Giuliana Rancic: Baby Saved Her Life

    August 30, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bill welcomed their baby boy last night in Colorado, tweeting about his arrival and how completely in love they are. And while all new parents feel that initial rush of affection for an infant, this couple credits their child with saving Giuliana’s life.

The Rancics have been trying to get pregnant for several years now, and some of their struggle was documented on the E! reality show “Giuliana And Bill”. However, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer last August, the couple thought their dreams were shattered forever.

But Giuliana had been going through rounds of IVF–In Vitro Fertilization–in order to get pregnant, and the doctor claimed it was mandatory for her to have a mammogram during the treatment. If she hadn’t undergone the invasive program in order to conceive little Edward Duke, she might not have discovered her illness until it was much too late, if at all.

“Technically this baby saved her life because had she not gone through IVF — the doctor made it mandatory that she get a mammogram — they would have never found what they found so we owe this little guy debt of gratitude and I’m sure he’ll never let you forget it!” Bill said.

  • http://www.cheappushchairs.net lak banning

    it’s like a small miracle. it goes to show, you dont know what’s around the corner

  • sallie

    Mazeltov!!! My GREAT Grandson was born 8-28-12 weighing 9 lbs 2 oz! Best wishes to all of you.

  • http://www.wedpronews.com/ rosetti

    Giuliana Rancic is such an inpiring strong lady. Thank God that she is also blessed with a loving and caring husband. Am so happy that her dream come true,she is now a mum, despite all the hardships she went through. Am so happy God answered there prayers, and also answered our prayers we the viewers of channel E who knew all that she was going through. she is such an inspiration in my life,i will never give up in life.

  • Pelo

    Omg am so so haPpy for them, congrats guys