GoDaddy Brings Up the Elephant Ordeal in Press Release About Haiti Donations

Bob Parsons Rejects Notion That Donations Were Aimed At Reversing Criticism

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GoDaddy Brings Up the Elephant Ordeal in Press Release About Haiti Donations
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As reported a few weeks ago, GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons tweeted that the company was donating $500,000 to the charity Hope for Haiti, the second such donation it had made since the earthquake in Haiti in early 2010.

Despite numerous charitable efforts from the company over the years, some critics suggested this was a PR move to aid in the brand’s recovery following the infamous ordeal in which Parsons posted video of himself killing an elephant in Zimbabwe, complete with various still photos of himself posing with the carcass, an AC/DC soundtrack and hungry villagers butchering the elephant while wearing GoDaddy apparel (these elements were later edited out of the video).

GoDaddy issued a press release today, regarding Parsons’ “humanitarian mission to Haiti,” it says that he rejects any suggestion the trip was designed to negate recent condemnation over his March visit to Africa. “The idea that I did this to counter any criticism is nonsense,” Parsons declared. “This trip was planned months ago, our donations were delivered well before my Zimbabwe trip and the people who know me will tell you, I don’t really care what people think about me … I do care about using what success I’ve had to help those less fortunate.”

Parsons has been talking about the elephant incident again on Twitter as recently as 17 hours ago from the time of this writing, linking to an interview (from April 4) with CNN’s Piers Morgan (embedding is disabled unfortunately):

@kylangver This explains why I took the elephant. http://x.co/X9f9 18 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Of course the interview doesn’t touch on why the video Parsons has done nothing but defend was edited so heavily.

Here is a snippet from today’s press release about Parsons’ and wife Renee’s trip to Haiti:

While on the four-day Haiti tour, Bob and Renee helped pack First Aid kits for primary and secondary schools and sponsored public health education training for rural community leaders. Bob and Renee also walked through a government-run hospital and the Hope for Haiti health clinic, both in Les Cayes. Go Daddy donations helped double the capacity of the clinic, a building transformed from a slaughterhouse into an infirmary.

They also visited with children at a rural elementary school, a local family and students at the Jeunes de Monde School for “Restavek” children, who are essentially indentured servants. One of the most inspiring stops was the Missionaries of Charity, which is an orphanage and health center run by the Mother Theresa order.

“We have worked closely with the sisters for years,” said Tiffany Kuehner, President of Hope for Haiti, whose grandmother, JoAnne M. Kuehner D.M., first started working in Haiti in 1989 and founded the organization. “Bob and Renee were able to play with the children and to see, first-hand, all the amazing work being done at the Missionaries of Charity. It provided a viewpoint you just can’t explain in words. It’s an emotional experience for anyone, but for an American business leader of Bob’s caliber to take so much time, to see and listen to the stories of our partners’ means a lot. We hope Go Daddy can help attract more attention to this important cause.”

Bob recorded segments for his video blog at most every stop on the tour. “We were impressed with how quickly Bob processed the information from the Haitian people and translated it for his viewers,” said Elizabeth Davison, Hope for Haiti Executive Director. “We believe getting the word out through Bob’s blog will help drive more and more donations. Every little bit counts!”

Here’s the video:

GoDaddy Brings Up the Elephant Ordeal in Press Release About Haiti Donations
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  • http://mightyfleissradio.wordpress.com/ Glen Naughty

    Round Up for Charity: Round em up & “shoot em dead” Bob
    “Scummiest CEO of the Year” Bob Parsons (accord: PETA records), from GoDaddy.com partly owned by Big Daddy, is no humanitarian. Despite his focus on efforts to buy great publicity, (A half million bucks) of his investors fusion money to Haiti (within itself a noble cause), it’s clear the faltering DNR & Internet host company chief does not have a brain on his head. He’s hopeless

    It’s overly obvious. It’s still clear. There’s only so many times you can drag your investor friends through the muddy waters & expect a pat on the back. When you RIP off your customers & extort them in universal immoral business conduct, heads will roll. Surrounding your corrupt business with politicians like Jim Lane (R) (Mayor of Scottsdale, AZ), Jan Weber (Gov of the State of Arizona) & Birther idiot Senator Steve “the joke” Smith may bring temporary shelter from the rain, but not A concrete solution as required .

    Bob Parson states ” …I don’t really care what people think about me…”. It’s a shame. Cause your talking about your investors, customers, potential customers & profit Bob. Anyhow, it’s obvious you don’t care. That’s Y! things are the way they are & you lose. Get on the bus with Morgan, otherwise get off, it’s the final destination.

    If your Public Relations firm haven’t told you yet Bob, get “InterPublic” for real help. It’s not just your competitors taking you down, it’s your own kind, your own ally, because you don’t care. We all do. We care about race cars, Ford, Honda, Chevy, Dodge, Nascar. We care about the future reputation of models like Danica Patrick. We care about the reputation of future NFL stars. We care about the big corporate banks like Fargo, Chase, US Bank. We care about the little independent business guy, the type you screw over with a sucker punch Bob. Business requires trust. We also care about the elephants in Zimbabwe. You don’t!

    Sorry Bob. Your animal abuse & treatment of fellow human being disqualifies you as a humanitarian. It’s Paramount. Do not pass Go! Do not Collect $200.00

    Round Up for Charity. Round em up & shoot em dead Bob cause your a fake & you shake your voice on the phone!

    Glen ugly Naughty (GuN)
    With a Blunderbus of the heart in the wind

    • JT Higg

      Apparently you do NO homework before you form opinions.

      After watching several of Bob’s blogs and then clicking the “About Bob” section of his site – I learned:
      * He has no investors. He started the company with proceeds from the sale of another company.
      * He hunted the Elephant, in part, to feed the poor in neighboring villages and to protect their crops.
      * The Haiti donations preceded the Elephant indecent.

      I bet you’ve never given anywhere near as much of your time and dollars to charity. Bob gives millions and millions.

      As for hiring a new PR firm, I’m sure after your rambling, mostly incomprehensible message, Bob will probably stick with his current team.

  • http://www.wowgoldfine.com/ mazzwh

    Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. ,I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that,this is great blog. A great read. I will certainly be back.

  • http://www.greatlegalmarketing.co.uk/google_magic Boyd Butler

    I wonder if his grandchildren would enjoy watching the slaughter of the elephant?

    Still, what price peace of mind Mr Parsons? And what a legacy to leave the world when you finally depart.


    “I don’t care what people think” Bob Parsons died today. The former CEO of Go Daddy, known for his controversial attitude to others and “elephant killing” passed away aged 67. Recently Mr Parsons had softened his ways and had been trying to reconcile his public image with his private persona by publishing his autobiography and giving it away for free online at BobParsons.com.

    In the book he talked about the many regrets he had in life and business caused by his combatant approach and says the one thing he regretted was, “Not practising religion”.

    We take a look back at the life of Mr Parsons. Viewers should be aware some scenes are graphic and may upset viewers…

  • http://www.wildatheart.com/ Jana J.


    You certainly have a great article here that is worth sharing. Do you mind if I share this one to my friends? I will send the link through the emails.

    Jana J.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Please send as many links as you’d like.

  • PPC

    What a dumb self-centered d*ck !

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