Google Just Got A Lot Better At Math

    July 25, 2012
    Chris Crum
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If you ever use Google to solve math problems, you may start using it even more now. If you didn’t use Google to solve math problems, you may want to consider starting. Google has launched a new scientific calculator feature, which appears when you enter such a problem in the search box.

As you can see from the image above, Google will display this entire calculator interface, enabling users to conduct additional calculations right from the results page. It’s pretty cool. It also works beautifully from mobile devices.

We tried it on Android and iPhone. If you you’re holding your phone vertically, a smaller calculator appears, but if you hold it horizontally, the full scientific calculator takes over the screen.

Google’s Matt Cutts notes that the feature is currently available at Google.com only because they want to make sure it works before rolling it out globally.


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  • http://www.calculateforfree.com scott brown

    Yeah that’s nice, but look at the big picture. With Google throwing that calculator at the top of the results page it pretty much left the web pages below it non existent. I know it’s nice for web surfers but thats not a fair playing field for web site owners. I can see alot of websites folding because of that decision. When web sites lose a ton of traffic won’t that also effect Google profits from ads on those sites?

    Is that want we want for the future of the internet?
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  • ItsMe

    Scott, Google is in the business of giving their customers what they want. They are not in the business of trying to connect a user to a website on every possible occasion. This move will make most Google users happy. If users don’t like it then they will leave Google and choose another search engine that suits their needs better.

  • http://www.algarve-rentacar.com/ Reviews

    I’m not really sure if a webuser does not prefer to use the calculator which comes with windows, or a spreadsheet which is installed on most PC’s instead of using google to calculate a math problem.

    I can’t see any real advantage for the user here.

  • Robin Green

    i think their calculator is best part of google. Because now google not able to rank websites according their relevancy. Their AI broken by Matt Cutts & co.