Google Glass Will Be Available To You This Year

    February 22, 2013
    Chris Crum
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The Verge has confirmed with Google that a “fully-polished” version of Google Glass will be ready for consumers by the end of the year, that it will cost “less than $1,500,” and that it will be compatible with both Android and iPhone.

Also, they’ll come in colors like: Shale, Tangerine, Charcoal, Cotton and Sky.

The Verge Editor-in-chief Joshua Topolsky had the opportunity to take the device for a spin, and has written the most in-depth hands-on account of it that we’ve seen so far. And the good news is that he seems sold on the device.

The Explorer edition, which Google is currently taking applications for with the #ifihadglass contest, comes with a sunglass accessory which can be put on and taken off. As he notes, the device comes apart so you can attach different frames, lending credence to the rumor that Google is working with Warby Parker. One could imagine Google working with a variety of partners.

If you’re really interested in the Glass experience, you won’t want to miss Topolsky’s piece. Make sure you have a few minutes to spare, because it’s quite long.

The piece also comes with this video:

  • AmanWithGlasses

    What if I already have glasses, do they do prescription glasses? If so how much more would they be??

  • me

    I don’t want it.

  • Kim

    This product only serves as a proof of concept. It’s useless before we manage to find a way to make flat transparent glass into monitors, and can store all the circuitry in normal sized glasses.

  • jackel

    that stuff looks stupid.

  • http://jimmyheil.me Jimmy

    the interviewer sounds and acts like a pretentious know it all that has no clue whats going on.

    “oh, seabreaze? Did I say that? Its MUUCH better.”

    “oh, you mean like.. for like.. real people… at Best Buy” <LOL

    "oh, are you going to partner with Rayban? like… you know.. cuz they're so popular"

    I hope I never stumble across one of his articles again.