Google Is The Leader In Renewable Energy Says Greenpeace

They scored an admirable 53/100

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Google Is The Leader In Renewable Energy Says Greenpeace
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Greenpeace released version five of their Cool IT leaderboard that rates IT companies on their climate solutions, energy impact and political advocacy.

Overcoming Cisco, the winner from the last year, Google has taken the top spot as the leader in advocacy for clean energy. Greenpeace applauds Google for their dedication to using cleaner and renewable energy.

“Technology giants have a real opportunity to use their power and influence to change how we produce and use energy – Google tops the table because it’s putting its money where its mouth is by pumping investment into renewable energy,” Greenpeace International IT analyst Gary Cook said. “The IT sector might like to consider itself forward-thinking, but it is keeping far too quiet while the dirty energy industry continues to exert undue influence on both the political process and financial markets.”

Google scored 53/100 for their efforts in conservation and reducing their carbon footprint. The report goes on to say that Google scored so high because they disclosed their energy footprint, have plans to increase its renewable energy use from 25 percent in 2011 to 35 percent in 2012. They were also applauded for investing $915 million in renewable energy projects.


Like any company, however, Google did have a few areas where they could improve according to the report. Greenpeace was disappointed with the company’s decision to shut down its RE

The two companies with the lowest scores at 11 each are TCS and Telefonica. Both companies are taken to task over their renewable energy programs not being detailed. The companies don’t provide evidence to show that they’re moving towards better efficiency.

Microsoft dropped in the leaderboard for the second time in a row with a score of 23. They say that Microsoft, while distancing itself from organizations that promote bad energy policies, needs to set an example by pushing the IT industry towards cleaner energy.

Notable exemptions from the report are Apple and Facebook. Greenpeace has said that Apple was not included because it does not meet “the Leaderboard criteria:”

It [Apple] has not demonstrated leadership or elected to pursue market opportunities to drive IT energy solutions that many of its competitors have, despite record profits and large cash reserves.

Facebook was not included in previous reports due to similar reasons, but they note the company’s recent commitment to a “renewably powered Facebook” and their partnership with Opower to use the Facebook platform to let its users compared their energy usage. For these reasons, Facebook will be included in next year’s report.

The overall trend from this year’s report, however, seems to be mostly negative. Greenpeace calls on the IT sector to act on their promises of cleaner energy:

“The IT industry must use its influence, innovative spirit and technological know-how to overcome the dirty energy companies who are holding on to the status quo, and holding us back from a transition to a renewable energy economy,” Cook said. “What we’re seeing is a lot of talk from companies about moving toward clean energy, but so far, not much of action.”

You can read the full report here.

Google Is The Leader In Renewable Energy Says Greenpeace
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  • http://www.squidoo.com/solar-powered-refrigerators-and-freezers sunny

    I have noticed that renewable energy is making a big impact, and with more businesses using the technology for energy conservation I can only guess this area will continue to grow.

    Google being a leader is telling of where publishers should be spending their efforts as well. Great article!

  • Santra

    Google is the search engine which displays all your searches and also there is a great impact in renwable enrgy resources and google offers to bring a great result inthis type of issues

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