Google Launched An Update This Week To Improve Domain Diversity

By: Chris Crum - September 14, 2012

Google launched an algorithm update that affects the diversity of search results. Google’s head of webspam and Distinguished Engineer, tweeted:

There have been complaints in recent weeks about Google showing search results pages with a lot of results from the same domain for a lot of queries. Presumably that will be better now, and users will get a more diverse set of results in more cases. Or maybe it’s just about spreading the love among more domains in general (and not just per page).

That’s as much as we know about the update for now, but it’ll be interesting to see if the change is noticeable on a day to day basis.

There has been talk from webmasters that there may have been a new Panda update this week. We’ve not heard from Google on that front, and it’s unclear at this point whether this could have been the change people were noticing.

Google’s big list of algorithm changes for the month of August is due out any time now, and when it’s released, we’ll get more insight into the direction Google is going on, and its core areas of focus in recent weeks. Stay tuned.

Chris Crum

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  • Gary @ Solavei

    I think this is a great idea. I have no idea how many times I have seen a certain domain show up 3-4 different times in the top 5 pages. The first page is really the only one that matters anyways. But this will enable more people to rank for harder keywords. Well hopefully at least.

  • freefanlovers

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  • websaru

    I’ve seen something even worse, results from a same domain occupied the whole first 3 pages in SERPs. Hopefully this update works.

  • juju


  • Jack Longchamp

    BS is what I think, we have three guys with 2-3 sites on Google page one and our own page,
    which was the only diversity there beside one that does not even hit the subject,
    fell out from page 1 with that update to page two…
    (where a couple other variations of the big guys hang around as well, they pay).

    No Google, not this way – think before you drink, you arrogant not-do-evils.
    People HAVE to go to Bing to make sense – why not admit that organic seach results
    are being weeded out (shhh… no talking!) so that adwords will be the only
    “algorithm” left to Google in two, three years.

    Yeah, gotta be cool on Wall Street… how naive can one be ?

  • Rupesh

    Not sure, may be somethings is wrong there..I have seen many pages in the same page of result, even today…

  • uday

    still there is no change in SERP.., i think the datacenters has not updated with it.. but if it works fine.. then this would be much more helpful for a user and also webmaster…,

  • Mia Farrel

    I think this would be good for the NON SEO FREAK 24/7 people that just create good content and wants to receive visitors to show them up their content/products.

    Not Google as search engine shouldn’t be for freaks.


  • Jesus

    I will stay tuned on Chris!

    I will defenetely go for a diversity of “search engines in terms of different search results” instead of:

    “Just fyi, we rolled out a small algo change this week that improves the diversity of search results in terms of different domains returned.”

    One day you do a search and find on the top ten results eight results of the same website and customers complain: “┬┐whats going on? I haven’t recieved any visit for that keyword this week”…crazy!

  • Anson Alexander

    Just to provide some additional information regarding this possible update – I’ve noticed a significant increase in traffic today to my website and generally, when I have traffic spikes, it is due to 1 or 2 articles going “semi-viral”. Today’s traffic spike is increasing traffic to all of my articles across the board. It is also important to note that two weeks ago, I switched from the AllInOne SEO Plugin to the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast. This may also be having an effect as my sitemaps are very different.

    Thanks for the update and I hope this info will help a bit!

  • Chris

    ive been working for months trying programs on the market.. Check out what felt good to me

  • Paul Douglas

    I watched as our site gained 6 site links 2 weeks ago. Since this new algo, our 6 site links dropped from under the main url Very unhappy

  • Pamela

    This is the right direction for Google. Provide more information to choose from. I have noticed an improvement in the diversity of domains presented in some categories related to business process management.

  • Steve

    How about the WIKI problem, when is Google going to tackle that? It shows up for an enormous amount of keywords… it’s size allows it to outrank a site, hundreds if not thousands of pages large, with a single page on any specific topic. WIKI is such a massive powerhouse, it’s internal distrubution of ‘linkpower’ gives it a massive advantage and all the leverage they need. Fair enough, incomming links give them massive pr, but then, they use ‘nofollow’ for outgoing links… that’s not fair! They thus say ‘the content behind these links cannot be trusted blablabla’, but then… their pages are writen by contributors, they added these links, if then you place a nofollow, how much then do you trust your ‘contributions’??? WIKI takes a lot of top spots on a most diverse number of topics… why allow the dubble standard, counting the incomming links and internal distribution but ignore the outgoing links and the effect they might have on sites quoted as the source/reference of the info on their pages, or sites serving additional/more/better information then that available on a single WIKI page? As long as Google has a WIKI page floating on top of search results, they are not credible as a search engine! Note that this doesn’t happen at any other search engine out there… Yahoo and other Bings included! A level playingfield, that’s all we ask for!

    • Scarlet

      Steve’s got a point here! Indeed, most of the time a single topic on WIKI covers no more then a single page, and they ‘steal’ top position purely on internal distribution of linkvalue. They collect value but they are not giving any in return. Considering its size, the distortion it creates in search results is massive and potentially stands in the way of larger, more informative sites to find the spotlight. And I do not even want to mention the commercial values involved. There should be a point were a damping factor is triggered, preventing near absolute dominance of a single site over all others. Especially in Google, the WIKI problem is massive, and with many people it sort of became a habbit to skip the first result, thus the second result is often the first real result. One has to wonder if spending resources to beat a giant like WIKI only to rank 1st in Google still is worth the effort if the habbit to skip the first result becomes a trend. Second best then sounds great, plus it saves you a lot of cash!

  • Darlington

    Although i have not happy with these recent Google Update but i think improving domain diversity would help make search engine better. It would give other website with the same useful content rank..