to Bonnie. I agree with Bonnie completely.

    • paula

      I totally agree with Bonnie she has said it all.. and so many of us are just lost right now with all the empty promises.

    • http://facebook Trudy

      Thank you Bonnie, you expressed exactly what the majority of us are feeling right now. I have played this game for over 2 and 1/2 years and can not believe that Google is killing it, now, for over a million people.

      Children will be heartbroken, as will adults. The outcry is loudly being heard all over facebook and My Space.

      This game is therapy to so many people. We’ve made wonderful friends, created, laughed, cried and sworn to stop playing, but we stayed, for the love of the game and our friends. Google is taking so much from so many, without a backward glance.

      Our voices will be heard, but will they actually listen?

    • Mary M. Miranda

      Bonnie I couldn’t have said it better myself. Every piece of information you’ve mentioned is all true. Bottom line…we’ve been ripped off.

    • sher

      dead on! screw google, i can use firefox and bing for my sourcing.

      • Anne D kasday

        I have already got my information ready to send to the class action attorney, We downloaded my bank information and I spent $2000.00 on gold items. A tough lesson to learn, but I have learned! However it is the arrogance of Google and the constant lies and reassurances that should be put to shame and if a class action lawsuit can be started or Publicity shone into this dirty corner then I am willing to go for it.
        A lot of sick people and shut ins got so much from this game and to just halt it when it really costs nothing to keep it as it is is thoughtless and mean spirited.
        Sorry Google but I intend to find out every company you have cahoots in and never give you space or sales in my life. It was not called for and you need to take it back! Right this wrong now!!!

    • Becky

      Very well said. I hope you guys are listening. It is so much more then a game. We have met some good people out here.

      • Becky

        this was also meant for Bonnie

  • charlene robb

    i have been playing this game for over 3 years! i have made some wonderful friends from it please dont shut it down its so unfair everyone has worked sooo hard. this does make me cry at the thought of loosing my friends :( its not about the money and hours and hours we’ve all put into it its about friendship :(

  • Melissa

    Google Scammed us ALL! After making millions of dollars and becoming one of the fastest growing online games they have decided to Shut us down. I would like to know what made Google make this decision!

    This can’t be happening because one person left the company. Was that one person the only person who knew how to create and maintain the game?

    A REAL Explanation would be nice right about now!

    Is this even legal? I guess it doesn’t really matter to anyone, except for those of us who are left holding the SPP bag!

  • Terri

    I have to say that as a disabled person I am very upset that you want to take this game away.It is challenging and fun and I have made some very good friends who I can be with when I am hurting and can’t do anything else. Also so many of us have spent hard earned money on this ,our entertainment.I can’t bowl or go to movies (no car) but I can sit with my laptop and click and chat. Please look in to this and keep our game.I do not want screenshots of my habitats as that would only depress me. If you can’t keep it online can you find a way for us to have our accounts offline and keep what we have. I also have a 6 year old grand daughter and a 9 year old grandson who use my accounts and decorate,and they would be upset too.

  • Sonja

    So Google thinks it is so big now, they don’t feel that they owe any explanation to anyone, why they would just suddenly and unceremoniously dump the games they have come to love and spent so much money on? Remember the old saying…The bigger they are the harder they fall.You have hurt a lot of people with out even seeming to care. Don’t get to big for your britches guys.

  • MMM

    Shutting down SuperPoke Pets is the stupidest thing Google has done. You will causing a lot of people undue stress. Most of us play as a way to interact with others on a daily basis and relax. It is our favorite outlet and for people like me, the only contact with the world around me. I don’t like the other games, I do like my pet. She came along at a time I needed something to take away the pain of loss. Now you are making that loss real again.
    Shame on Google, just SHAME on you.

  • Sherrie

    This was my one way of getting away from everyday things. It was a stress reliever for me. This is very upsetting. I have made so many new good friends on SPP. I always feel so much better after sitting down and playing for a little while. I look forward to playdates, gifting, gardening, just to name a few of the things. It gets me away from reality for a while. Please do not take it from us.

  • http://SPPSLIDE Brandie Rizor

    I am so upset, you said you had no intention of shuting down SPP when you stopped the new releases. I can not beleave you are doing this to us. THIS SUCKS!!!!!

  • sher

    Superpoke Pets Employees = Dishonest Lying Bastards.

  • http://sppranchandspppets Jen brodt

    I am very upset about spp pets and ranch being shut off. I enjoy these games and they help to deal with horrible back pain. We have pain support groups in these games. These games add joy to our lives, helping to distract us from our illnesses. Also most of us have invested money in these games and by shutting them down after we spent a lot of our money and time on these games is like spitting in our faces. You should be ashamed of your self for ripping off all the loyal players of these games. I am totally disgusted with you. Take away such wonderful games. My father and I play spp ranch and we enjoy helping each other out and have made wonderful friends while playing. Shutting these games down would be extremely rude, ignorant and disrespectful.

  • SPP4Ever

    Such a sad day for all of us loyal pet owners over the past 3 years…although Max has left and this led the way for Google to ax SPP he still has the ability to save it if he wants…there is still time to see if he not only turns his back on SPP but all of us as well…this decision could make him a hero or hated by all SPPers…if the choice is to turn his back on all of this then it is with all of my hope that bad karma follows him and shadows any future project he may try.

  • Dacholiday Dach

    I can’t believe the lies Google has fed us.
    We SPP players were assured that Superpoke pets was not going anywhere. That is obviously a lie. They even continued to allow us to buy gold items with real money, and now they tell us we can’t use these virtual items we paid real money for.
    Yes I guess it’s stupid for us adults to get so attached to these little make believe animals, but so many players used Superpoke pets because the game was more than a game. It was a community. A world of its own. In the hard times people have been having over the last several years, people could go and take care of their little “pets” And unlike most online games we could do so at our leisure. We weren’t on a time schedule. We dressesd them and fed them and played with them, as well as our friends pets.
    Parents could allow the little ones to play knowing there was no violence. And no learning curve. Disabled people who were bedridden with limited mobility and movement could play, as the game didnt require quick movement or good reflexes.
    Does Google want to go and tell a four year old little girl why her pet kitty is going to starve to death because she can’t get to it to feed it? I dare them to do so.
    I used to think Google was an upstanding company, that they actually gave 2 cents about people who use their platforms, but I see that is not the case. Like every other company they are nothing but a huge uncaring corporation.
    Google has failed, they get an F from me.

  • Amy Hensley

    I will be disabling all google products from my computer.. This is beyond cruel what they have done to the SPP Community.. Shame on you, hope you sleep well at night!!!

  • Bugster

    So it’s supposed to make us all feel better that Google took our money and then decided to shut the game down?Are we supposed to feel all warm and fuzzy that Max Levchin made out like a fat rat when he bailed out? I understand it’s a virtual game but when real people spend real money then it leaves a lot of folks pretty upset to find out it’s being shut down! The Slide/SPP forum made sure to dupe the players into a “last minute gold rush” by telling us we wouldn’t be able to buy gold items after a specific date and to be sure to upgrade to the VIP status to ensure our little pets would have full mobility,etc. before the close-out of gold buying.This game has a huge following and if the ability to buy gold items hadn’t been discontinued I’m sure it would’ve remained a profitable game for Google.Anyone who has tried the beta version of Google+ has seen it will never replace Facebook and is doomed from the start.Google should either reconsider closing the game or be very ashamed of the shabby treatment they have shown to us,the players of SPP.

  • Char & Kermi

    It is a very sad day. I am upset we were told that our pets would not be going anywhere, buy what is left of their gold ( which required real money ) because they were not making any more . ” Lets get back to the fundamentals with play-dates & trading ” & then 2 months later we are told to take pictures of our Pets because they will be deleted. It is not just a game, We all love our PETS & our friends. GOOGLE How hard would it be to leave this game up & running? Many would be will to pay a monthly or even a yearly fee. Google has gotten so big that they really do not care about the little people.

  • Insightful

    If I where Zynga, right now I’d be buying up Spp fast.
    As for goggle Ha even my fish ville app is played in yahoo pulse.
    Now off to kill my youtube account.

  • cathy

    Google….do you really think ur games are better than superpoke pets…..those are little kiddie games….we have made friends through our game and it is so unfair to take it away from us

  • Tasha & Jackson

    I am so sad and angry about this. Please Don’t Shut Down SPP!!!!!Please Please! We love this game and it’s more than a game it’s a life saver for so many, me included. It makes me smile everyday and in 6 months my friend will be murdered :( Come on Google, I thought you were better than this…..

  • http://SuperPokePets! Suzanne & Ginger

    Please don’t shut down SuperPoke Pets! I LOVE this game!
    I’ve been playing it for two years now and have made some great friends!
    I look forward to playing w/my pet and decorating her habitat!!
    It’s a wonderful stress reliever from my hectic day!
    Please “SAVE” us!
    Please someone fight for us!

    • Monica Wright

      Contact Freed & Weiss LLC to Learn More Information
      We invite you to contact us about any instance of fraud or deceptive consumer practice. Take the next step and let us provide a voice for you and others who have suffered the same injustices. Call us from anywhere in the country, toll free, at 866-779-9610 and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your claim.

      Credit Fraud Attorneys Protecting Consumers from Fraud and Deceptive Trade Practices
      When customers are treated unfairly or are deceived by a company, whether through false advertising, misleading sales techniques, false billing or other tactics, consumer fraud has occurred. It can happen in a variety of industries, but all victims of consumer fraud have the right to pursue any damages that occurred as a result of the fraud. Class action litigation allows consumers who have been deceived or defrauded by a company to take action against those responsible.

  • Monica Wright

    There will more than likely be a class action lawsuit filed due to the fraudulent activities practiced by Google/Slide. Please call the lawfirm:
    Contact Freed & Weiss LLC to Learn More Information
    We invite you to contact us about any instance of fraud or deceptive consumer practice. Take the next step and let us provide a voice for you and others who have suffered the same injustices. Call us from anywhere in the country, toll free, at 866-779-9610 and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your claim.

    Credit Fraud Attorneys Protecting Consumers from Fraud and Deceptive Trade Practices
    When customers are treated unfairly or are deceived by a company, whether through false advertising, misleading sales techniques, false billing or other tactics, consumer fraud has occurred. It can happen in a variety of industries, but all victims of consumer fraud have the right to pursue any damages that occurred as a result of the fraud. Class action litigation allows consumers who have been deceived or defrauded by a company to take action against those responsible.

  • Lauren Johnson

    I have been a loyal player of SPP for 3 years and spent a lot of money on this game thinking I would be able to use my items for many years. I am so upset that they lied to us and said SPP is not shutting down when they obviously knew it was!!!!

    I have already uninstalled my google toolbar from my computer and I do not use google as a search engine anymore. I will never spend any money on google products again ever after what they have done to the SPP community and the deceitful way they have handled this whole thing.

    This is also so sad to me because I think SPP is a wonderful source of beautiful artwork and I am very sad that all the art they have created will be lost:(

  • Sandie French

    I agree with Bonnie. I spend most of my life in bed and SPP has brought many friends from all over the world into my bedroom and life.I two brought gold I could not really afford but love it. I am going to miss mt pets as I have 5 of them I will never trust GOOGLE again or play there other games. SHAME ON YOU GOOGLE THERE ARE A LOT OF SICK PEOPLE AND CHILDREN PLAYING SPP AND YOU ARE GOING TO LET EVERY THING DIE WHEN SPP FINISHES I WILL NEVER USE GOOGLE AGAIN SHAME SHAME SHANE ON YOU

  • melody wells

    I have met a lot of people with different disabilities who use SPP as their link to the outside world.They have become emotionally attached to their pets and they don’t understand why all of a sudden someone would take them away.Hasn’t the government done enough to our most vulnerable citizens without Google jumping on the band wagon as well.And yes I do work with the physically and mentally challenged. They deserve a life just as any other citizen.

  • Annette Samford

    SPP has been my rock and a place I could go to take my worries off serious real life issues. There was always someone online to talk to, always something to do, always a way to make me smile. What Google has done is plain out wrong! This game has MANY active users and would have more if the new content continued to be released and gold purchasing were to be returned. I love SPP, I love my pet, and I am not going down without a fight! I will not support ANY Google product if they go through with this. They are not the only browser, web search, or toolbar out there. This is a shame and they should hang their heads for what they have done.

  • Diane Mitchell

    I WILL NEVER play another game or support anything GOOGLE ever again. They are liars and take advantage of people who are just trying to enjoy their pets and friends. It a SOCIAL game. I have been in it for 3 years and it is a part of my daily life. I will never let google break my heart again!

  • Mystic Kitty

    Google has no right to do what they are they pushed gold on people until the last day, even placing it on sale. They said they would restock the store with things for months to come and we would enjoy the site for years, they made a 4 and 5 year candle knowing what they where going to do. Now we are going to lose our family, our community our pets. So many people have spent there hard earned money on this app now to be told take a snap shot? Google is lying to us all they are monsters and cruel to kill animals is heartless to not care is worse. Google took slide, destroyed it and then left end of story now we have 6 months but they LIE, most articles I have read say Google is crazy why do this pay all this money and let it go?

    Worst of all is all the people who have spent so much money to know now they might as well have thrown it away or burned it. Even today they allow there retail store and it is there’s to sell gold to a site they say is over. It can’t be legal what they are doing but we are just suppose to let everything go?

    I might not be an adult yet but I was taught right from wrong this community is more then pets it is people that love each other, there friends the bonds. Now they tell us go to Facebook to keep those friendships alive and oh take snap shots while you can are they crazy!

    I love my pet and the people how can this be fair or right? Why don’t we have a voice a say anything why should we buy there lies? Google you are liars and I will never trust you again and I hope that someone sues you because what you are doing is wrong.

    Let me put it this way, how would you like someone to come to your home and say’ You know your house is in the way, you have 6 months then where dozing it, sure you love it, sure you put thousands into it, but still it’s going.” Would you say” Gee that is a shame I really like my house, 6 months you say well thank you that give me enough time to take a snap shot!

    Don’t kill our pets!

    Be honest, don’t take out community because of GREED we are real, we care and WE are not going away, I hope every news program picks this up CNN already has it and so does ABC Google sooner or later the jig will be up!

  • Linda















  • sunbean72

    I’m utterly devastated that the game is being shut down. It’s not right… like a bully taking our ball and popping it. Why? The players were willing to pay monthly fees in addition to paying $1-$50 PER ITEM and now they’re just going to shut it down. Why not sell the servers or allow the players to fund it? Or try it on google+? Because they have no regard for their customers, only how quick they can make a buck.

  • Mel T.

    To sad for words… I love SPP! It is part of my life, sad but true! I put so much time, $$ and all my love into this game. Playing for over a year daily. I know people who dont play SPP cant understand how I feel. Its like a good friend is sentenced to death! 6 pets are mine and I love everyone of them. PLEASE DONT KILL MY BABYS!!! =(

  • Cindy

    I think this is terrible what they have done to ALL of us . I have a 3 1/2 yr old grandson who loves SPP . He has learned so many things things on it . He loves spinning the wheel ( he hollers big money ) so cute .But this is all ending now thanks to Google , this is not fair at all . I have spent $ on this game & now losing it all . We were promised that they would not be shutting SPP down & now 2 mos later they inform us that they are . So wrong in every way .

    • Selina Phanara

      Indeed Scumbagerry has occurred once again and I will be left with nothing but a $2,000 memory of what was.

  • Shilo

    I am in shock! A social game so loved and brought happiness to so many people and it is going to disappear in 6 months! That’s what is wrong with this country! Big Business for themselves for the profit! Let SPP stay! What harm is in it to let it stay online? Shame on you all for not caring! Please Google, reconsider your decision. You are affecting so many! I will never forget what you did it you decide to end SPP.

  • WendyJ

    As long time players of this game, SPP’ers are an incredibly loyal group of people. We have put up with the nonsense of being told to clear our cache and cookies as a cure for all problems that arose, so-called customer support that was anything but, payment issues that cleared out some peoples bank accounts due to a SPP error, and numerous other glitches, and now Google is slapping us all in the face like this?
    Most businesses would do almost anything to have such loyal customers.

  • Selina Phanara

    My Mother has cancer and can’t breathe very well, she also lives about 3,000 miles, this has been her only social connection.
    I really hate google, you have torn my heart.

  • Don

    I have played SuperPoke Pets for 3 years and am sorely disappointed in Google’s decision to shut down this application. There are thousands of unhappy users of this App that are about to have their pets murdered and lose access to hundreds of friends we have made and become accustomed to communicating with. If Google goes through with this I am prepared to remove any Google products on my PC and to never support or buy a Google-owned or invested in product again. This goes for my YouTube account and any Zynga, Rovio, or any other products I hear that Google may have any involvement in. SuperPoke Pet players are not going to go quietly on this. Shame on you Google..!!!

  • Linda blansett

    Spp is the only game I play. I’ve played it for at least 2 years. People have spent real $ for animated items that are of no use anywhere else. Google has built it’s company on the backs of many who have supported it. I will not be using google anything in the future. :(

  • Tara Clark

    It is very disappointing that you lied to us. We are hurt and really when you shut down all ways to get money from us what did expect would happen?? I just can’t understand why you keep lying to us over and over again?? You said the site wouldn’t be shut down for a few years to come. Then you say it will be shut down in 6 months…but it sounds like even that long is doubtful. GOOGLE IS A LIAR!

  • Diane

    I cant believe Google would do this to SPP a game I have been playing almost from the day it started . I have spent thousands of dollars buying Gold items and now they just want to shut down the game and we lose everything ! I am so mad right now I dont want to say what I am feeling! We will not just give up WE WANT SPP TO STAY DONT TAKE IT AWAY FROM US!

  • D Tater Scott

    My daughter, grandson and I have 15 pets between us. We have been LOYAL players on SuperPokePets for 2 years and now we are to lose our beloved pets. What about Google being LOYAL to us? I will never support anything Google is a part of.

    I will not trust any online game anymore either or spend real money on NOT REAL items.

  • Tina

    of course slide is not bringing in the money now but i bet you it ws when you guys were charging us For gold!!! YOU people purposely shut down the gold part so that spp wouldn’t make money so you have a reason to get rid of it this is a crock if you ask me! Shove it google!

  • Powerpets

    For those of you who will be leaving SPP, you are all invited to come join Powerpets. We’ve been around for over 9 years now and aren’t about to vanish or sell out! See you there.

  • Erna Andriessen

    Google really sucks. SPP is a great way to get friends from all over the world and take care of a much beloved pet. Now you are taking it away from us. Don’t we get a say in all of this???

  • Lisa

    What Google is doing is fraud! They allowed us to continue thinking spp wasn’t going anywhere. They pushed us to buy gold and to buy a LIFETIME VIP at the VERY end when they said they were going to allow the game to run on its own! They even went so far as to put out 4 and 5 year birthday badges out. A five year badge mean that it would at LEAST be up and running for 2 more years. After their announcemnt in June, we all knew something was going down. And when we asked if they were shutting us down they said NO and got angry with many of us, me included, and told to STOP SPREADING RUMORS. We were told to enjoy the game its going NO WHERE! Here we are 2 months later and we get the announcement they are closing us down.

    I read in the Tech papers that they say this game was DEAD??? ONLY because GOOGLE KILLED IT! What do you think will happen when you stop selling items for us to buy!!!

    Give us at LEAST our 2 years!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is disgusting. Especially those of us who spent hundreds and some even THOUSANDS a year on this game.

  • http://SuperPokePets Susan & Eragon

    Many people as you know simply rely on SPP as their greatest past time in gaming and keeping in touch as well as making new friends. I have played as much as time would allow me which is almost every day, sometimes all day long for hours on end, The point is, this little app may not be very profitable to you, but WE have spent thousands of dollars. Money that we can not recover… You bought the company, knowing its sales potential, but took away the option to sell us items. So we were to play the game with what items we had in our inventory and to trade among ourselves. So we have accepted that. But now…. you are closing the app down? WE as a whole community ask for you to reconsider.. What other option is there? You want to donate the app and allow us to find a new server for it? There seems there should be a way to allow us to keep it. Work with us. Please? If it isn’t worth you keeping and you are dumping it, why not give it to those that have supported it.. Coin items are really not so much of an issue since the coins were given as you played the game. But many many people bought every single gold item and some in multiples. Google may be able to afford to throw money away, but most of us cant. Many people with health related issues that can not go out of their homes for entertainment used their extra finances for gold items as a way of entertainment. Google has to have a heart, Consider an alternative… Sincerely, SPP Addicts

  • Kidzone

    I really thinks its HORRIBLE that google is shutting down SPP,why were we lied to so many times,and the hundereds of dollars spent in buyn gold,my children and i play daily and luv are pet so much, it may be a virtual pet but its still are pet,we have met so many wonderful,kind,caring ppl on SPP,and are hearts are breaking because of google,we play SPP as a family and its also therapy for us,we have disabilites and it has helped us ALOT,i have something to take my mind off the extreme pain i go through daily,and has taught my children alot, now whats being taught to them is them when you love something on the internet make sure its not with google cause they can come along whenever they want and destroy it, shame on google for this, and i think that because we were lied to that we should get some of are money back,thanks alot for the tears google

    • Kidzone

      P.S. would rather have are pet to luv daily then are money back google,PLEASE LEAVE SPP ALONE!

  • Michelle

    I agree with Bonnie!! I think its safe to say she speaks for most of the SPP community and the way we are all feeling! We were DUPED and LIED to by Google! A company that most thought was one that could be trusted and believed in. But obviously this is not the case! There is no reason for Google to shut down this game! They have enough money and resources already. There is no need to shut down a game that is doing them no harm…and if they shut it down it will do them more harm than good! I hope they see this now…People are not going to go down without a fight! And Google if you are reading this, if you had just been honest with everyone from the beginning none of us would be so angry!! Sure we may be hurt that the game is coming to an end but its the LIES that you told…thats where the true error of your ways is! You can’t expect to lie to the people and then think they will be ok with you or want to follow or use anything that has to do with your company after that!! People don’t follow companies that Lie and cheat knowingly!! Shame on you!! And now that you have shown your true colors people see you for who you are! Bad publicity equals BAD business!! And you will be losing mine! Terrible business ettiquette…terrible company! >:o(

  • Ann Haines

    Google’s high-handed actions made me think of another person in the news at the moment: there is a certain Colonel Gaddaffi who thought he owned Libya, that he could do whatever he liked and his people would allow it because they loved him. When they stopped loving him, he tried to trash the country. His people fought back and they won – at a price they were willing to pay. Google; learn a lesson – you may be big, you may be a Goliath of the internet – you may well find that there are a lot of Davids playing SPP!!!

  • l

    seriously why are the dropping … SPP … this site is used my MILLIONS of users daily … they dropped the purchasing option first so we knew we might be in trouble … but we were PROMISED it was not a view to closing the application!AND now we were told 6 months and it will be closed after being told time and again the site will remain open. What a line of garbage … someone out there has to be interested in the best social network game out there .. PLEASE BUY SPP from google and SAVE our awesome game! I have met people from all over the world due to this cool quirky game. Please do not take it away …

  • T

    I have been playing this game for a while and met people from all over the world I would not have met. Please do not take this game from me I will miss all of the super cool people and the amazing habitats … really can someone please buy SPP and keep it alive for all of the VERY loyal members who just want to keep their pets? Or maybe a downloadable version at the very least so we can keep our pets. HOLY COW. Someone out there as to be able to make a difference in millions of peoples lives for the better … seems like a win, win deal to me … sigh … please save my friends and my game I will miss them so much. Tony

  • Roni Campbell

    I am 62 years old and disabled. SPP is my only entertainment and I spent real money thinking they would be around for a long time. In fact was told by them they would be. I have no real pets because they aren’t allowed here so my pet dragon, J>J> means a lot to me even if he isn’t real. I trusted Google when they told us the lies to get us to buy up the excess gold and the VIP memberships. They knew all alone they were closing our App but had to wring the last dime out of us that couldn’t afford it but loved the game. We have a few news channels and an attorney looking into this so Google, Hang on because it is going to be a bumpy ride!

    • Pat

      Hi Roni,
      Well said !…GOOGLE….I hope you are listening to this and everything and Everyone Else !…WE will not let this go away without a fight !…Some of you (Executives)…Must have Wive’s..So i am sure you know who you are dealing with….We are a Family here on SPP….How dare you take that away….What the HE>> is it hurting..YOU…I think not !….You have lied and stolen not only our Friends, but our Money as well…..How Greedy can you be !..
      Shame on you !..I know i am only one of many voices that you will hear from….I don’t think it’s going to be very pretty for you at all !…You have already lost any respect we may have had for you…You will loose a lot more then that….Maybe when it starts to dig into your Pocket you will understand….
      This is just a Sad situation..:(((

  • Xanthe Bloomwood

    My G-mail is gone, Chrome broswer is gone, No way am I signing up for Goggle+ or anything else Google related. This isn’t about money to me this is about destroying a community that so many people dearly love. I’ve played SPP almost daily since 2008 and I feel so betrayed by the makers.

  • speck

    how is this company allowed to take very real $$$ money and replace it with a virtual image and then close it off from something that was paid for . isnt that fraud. i lost a lot of money to this spp, superpoke account , without the product. , if they close this site down. what happened to our money for the game?????im so bummed @ losing my virtual family.

  • Hoover

    Google sucks! How can they shut down SPP after so many have devoted time and money into it?


    If you want ideas for saving SPP or have ideas to post, join! Tell your friends!

  • jennifer

    I just paíd $20.87 for an íPad 2.64GB and my boyfriend loves his Panasoníc Lumíx GF 1 Cámera that we got for $38.79 there arriving tomorrow by UP S.I will never pay such expensive retail príces in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LCD T V to my boss for $657 which only cost me $62.81 to buy.
    Here is the website we use to get it all from :

  • Kay

    I am a 50 year old disabled woman that has played this game for over a year now. This is the only game I play I suffer from severe depression on top of several physical problems. I live in pain 7 days a week 24 hours a day and had major problems dealing with it all until I found this game. I have made some really good friends on superpoke pets no they are more like family. I know a lot of people will not understand why we are fighting so hard to keep our game going and some people will judge us unfairly. These pets are our babies they are a part of us I have named my pets after family I have lost because to me that’s a way for me to hold on to them and deal. Without superpoke pets I truly don’t know what kind of life I would have I depend on my pets I love them I talk to them and I know you don’t understand that either. Please don’t make me give up my babies they are what keeps me going I don’t take medication’s my med’s are my pets. Google lied to us said they would not shut the game down just to get more money from us they are wrong but don’t want to admit it. So many people spent a lot of money on this game a lot of them couldn’t afford it but done it for the love of the game to show their support for the game and look where it got them. Google do the right thing step up and take responsibility for all the lie’s and keep our game going.

  • Joy Goff

    I am disabled. I have spinal stenosis and chronic pain syndrome as well as the usual parasite conditions. I have little control of hands n fingers. I scream w/ pain daily. I cant leave the bed today. but let me tell u this… I will NOT give up my spp just cause they want me to! I will NOT start playin another game to pacify me! I will NOT slowly accept the idea and make the most of the time they so graciously gave us! as bad as my body is n pain I feel u better know I am MEAN when I am MAD and google made me mad! its time google was the one to roll-over! this not only concerns spp players but should concern ANYONE who purchases virtual items from the web- those who purchase ebooks and songs. if google goes unchecked they can and will continue on as they currently are: buying out what competes with them, transferring the employees and crushing the site, regardless of the interest or outcry. the ftc stepped in years ago and stopped ma bell. WHY is NO ONE stopping google? wake-up people. the own, partner or power practically everything online. I mean, did someone invite rod serling into the web-zone and I didn’t get the email? oh- that’s right.
    I use google :-/

  • Robin

    As a clinical social worker and a player of SPP, I can tell you that many of the people who play are home bound. SPP is the only social outlet many of these folks have. Closing it down will be detrimental to their health and welfare. For those of us who are not home bound, but who play daily, it provides a much needed source of relaxation and stress relief. The game, silly as it might be, has come to mean a lot to many of us, and has become a big part of our lives. Months ago Google made it clear they no longer wanted to invest in this game. They stopped making new items and they dismantled many of the tools we used to play (the friends tab). Nevertheless, most of us continued to play…we adapted. Google assured us they would continue to support the game, even if it was minimally. They encouraged us to spend more money. THEY HAD TO KNOW!! They knew they planned to dismantle the game and it was horrible of them to mislead the players like that. Are we DUMB? No…we are HOPEFUL. We love this game and prefer to believe that Google will keep it going. It’s hard for us to believe that they will shut down a game that means so much to so many.

  • Cheryl Nixon

    I have played this game since early 2008!I’m a long time player invested lots of my time and money to this game.When Google took the game over they told us they had no plans of shutting the game down,but they were going to get rid of some of the features like the gold in the shop and the VIP but they would let us buy some at the last minute (mind you that was only 1 month ago)! Now a month has passed and they are going to shut down in 6 months.I find this to be very wrong they just wanted to get the last bit of money out of us before they shut everything down…..It’s basically like they are telling us SCREW YOU WE ONLY WANTED YOUR MONEY!!!!! I’M SO DONE WITH GOOGLE AND ALL GOOGLE PRODUCTS!!!

  • Debra Powers

    Is there anything we can do/say/go to to try to save our SPP pets ? We are all heartsick over this and many of us have spent a lot of dollars to buy items for this game only to now have the ripped away from us.

  • Kristin

    Google really tarnished there name buy shutting down SPP after saying they we changing it so that it would be a stnad alone web site we could still use for play. I feel bad for the people at Slide who were always very good to the players of their SPP, I think they go shafted by Google.

    I love the game and the people – and as you can see by all the posts here it was POPULAR and people did acutally PAY money to play it over the years.

    Say hello to my new online search I give up on Google!

  • Amber Huff

    Hi, I’m a loyal SPP player, and am also mentally, and physically disabled. Before I started playing SPP I was sleeping my life away, and had many thoughts that th world would be better off if I weren’t in it, but after I started playing SPP, and started meeting new people in which many were in the same situation as I am, and I found that just having friends to talk to, and help support them through there hard times, and them doing the same for me I started feeling life had a meaning again. even when I’d be down, and not in the talking mood I still had my pet to play with, and decorate her habitats to just keep my mind off my feelings I was dealing with that day. Also I was a smoker, but I quit due to being ill for an entire month, but my husband is still a smoker, so I made a deal with him that since he smoked, and I didn’t then I should be able to have an allowance to buy gold items from Slide, cause I felt I was doing my part in keeping SPP going, so now I’ve got lots of money invested in the game as well. Anyway I’m in great fear that if Google continues with there plan to retire SPP I’m going to go back to my old ways, and I don’t want that to happen. I’ve also been writing to the feedback e-mail address that was provided for our feedback to slide about this decision, and I’ve not heard back. My question to them is very simple, if they must close down the game, then why can’t they at least give us a downloadable version of our pets, and items, so we can continue to enjoy decorating our pets, even though I’d rather them keep it up, and running, I still think we have the right to keep our pets, and items we payed so very much for. I thank you for providing this comment thread. GOOGLE PLEASE DON’T TAKE SPP FROM US!!!!

  • cheri cunningham

    my name is Cheri Cunningham. I am disabled I also have a 23 year old son who is also disabled……This is my story of spp.
    do to our disabilities we are very limited. We visit my daughter,we go to the store and to the doctors. .that had been our lives for many years. Then my daughter introduced me to facebook and to spp. our lives have changed dramatically. For the past 21/2 years my life has taken such a turn for the better….Spp has given me a reason to get out of bed on days that I wouldn’t have gotten out of it.
    I run a 40 person online spp club. We have people from Singapore to Brazil and everywhere in between….We have daily games, exchange recipes and keep each other laughing . I have made so many friends there….475 people that I play with daily..
    When my real life friends don’t have time for me due to their own lives. my online friends are always there for me. Listening, advising, building me up and loving me. when I’ve been too sick to play, I can always count on a call from someone to see how i am.
    This game is like no other, there is no timing…it is to decorate and play with your friends. My son who has tramatic brain injury loves to play also….
    I will be lost if we lose spp…I am afraid that my life will go back to the prison my body has made it.

  • Kit

    i have been a 3 year SPP user and found it to be one of the most enjoyable games out there. its family wholesome fun, lets us meet people all over the world, and more. this game kept me happy when my last living gramps died. this game helped a friend during her pregnancy. we were with her for months as she tried for a child not getting anything until finally she was pregnant. we were there for her from the moment she found out to the time she had her little girl. we called her the newest addition to the SPP community but with Google stupidly taking this away from us that little girl will never be able to play it.
    GOOGLE NEEDS TO FIND A WAY TO KEEP SPP AROUND!!! we faithful SPPers are more then willing to send a few $ if it means keeping it around for many years to come.

  • Cheril Kowbel

    I enjoy SPP and all the things that we can do on there, trading, buying, decorating habi’s. There certainly isn’t another site like this one. I started playing it on FB til a friend said check out their site. I was instantly more interested in the game, I found you could ‘chat’ with other players in the forum, there was all kinds of topics on how to play, level up, make more coins, on recycling, games within the game, contests and clubs and here’s where I found alot of friendships, all that game stuff aside–I’ve made some incredible friends here. I know I can connect with them through FB, but that’s not my point-my point is the community that Google is killing. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the most generous, thoughtful people/players around. So for the SPP player it’s Not just a game, it’s a community and now Google wants to ruin that for Us.

    I’m saddened by google and the fact that they ignored our petitions to keep us. Anyways, we wanted to let you know that this is a community of people that care about each other, we do all things necessary with our pets, we bought ‘gold’ items to keep us going…we have always played, this is why we are here now…we are being shutdown by Google in response to us standing up for ourselves…or is it because we’re just a tiny faction in googles overall standpoint–we don’t generate enough revenue. SPP IS a revenue generating site…google in their attempt to plow everything over that isn’t on a google platform–sees spp as just in the way. Why aren’t they putting it on the google site? and leave us with our Admins—that way everyone would be happy. I had thought that this is what it was going to do..move it over to google+ and I’d happily follow so I could do my spp thing lol

    What a shame. Please don’t kill a community of people that genuinely love and care about the game and each other. As with any community there will always be some sort of conflict, issue. But spp as a whole works well, at the end of the day–it’s about our relationships with our clubs, our friends and our interaction and our pets :) Why take away SPP…

  • http://superpokepets mike (oz scot)gatrell

    this is my spp story;ive been playing spp for 3 years,i joined one day,my wife is disabled & lives for the game! we have met many people with interests,lives, who play the game.we love the fun of decorating, seeing other worlds,we have invested hundreds of dollars in the shop,the game itself,we were also told it would be around forever! this is the only thing,some people live for(my wife included) this is all she does..she is depressed,& this (game) is the only thing that helps her!google cant just take our money!!,& think it is justified by mere pictures!!! that is not the appeal of the spp.&since i am unemployed i love it too!!it helps to forget your problems!!google is wrong!!! youll destroy lives!!world wide!!!

  • Sara Wise

    I love my SPP pet. Kuddle Bear has been in my family for three plus years and I love her as much as I love my real pets. I can’t believe they are getting rid of OUR pets. They are parts of our family’s and deserve to stay. I don’t want to loose my family member because someone doesn’t want to keep up. Please save SPP!!!

  • Sheri Lattimer

    I’ve got to add my comment to the others concerning the Slide/Google shut-down. Somewhere between this past February, quite possibly the MOST POPULAR game SuperPoke! Pets (a Slide-baby)has gone from “No more new releases after July, but the game isn’t going anywhere” to “6 months to the demise of SPP (as those of us who play call it.)”. This is AFTER Google dropped $200 MILLION on Slide last year?! WTF??
    First of all, the fact that all we’re doing now is occupying a little space on a server somewhere & maybe using up some electricity makes it ridiculous that Google would even do this. Second, IF they took SPP back to new releases, including the “gold” items & habitats that used to be released every week, they’d realize SPP would put a bit more of those $$ in their bank accounts. We don’t need admins “running the show”. Our moderators & ambassadors (volunteers from the SPP Community)can do their jobs on the forum quite well. So many SPP-ers are shut-ins and this is their only contact with the outside world and their only way to make friends & keep in touch with them. There are also those that don’t do well in normal social settings and SPP gives them the freedom to be part of a social circle and not have to worry about anything else. I’ve played since October of 2008 ON A FIXED INCOME and quite honestly, I’ve spent quite a bit of money on this game. ALL of us SPP-ers love this game & are VERY attached to our pixelated pets and to each other. I think I can speak for ALL SPP-ers and say, if Google takes SPP away from us, they’re taking away FAMILY.

  • Deborah

    I am a *HOSPICE NURSE*.
    Super Poke Pet has been my wonderful place for simply unwinding after mentally stressful days.
    I care for people who are dying. I see death often. How nice it has been to be able to have a *simple* outlet where I can just enjoy playing with pretend pets, and decorating the little pet’s living areas.

    For over 2 years Super Poke Pet has been my mental release, a place that I can leave the *REAL* world behind.

    Now let’s talk about the purchased items that the majority of SPP players have invested *REAL* money into. We are not talking a few dollars here and there… we are talking hundred of thousands of dollars. And when SPP closes its site down all those animated money items will be gone as well.

    SPP players purchased these items to either go into their pets habitat, or they purchased costly animated habitats for their pet.

    The players were assured that Super Poke Pet would not be *going away*, thus encouraging their customers to continue purchasing these $ “money” items.

    Google or Slide, or whomever needs to address this issue with their customers, as they were lead to believe that the players would continue to have access to their purchased items.

    I am of the STRONG opinion that Google/ Slide CLEARLY mislead their customers, and because of this should be required to refund all money for items for this game.


  • http://SPPPets Veronica Tucker

    I took in my pet Buster over a year ago and have played with him daily. I have alot of stress at work so when I come home this is how I relax. I think it is wrong what they are doing as back in June when they stopped selling new items and not letting us by any gold items (which I know I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars buying items for my pet)and they told us “no, we are not going anywhere, the site can run by itself now”. That was tuff but now here we are two months later and they are pulling the plug on us. We all do love this game and our pets are part of our family. I know I am not the only person who feels this way and I am very upset that they are just going to take away everything and it will be lost. Please help us keep this game going. Not only for me but for all of us.

  • Pam Jones

    This is a game for young and old, simple fun. With a ton of creativity and I am just stunned that an employee leaving would shut down such a popular game. Wow

  • LongtimeSPPLuver♥

    GOOGLE WTF!!!!! O_O I’m sorry,but I can’t even begin to tell u how angry and disappointed I am with Google on the devastating news that they will be ending SuperPokePets in six months.Why?!!! A game so loved by so many of all ages and walks of life,how could u even consider taking this away from us,how could U?!!! I am truly depressed at the moment….I am a 45 year old mother of two,and I have been an avid SPP player since 2009.I first discovered SPP,when a dear friend of mine,knowing I suffer from severe bouts with depression,recommended that I sign up for an account.Yeah,ok,I have to admit,at first I thought it was silly,and just flat out stupid,having an online virtual pet n’all,I mean,I had enough responsibility with my own “real” pets,Lol But once I signed in,and adopted my pet Kitty,gave her a name,*call me crazy* but it seemed that we had an instant bond,as I did with my own children.And like a “real” Mother would,I actually felt this overwhelming motherly instinct to look after my baby,she was mine now….Well,needless to say,as weeks went by,I got more and more into it,and started playing and decorating,it wasn’t long before I just fell in love with it!!! At SPP,I get to not only take care of my pet and decorate my habitat,but I get to both give and receive gifts,which I love!!! Play with other friends’ pets,shop for cool items in the PetShop,every week,*when they had new items*,have my very own virtual garden,or TWO if I so choose; where in it,I could grow all kinds of cool stuff like: building blocks,letters,numbers,symbols,puppies,beach balls,etc.!! I use to look forward to all the cool Quests every month or so,spin the wheel for prizes!!! But best of all,I got to meet some of the most awesomest peeps of all ages and from all walks of life and form long lasting friendships,all while having fun.Lastly,I have formed friendship bonds that I hope to have for life,and for that,I am beyond grateful.But sadly,the fun is all but gone now:( The Petshop I once loved,is a mere Ghost Town,and all that’s missing is the dust and tumbleweed…:( I could go on and on,but U get my point here.I know this was terribly long-winded and to some,it maybe even be considered an overshare,but well, u can see how passionate I am about this game…Please Google,have a heart,please don’t take away SPP.Please reconsider…

    P.S.And yes.In case anyone was wondering…I am of perfectly sound mind =)

    Thank U~T.G.,Los Angeles,CA.

  • Irene

    We won’t Leave without a FIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Destiny Swan

    i dont know about you all but my reasoning for playing spp is simple it gives me a chance to honestly get to know new people unlike a social network like facebook provides. i played spp for almost 2 years without joining a club! i figured i had alot of friends so i never was interested then one day a friend i played with on a regular suggested i join a group called SPP NUTJOBS!!!!! the best club ever. they made me feel like i was part of a family. we care for each other! we look out for each other and we support each other! we pray and we play together!! there are a few members of our group that are quite ill and this game has giving us the opportunity to get closer then a regular social site its unlike any other game i have played you can not interact like you do in this game. the most remembered thing about this whole spp game is the love and support i received while a number of my close relatives passed, like when my nephew shot and killed his self my group SPP NUTJOBS was there to make me feel better, when i lost my 1st grandfather they where there. they where there when i lost my second and last grandfather not only did they pass so did my grandmother and a beloved pet passed during this time and i was able to deal with all this death and sadness because i found a simple game called SPP!!!! CHANGED MY LIFE!!! i my self have been so sick that i almost passed away…spp gave me the ability to not go crazy during the long days and night of not being able to get out of bed due to being sick. spp gave me a canvas to express my feeling in a way no other game can to me. i can say this because i have played almost every game there is on social sites and no mater what i always returned to spp! because there is no game that can compare to the feeling you get when you play a great game with the best group of gamers there is! i have not ran into a mean spp player they all rock! and if they dont find a way to keep spp i want to say to all of you i had a great few years playing and watching spp grow! you all will be missed!

  • lala

    How can Google take the one game my disabled sister absolutely lives for! Shame on you Google! Give this game to Zynga or some other company that can handle it and keep the game on! How can they take our spp gold and run like this. This is an outrage!

  • denise and jespah

    why do you have to shut it down , its so much more than a game ,its helped create a community of people that are the best people ive ever found anywhere on line ! the very least you can do is to leave it as it is , already there are no new items or quests or seeds or anything anymore so whats to maintain ? please rethink this google youre making a huge mistake , its the only game of its kind and it is therapeutic and teaches decorating skills apparently ive taken to it and now theres an everything under the sun ville where you have to friend all these strangers just to advance in the games and have to beg repeatedly for players to send you what you need to rank up wow i know all of us adults just love begging strangers for virtual items NOT ! how do you get to know people like that , you know how people ignore panhandlers well…..thats what it feels like , personally i like to have control over the games i play and not have to wait and wait at others mercy .i could go on but i think ive made my point GOOGLE DONT DO THIS i just dont see a good enough reason to kill uor community ?

  • http://SuperPokePets Carol

    Shutting down SuperPoke Pets:

    Bottom line is they are turning away money…
    lots of money
    with very few changes there would be tons of money coming in…
    who refuses good, solid money?

  • Lue Cochran

    Superpoke pets is more than a game. It’s a community of people who enjoy each other and their pets. It’s a place to relax and let your imagination go wild.. A family friendly place to have some good fun,a community of people that care about each other.

  • Ewe Tube’s Mom

    I have been a SPP Pet owner for over 3 years during that time I have accumulated hundreds of friends from around the world, have shared birthdays, weddings, births, deaths, prayers, good times and bad times with them. The SPP players become like close net families there for one another. When you play, sad to say you become addicted to the app. because of caring for your pet but more than anything sharing what you do with great friends. We have all devoted great time, most staying up half of the night waiting for our weekly release of new shop items that we worked ours butts off for or spend our hard earned cash on. We were screwed over by Slide many times with promises and action that would never occur but we all stayed devoted to the game because of our love for our pets and our very dear friends. This app. is like a medicine, therapist, stress reliever to some, an artist palette to others and importantly how attached we become to our pets which end up being like the pet you can’t have or a child. I have played many apps. but dropped them all when I started playing SPP Pets. This is such an injustice to all of us players that Slide and Google could care less about millions of SPP players.

  • Cindy Howard

    I think it is really sad that you are deciding to close down a popular game. SPP is unique as it can be enjoyed by people of all ages and it is just and enjoyable game shared by so many people daily. I know I myself have over 3,000 friends. This game is an enjoyable escape when life gets hectic and difficult,(I’m caring for an aging father with dementia with no assistance)like no other. Google stated that we could move our photos and content to Picassa. That doesn’t work. Even though these are virtual items Slide had told us we would be able to use them indefinitely and encouraged us to spend hundreds and thousands on “gold” items that soon Google plans to just pull the plug on. Our feelings, our friendships, product loyalty and just because it would be the right thing to do should be considered and enough reason to save Super Poke Pets. Sincerely, Cindy Howard

  • Mel & Krungy

    please save our pets!!! my panda did not harm anybody!

  • http://SPP claire freeman

    Please save my pet and all my friends pets.

  • Kathyrn

    SPP is the only the game I have ever really enjoyed. Over the past the past two years it has become my way to relax. I have recruited my whole family to play. Including my 5 year old son. He loves his pet. I love that he uses his mind creatively while at play. I have spent a whole lot of money of this game. To me it’s no different than those who spend $65 or more on video games for their consoles only more rewarding. To think that all that money is going to be wasted makes me literally cry. My heart is already heavy and I am weary.

    I want to mention the wonderful friends that I have made through this social outlet unlike any other. Some are going to be lifetime friends. The kind you can count on for anything, anytime. While I realize that I will always have them I will lose a multitude more. People who brighten my day by stopping in having a “playdate” and leaving my pet a gift with a smiley face. Those who compliment my pet and applaud my artistic decorating. People whom I visit and do the same for. They have become a part of my life. Google doesn’t realize what a wonderful thing they are throwing away. Nor how many lives they are affecting negatively.

    I haven’t told my son that his pet and all things we have bought for him through the years are about to disappear. For one thing I haven’t the heart to listen hear him crying and how do I explain to him how it’s possible that his pet can just go away? Perhaps I can make up a story about an evil rich giant buying a bunch of toys. Discovering that he really didn’t like or even need those toys. Then throwing them away even though were perfectly good toys and moving on to buy more without ever thinking about them again. I think that would about sum it up.

    I think I’ll wait a bit before before I tell him. You see- I do believe in miracles. There is an answer out there. I just we can find it before it’s too late.

  • http://SuperPokePets Denise Carpenter

    Do not believe Google’s statements on Superpokepets. They would never have purchased it if it wasn’t bringing in a ton of money. There are over a million people playing. It is a fun way to make new friends and have some fun. Google paid over 200 million dollars for Slide. It doesn’t make sense for them to shut it down when Slide was making huge amounts of money. I have read about a class action law suit on one of the sites that has a petition going. Some people have thousands of dollars worth of gold items they have purchased over the last three years. If you had purchased gold when they closed down the weekly shopping, they would not give anyone a refund. Google made people spend it on gold items still in the shop. Now they are telling people they are shutting down slide. Google has handled this so poorly. It is also very sad to see everyone so upset about losing their pets when they should be enjoying them. Google has no idea how dedicated people are to this game. Shame on them!

  • Christine Darrington

    I think it is outrageous that Google have left 170 million Superpoke Pets members high and dry. Many have spent 1,000’s of dollars buying the virtual gold items. Without the Superpok Pets site the are no use as we will not be able to play with them. Superpoke Pets was the most family friendly game on the web.
    Worse we were misled by being assured the game would continue indefinitely, so carried on buying gold.

  • Reba

    I’m a SPP player who has invested hundreds and hundreds of dollars in this game and i am so upset. I was assured this site would not close , so I continued to play and purchase now we are left out in the cold. This should be illegal !!! Had I been told the site would be leaving I would not have spent my money. This game is very important to us , some of us are disabled or sick and we have made very good friends with this ite, we need it to stay. At the very least they need to return our money and rest assured if they shut us down I’ll never invest myself in any other games . Thank you

  • Xanthe Bloomwood

    Google you are messing with the wrong people…
    My G-mail = gone,
    Chrome broswer = gone,
    Goggle+ = gone
    Right now with SPP you have a pretty much self sustaining game you even have the most amazing group of Ambassadors/Moderators there who all have volunteered time everyday to help manage your community for you. Is it really that much of a cost to you to allow us some server space and a few people to sort out any technical issues and glitches that occur? Heck put old gold items back in the store and players will buy them, give us the $5 a month VIP charges back and we will pay it just like we did before.
    Why destroy a community that so many people dearly love?. Nowhere have I found a group of people with more passion for a game than I did at SPP and in my time I’ve been around uncountable online games.

  • Chrisyla Bobo

    Unlike other games, SPP Pets is more than a game. It’s online community where we can have fun w/ family & friends, is a place for all pets lover. Many of us use this as stress relieve games, many of us are going through some type of illness & this is a game where it can take our minds off of it. I can’t own any pets as I’m not allow. This game allow me to adopt a virtual pet. Although this is a virtual game, it’s the community that support & help each other go through many difficulties. I really enjoy this game. It would be a waste for it to go. 1. It’s not just the enjoyment w/ decorating but also having fun w/ all our friends, family, club members, & w/ other spp players. 2. This game is a money maker. Many love the products so much that they would invest money into it. I understand this game is full of glitches & isn’t compatible to google+ but that’s because we lost our founder of SPP. Google, I’m begging you to please consider giving us a chance. We don’t mind waiting patiently for you to work out a way to add it to your social network. Please show us you truly care by looking out for ANY solution. We’ll do our best to keep spp running. Thank you

  • Roni Campbell

    Do you know of another app that charged 50.00 for a picture and called it a masterpeice? I have 6 of them that it took almost 3 years to buy or trade for. I am beyond mad that they along with thousands of dollars in gold items are going to just go away.Then there is the fact they are breaking up our community. We argue, we fight but always, we are there for each other. A few weeks ago I was thrilled when I won player of the month for August. It was the first time this was given out and 4 of us from different groups won. They made a big deal out of us recommending players for the coming months. Then the bad news hits. I have no satisfaction from my win now. We are all players of the month and we will all stand together to fight Google and if we lose, Google, You haven’t heard the last of us. Everyone will know what you have done. Think about it long and hard.

  • Kim

    I am just heartsick that I am going to lose my pets all over again. I had to give up my real ones 2 years ago due to my disability and was unable to care for them. I have scoliosis (curvature of t spine) which keeps me house bound. I cannot have a real pet and this is the only comfort in my day. Since I cannot get out of the house I also have limited contact with the outside world so this is truly a god send for me. I feel safe here because people in Spp don’t ask for anything but friendship. I used to go to those other chat rooms and all they wanted was to talk about sex, ask me to get them a visa asking time and time again if I have a pic or cam when I already told them I don’t, etc. Slide may have created Spp but we built it. We put our time, effort, money, etc into it. No one would have known about it if it wasn’t for us. I think if Google can’t handle it then sell it to someone who can. They are more than capable of finding someone being in the field they are in. I am still waiting to hear from Big Fish Games to see if they know of anyone who would be interested in taking it off their bloody hands. We were told lie after lie and you better believe we are going to take it to court. I believe they knew this was going to come down but still they sucked in more people and stold more money from us. Google is going to lose big time because we are not a small group of people we are global. If need be we could sustain it all they have to do is ask. There are alot of creative smart people here that also have the money needed to run it. I can’t afford much as I’m on SSI but I would be up to paying a monthly fee. Pogo charges members only $19.95 a year to join for pete sake and look at all the games they have. We could easily do that and probably make it better but all Google wants to do is get a tax write off. They better hope it covers the cost of what they are gonna lose when our community, families and friends boycot their products. I don’t get into the stock market but I bet their stocks are plummeting as I am writing this. If you can do anything to help we sure would appreciate it. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Linda

    Isn’t it amazing how all of us pet lovers have come together trying to save our game? What some might not realize is somewhere along the way it became more than a game; it became a way to connect with others; build new and wonderful friendships. To some its all they have to connect. I will be playing until they stop us or someone hears our plea to save our Superpoke Pets.

  • Amy

    I was saddened and outraged to find out Google would be shutting SPP down in the near future after they had made us believe we would still be able to enjoy it for many years yet to come. I have been playing SPP for 2+ years now and my daughter has been playing for the last year. It’s more than just a cute little game for many including myself. It is a place not just have fun but a place to relax, relieve stress, express your creativity, share your stories, vent your frustration, and most of all it’s been a great place forge new friendships. My husband has been deployed twice since I started playing SPP and both times SPP and the great people I have met playing SPP have helped me through those times. I know they are just virtual pets and not real but I can’t help but feel like I mourning the death of so much more. There are so many personal stories I have read over the past few days of other SPPers that have brought tears to my eyes. How could they take something away that means so much to so many??

  • minnie linton


  • E Hahn

    I play superPoke pets. Slide may have notified people on their blog which had not been updated since google bought the company. But they didn’t notify the players of any of the games. We had to find out via the web newssites. We the players of SuperPokePets are not happy we love our game and we are going to keep making noise until someone listens to us. This game is a lifeline to people with spouses serving in the military overseas, people with health issues, people who lost a loved one or are taking care of a sick relative, people who are depressed and despondent, people who have lost their housing. We play internationally have met wonderful friends online and get to be creative and get out of the cold cruel world of reality for a little while. Google is just being short sighted here. We ask they keep the game or sell it to someone who will keep it alive. Many of us have invested quite a bit of money into the game.

  • susan clifton

    Yes I AM one of those CRAZY Super Poke Pet people! Additionally PROUD to say that! As you know SLIDE sold SuperPoke Pets to Google last year. Described as a game of “virtual pets” Superpoke Pets has become a social network in and of itself. Google has now decided to shut down the game altogether.It is a mystery to me how a company could encourage users to buy “gold” in a game and yes even encourage them to buy a lot! And then..shut down the game itself. Most Superpoke pets users would not complain one bit if the game was simply allowed to exist without new items ect…because something really unique “happened” in this virtual world experiment…it became real! Real people were talking to others around the was no longer a pet and a habitat but a person..many with real needs reaching out through a game for encouragement and yes friends… Some of whom I have had the pleasure of meeting! One Spp lady found out through conversation that she lived only a few miles from my son’s college…she began sending him “care packages” cookies and such..just because (does THAT happen in a virtual world?) Two other Spp ladies found out that I do street missions… what did THEY DO? They inquired HOW THEY could start working with the homeless in THEIR communities and have started street missions in two OTHER STATES! This does NOT happen in a virtual world…this is the CHARACTER of SPP… even the founder of SPP Max said “it is a beautiful place- it truly is. We have decorated habitats to encourage friends suffering from cancer/ loss of a loved one/national tragedies/ we have celebrated through the artistry of SPP births/birthdays/remissions from cancer/marriages/graduations..In short SPP has become a HUGE scrapbook of human experience connecting lives from all over the world. Take a look at some of the magnificent art created by these talented people that ALONE is inspiring. I pray that you choose to pick up this story in its entirety. Not just the financial investments that many of us have made…but the TRUE human story. Thank you for your time~ blessings, Susan.

  • jen

    I also am a loyal SPP player. Fortunately for me I have not invested a ton of money in the game as some have – our family budget didn’t allow for it. What I have invested is a considerable amount of time and care in the last 3 years faithfully maintaining my pet and building a wonderful network of friends. I began my SPP account in the beginning of the game’s era in 2008 as a new stay at home mom. My son was just an infant. Now he is 4 and will come and sit with me and ask “Is it time to do playdates?”

    SuperPoke Pets is visually appealing to people of all ages and I believe that in this day and age it is important to promote online activities that aren’t filled with porn and profanity and violence and filth. Over the years we have built a wonderful community of people of all types from all over the world. Young or old, disabled or active and all ethnicities are accepted with open arms and are given the opportunity to share and express themselves creatively through their virtual pets.
    I think the real issue here is not so much that players have a misconstrued perception of the value of virtual items it is more the deceit involved with the termination of this game. The desire for players to recoup money in class action litigation is due to the fact we were told the game was not going anywhere. This came directly from the FAQ in the forum:
    SPP going away?

    No, not at all! We have no plans to take SPP offline – the app will remain available and online for the foreseeable future so that you can continue to buy and trade items, play with your friends, and chat on the Forum. SPP Admins, Ambassadors, and Moderators will still be here to make sure everyone is having a fun time on SPP.

    I love the way “foreseeable future” is thrown around as though they cannot see beyond the nose on their faces. Within the game, you receive virtual badges for your accomplishments. One of the occasions in which you would receive a badge was each year for your pet’s birthday. Prior to the changes made, the birthday badges only went up to 3 years. Around the time of the changes, a 4 and 5 year badge was added. In June of this year the changes took effect such as the cancellation of the release of new virtual items for purchase. There was a great push for players to stock up on “gold items” and unlimited VIP subscriptions both only purchasable with real money. The VIP subscription is something I bought into. How could I not? I understand that “foreseeable future” is a variable – cover your tail type term, but the 4 and 5 year badges are there so obviously it would be at LEAST 2 more years! In my optimistic way of thinking I concluded that Google could not possibly just flush 200 million dollars associated with its acquisition of Slide and this must be some sort of transition period between the companies. I assumed (and yes I understand the implication of assuming) that after that period they would pop back in with more improvements and ways to generate revenue (new virtual items for purchase) and possibly make the game exclusive to the new Google+ social network.

    I don’t think it is time to cut the lifeline on a wholesome online game when there are not that many to choose from anyway. There is such a devoted following to SPP and new people join everyday! I read today in an article from Liz Gainnes at AllThingsD that through a Facebook analytics app Superpoke Pets has about 130000 active monthly users and that estimate is low because many people, myself included, log in directly through I think this game could certainly generate new revenue for Google or whoever if it was properly managed and marketed. I am hoping that through our efforts the players can at least open a dialog with Google and reach some sort of compromise that would enable us to continue to maintain our pets and our network of friends and be artistic with our virtual inventories.

    And this I say with an obvious risk of backlash from my fellow SPPer’s but I do not hate all things Google. I thoroughly enjoy the creative talent that goes into changing the doodle to commemorate events in time. Our little site is a minor crumb of the gigantic loaf that is Google and for a company that shows such interest in artistic expression I certainly hope they will find a way satisfy the requests of us gamers. {hugs} jen.

  • http://spp donna smith

    I am so sad about spp being closed down. I have been playing the game since 2008. I also have spent quite a lot of money as well. I realize this means nothing to google or it’s management team. It just reminds me that big business has no humanity, and cares for nothing but their precious bottom line.
    I have made so many friendships that will just vanish with the game. Email messages, clubs, contests and so much more. It is much more than a “game” to me and many others.
    It is causing me to re-think my many points of contact with google. I use them for so many things and there are other sites for all these same things.

  • cindy

    I an heart broken about this! I have been playing SPP for 2 1/2 years and get a simple pleasure from it. When changes were made a couple of month ago, June to be exact, we were told by Slide ADMIN that everything was going to be ok and there were no plans to stop the game.


    What poor business pratices not to mention not a nice thing to do to the hundreds of thousands that play this game DAILY!! I can’t see the logical reasoning for it at all. There are many who rely on SPP and their pets for entertainment. Theives! You are stealing from those who have been keeping you working!!


  • Karen Baker

    I too am a loyal SPP player. I have been “playing” since 2008. I aquired my first pet through my MySpace account. When choosing to move my social networking to Facebook, the fact that I could continue to play SPP was a huge pull for me.
    I am a RN working as the Director of Nursing in a Skilled Nursing/Long Term Care Facility. A career such as mine is very rewarding in so many ways. It is also very mentally taxing. When I arrive home from my day I have a very difficult time attemting to relax and destress. My work is never complete. It has seemed as though I would never find a way to turn off the wheels in my head. I had a friend that sent me an invitation to adopt a virtual pet. I hesitated, at first, thinking that I did not want to become tied to another thing. Didn’t want the responsibility. Over time, this virtual pet has become a member of my family. Spoken of in everyday conversation. I know this seems silly to some, but to me (and many many other SPP players) this is serious business!!
    I, along with many others, were allowed to believe that we could continue gaming and spending our money without the immediate threat of shut down. WOW!! Don’t I feel like a fool?!?! I understand that it’s “only a game” and that I can go play another, but I don’t find that to be the case. I play other games. I have yet to find one that allows the relaxing game play and socializing that this game affords.

    The friends I have connected with have been absolutely amazing! I feel as though I have been a part of their lives and them mine. I have “witnessed” more graduations, weddings, births, deaths of loved ones, personal and community disasters than most people do in a lifetime. This family has helped me through my good and bad times. I would like to think that I have helped them as well.

    Please pass the word along! I am keeping my fingers crossed that someone will hear our plite and save our community!
    Thank You~ Karen

  • Viki Smith

    I am also a devoted SPP player. This truly bites, Google! Shame on you, shame of depriving people relaxation to a harmless game that anyone can play. More shame, because of all the people who play who are disabled.

  • Celia

    “While we are incredibly grateful to our users and for all of the wonderful feedback over the years, many of these products are no longer as active or haven’t caught on as we originally hoped”

    Are you kidding me? SPP has over half a million players logging in monthly if figures are accurate. How can you call this not active? What a load of bull.

  • spp lover

    I loved spp and i don’t think it should b taken away from us like that we need to do something about this. When I was first introduced to superpoke pets I was on all day I loved the game to death. I also told all my friends about it and my family. It really teaches you to watch how much money u spend and how to take care of a pet. We really need that game back because I think the computer is boring without it and all kinds of people love the game. It really puts an impact on us when every thing we worked for is gone. Please do something to bring it back. I really want something to do when i get on the computer.