Gloria Vanderbilt: Anderson Cooper Won’t Get Inheritance From Family Fortune

    April 2, 2014
    Val Powell
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Journalist Anderson Cooper revealed that he won’t be receiving an inheritance from his mother, American socialite Gloria Vanderbilt. Cooper comes from a family who made millions in shipping and railroad structures.

According to the CNN news anchor, his mother made it clear that there is no inheritance. He even states that he doesn’t believe in it, calling it a curse and an “initiative sucker.”

He went on to question if those who inherited a lot of money accomplished things on their own. Personally, he wonders if he would have been motivated if he knew a “pot of gold” was waiting for him in the future.

Cooper calls his mother the coolest person he knows, remaining grateful that she gave him good work ethics. He says that he would love to follow her footsteps if ever he becomes a father.

Gloria Vanderbilt became an heiress when her father died when she was 18 months old. She was called the “poor little rich girl” because she was involved in a notorious custody trial between her mother Gloria Morgan and her father’s sister, Gertrude Whitney Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt’s aunt wanted custody of her because she felt Morgan was an unfit mother and led a “raucous lifestyle.” The aunt won the trial and little Vanderbilt grew up with her. As an adult, she popularized the blue jean when she ventured into business.

Today, Vanderbilt is worth over $200 million, and Cooper says his mother earned most of her money on her own. Cooper is also self-made, earning $11 million a year as one of CNN’s main anchors.

He also said that he‘d raise his children with a sense of responsibility, encouraging them to start working early. He said he might leave some money if they are responsible, but he remains unsure.

Still, he would like to prioritize working instead of relying on a distant relative who has no connection to him.

The Vanderbilt Dynasty

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  • chris

    i like the thought of this idea but if you feel you don’t want it you should donate it to organizations that would really benefit a multitude of american families. otherwise greed lawyers will get there mits on it and that is not right. do something positive with that negative

  • Devon

    Gloria Vanderbilt has two other sons who would be happy to take his cut of the inheritance.

  • CJ

    My children are already arguing over my modest estate, and I’m still here. My youngest daughter (32), who still lives at home has already told me that is her retirement plan. I feel like I failed to pass on the work ethic I got from my single Mom. Gloria obviously did a better job. Kudos to you Gloria for raising such a great kid.