Google Panda Update Winners: Video, News, Blogs, and Porn

SearchMetrics' data analysis continued

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Google Panda Update Winners: Video, News, Blogs, and Porn
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As we reported earlier, the latest data from SearchMetrics shows Google properties like YouTube and Blogger making search visibility gains in the UK as a result of the global roll-out of Panda. Similar trends for these properties are most likely occurring in other countries as well.

While these aren’t the only Google properties making gains, these two in particular seem to be indicative of a larger trend from the update. Video sites and blogs/news sites seem to be doing better. Here are some of the gainers listed in SearchMetrics’ top 100 winners list:

– youtube.com – 18.93% visibility increase
– telegraph.co.uk 16.98% visibility increase
– guardian.co.uk – 9.73% visibility increase
– bbc.co.uk – 5.46% visibility increase
– yahoo.com – 9.47% visibility increase
– blogspot.com (Blogger) – 22.8% visibility increase
– dailymail.co.uk – 12.72% visibility increase
– dailymotion – 17.8% visibility increase
– ft.com – 16.17% visibility increase
– independent.co.uk – 21.53% visbility increase
– readwriteweb.com – 152.46% visbility increase
– thegregister.co.uk – 13.47% visibility increase
– itv.com – 22.38% visibility increase
– cnet.com – 14.21% visibility increase
– mirror.co.uk – 24.87% visibility increase
– mashable.com – 22.61% visibility increase
– wordpress.com – 18.62% visibility increase
– techcrunch.com – 40.72% visibility increase
– time.com – 55.24% visibility increase
– metacafe.com – 6.45% visibility increase
– reuters.com – 36.82% visibility increase
– thenextweb.com – 3.85% visibility increase
– zdnet.co.uk – 34.04% visibility increase
– vimeo.com – 18.85% visibility increase
– typepad.com – 43.86% visibility increase

That’s to name a few. There are more.

Some porn sites are among the top 100 as well. Sites like (NSFW): youjizz.com, perfectgirls.net, keezmovies.com all made the list.

SearchMetrics is offering their lists of top losers and winners in the UK for download here. Sistrix, whose data we’ve referenced a lot regarding the U.S. Panda update, also has their version of European data out.

Google Panda Update Winners: Video, News, Blogs, and Porn
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  • http://www.zebratechies.com Anirban Das

    After lots of complains and allegation over the webmasters world and field..ehow got stuck..which is observable point…

  • http://www.nds-gear.com R4i

    I find it both interesting and absurd that various useful websites like eHow were downgraded. I could see sites like Suite101 being article farms etc., however it seemed to me that genuinely helpful “how-to” pages on eHow were the ones that drove the traffic. Surely Google should drive MORE traffic to the pages that get visited more often, and less traffic to those that are just there for content? Traffic alone can separate these. Why downgrade the entire site?

    Just one of many examples of how Panda is rather weird.

  • http://www.id-smartcards.com Smart Cards Manufacturars

    good to see the list here congrats to all

  • http://www.alexnewell.com/ Alex

    Interesting to see the list of winning sites above.

    What is missing from this list and all the others I’ve seen is any notion of timing. Did the rankings go down by the % shown and stay there or is there a gradual recovery?

  • http://indie69.com indie69

    I have to call shenanigans on the wordpress.com claim. I in fact watched a more than 50% drop in traffic on the 14th coinciding with these changes. And my content is all legit, self-written, extensive and unpaid. The change was sudden, noticeable and has not bounced back since that day. I find it impossible to think this is a coincidence. While I do not make any money from what I do, it still felt bad that people were not finding my site anymore legitimately. I would say that about 80% of the searches that led to my site were appropriate searches related directly to my content. Very frustrating. I feel like a kid that was minding his own business and had to stay in for recess because of another kid’s actions.

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