Google+ Hangouts Get A New Sidebar

    November 1, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google has launched some new updates to Google+ Hangouts on the desktop. These include a new sidebar, new notifications and improved app management.

Users can choose whether to show or hide the sidebar. ” The most important part of a hangout is the people in the room, so we’ve consolidated important items (like invites, chat, and apps) into a sidebar that’s there when you need it, and tucked away when you don’t,” says Google’s Amit Fulay in a Google+ post.

Google+ Hangout Sidebar

Google+ Hangout sidebar

The alerts are now red, while actions appear in blue and announcements in gray.

“The sidebar contains your frequently-used apps, as well as other ones active in the hangout,” notes Fulay.”And you can also remove apps from the sidebar at any time.”

The changes will be rolling out within the next couple of days.