Google Launches New Mobile Ad Format with Location Extensions

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Google has announced a new location extensions ad format with map features. Businesses can feature their locations and phone numbers on an expandable map ad that can appear on mobile sites and apps in the Google Display Network.

This format shows up as a banner text ad with a business icon that expands to show the business location on a Google map, including ad creative, a click-to-call phone number and an option to get directions.

"Since ads can be served based on the user's location, a potential customer will see the phone number and map of the store location that’s nearest to them," explains Dai Pham of Google's Mobile Ads Marketing Team. "By providing mobile consumers more options to connect with your business you can drive more traffic to your store, visits to your website or calls to your business."

Google Ads with Location Extensions

"This new ad format is available on mobile devices with full Internet browsers and allows you to expand your advertising campaigns to reach highly engaged mobile users with relevant local information as they use their favorite apps or websites to check the weather, read the news, play games or pursue other mobile interests," adds Pham. "Advertising with location extensions on mobile devices is also great value because you’re only charged when a user clicks to call the business or clicks to visit your website.  You are not charged when users click to expand the map or gets directions. The cost of a click to call your business will be the same as the cost of a click to visit your website."

To utilize the new format, campaigns must be opted into the Google Display Network, and Google suggests setting up separate location extensions campaigns for search and display networks.

Chris Crum
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