Galaxy Nexus Release Date Delayed By Verizon

By: Josh Wolford - December 12, 2011

What’s new, you might ask?

As the official U.S. release date still hangs in confirmation limbo, Verizon sources have told CNET that the Galaxy Nexus has once again been delayed by Verizon. Earlier this week we heard rumors that the Ice Cream Sandwich-enabled smartphone would land in the U.S. on Friday, December 9th. Those leaked documents were from an “authorized Verizon retailer” that said the selling of the device could not begin until 12/9/11.

CNET’s Verizon sources say that most Verizon stores thought that they would begin selling the Galaxy Nexus on Friday, but are now hearing that the release will be delayed.

Of course, “delayed” might suggest that there was even a set release date to begin with. Verizon continues to say that they haven’t officially announced a U.S. release date for the highly-anticipated device whenever asked about it. All we know is that it’s going to be fairly soon, as Samsung has confirmed a December release.

Supposed leaked screenshots indicate that the device will be arriving at Best Buy on December 11th. This doesn’t mean that sales would begin at that time, just that they would physically have the hardware under their roofs by then.

When the phone finally launches in the U.S., all indications point to a $300 price tag at official Verizon retail outlets. It’s probably not going to get much cheaper anywhere else as a leaked Costco document suggests that the Galaxy Nexus will launch there for $289.99 with a new two-year agreement.

We have also learned that the Galaxy Nexus probably won’t be launching with Google wallet, even though Verizon denies that they are the reason why.

Who’s still waiting for the Galaxy Nexus? Has anyone, unable to wait any longer, succumbed to the temptation to purchase another hot new smartphone? Let us know in the comments.

Josh Wolford

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  • Skyrocket

    Hell with the Nexus, its all hype and all crap.. The Galaxy s2 Skyrocket is a better phone and guess what? it will have ICS soon. Verizon is a joke. Either release the phone or move on. Other phones will be coming…

    • Curtis

      The SII is half the phone of the Nexus. Get your facts right!!!

      • modelportfolio2003

        Here in UK we have had Galaxy Nexus for about 2 weeks. Problem is they are on back-order at most shops and online because of unprecedented demand. Got mine yesterday, after enjoying Nexus One for last 18 months. I have one word for the GNex: “awesome”. It is just such an amazing leap forward with Ice Cream Sandwich. The phone is light and thin, the screen resolution is beyond compare and the phone continues to surprise on the upside! Hold on.

    • Colby

      I totally agree!! This hype and crap has gone too far!! It has not built anticipation, but frustration. I am an iPhone user who was very anxious to go to the Galaxy Nexus, but instead, I’ll go back to iPhone!! This has been handled VERY POORLY and Verizon is NOT listening. I spoke with a representative from Verizon who told me it was Samsung’s fault and Samsung told me it was Verizon’s fault!! Screw them all!

    • loki

      Verizon is not really going to sell the Nexus. The Nexus will not be in the display of the store. It will be kept in the storage cage in the back of the store. The only way to get a Nexus is to ask for one, but that is only after you let an employee show and tell you every other single phone in the store for at least an hour. Then and only then you can request a Nexus in the back, but you’ll need the password in order for them to sell you

  • AndroidAddict

    Verizon is done, they’ve dropped the ball and now the window for selling the Galaxy Nexus has closed. People will either switch networks due to the frustration or wait until a new ICS phone launches in 2012. I for one am switching to T-Mobile for a Galaxy S2.

    • Alex

      Have fun with that. T-Mobile has slow HSPA+ and fake unlimited data that gets throttled to 2G after you go over 2GB.

      • Netguru2000

        HSPA+ 42 is showing comparable speeds to LTE. It’s not really fake unlimited, yes it does get throttled back but for most 2G’s is plenty. Verizon @ 2G a month is $958 (+ $10/1GB more a month) over a 2 year contract. You can do a lot with a grand.

        • r u serious?

          Ummmm Verizon is 39.99 for 2gb of data and they’re offering double data right now on all gb options for example so you get 4gb of unthrottled speed for 2gb price etc…. Where in the heck did you get the info that its 1000$ for 2g?????

          • kevin

            Actually it’s $30 for 2GB on Verizon

  • Alex

    Have fun with that. T-Mobile has slow HSPA+ and fake unlimited data that gets throttled to 2G after you go over 2GB

  • http://webpronews Lori Ray

    I am concerned over the frenzy. We have been anticipating the release of this phone for quite some time. The excitement by the droid world is palpable. I am excited to and am wondering why all the secrets as to release? Can we not be told as adults whats up and deal with it? must be life changing as I am pretty sure that i can handle whatever they have to tell me….Its getting pretty silly and I have lost faith in how this has been handled. Information is power and with this we have limited information as to the delay….iam also pretty sure that droid users are looking now to other phones that are accessable….

  • ghinson

    I would’ve gone with the S2 when it came out – had it only been offered by Verizon. However I wont pick my phone model over my carrier of choice. Verizon is by far the best coverage out there. What good is a flashy phone with great screen resolution if I have no data network coverage to use it on? It’s like owning a Porsche 911 and being limited to your driveway. Gonna wait a week and see where the dust settles on this Nexus thing. The pure Google experience may be worth the wait, but if this drags out another month I’ll be getting a Razr.

    • Sam Jones

      You should have said a Porsche 911 with a Chevy’s engine :)

      • john

        Then it would belong in the front yard on cinder blocks.

  • bobsbiggerballs

    Screw you Verizon!!!

  • That Guy Who Is Always Right

    The idea of waiting for the Galaxy Nexus became laughable when Amazon sold the Droid RAZR and the HTC Rezound for a penny during their Black Friday promotions. Sorry, Samsung. Verizon screwed you!

    • C

      hmmmmm, Must have missed the 1cent sale. would have had a Razr.

  • T

    I recently moved back to the United States and have waited phoneless for over a month now since they keep “delaying” the unannounced release date. This was the phone I wanted but I am done waiting. iPhone 4s here I come

  • Verizon slave

    Anyone else feel like a slave to Verizon? They corner the market by fighting every other carrier trying to improve their network. It’s no wonder Verizon has the best coverage. They bully their way around and won’t let the other carriers compete fairly.

    Verizon said back on October that the Galaxy Nexus was coming soon. I know ‘soon’ can mean different things to different people but 2 months is nowhere near ‘soon’ in my book.

    I also signed up for alerts on Verizon, Google, and Samsung. I have yet to receive a single email with any news or updates. How about “Galaxy Nexus on its way for FCC approval”, “update: Galaxy Nexus gets FCC approval”. you don’t need specific dates but how about some form of communication?

    • Brandon

      Seriously! It’s all a bunch of crap!

  • James

    The Galaxy SII is a better phone anyhow based ont he hardware. ICS is the only thing the Nexus has going for it. I can’t wait any longer. I’m gettnig the Galaxy SII from Sprint. Verizon disables all their phones to the point that they’re not cool anymore anyhow. Goodbye Verizon…incompotent bastards!

  • Erik

    You know, it always amazes me how people who are up in arms about the interminible delays and lack of information on the latest greatest highest performance devices (look at the blogs about the Bionic, the S2, and now the Galaxy Nexus) so often come back with the retort – That’s it, I’m done waiting! I’m going to get an iPhone!

    Why would anyone who has been waiting for the newest, fastest, highest performance device give up and go get a low end 3g iPhone instead of another 4g phone? I totally understand the frustration, I waited and waited for the Bionic, but I wanted a high end 4g phone and there is no way that I would have gone out and purcahsed a 3g phone of anytype.

    I guess they are not really looking for performance, just a status symbol of sometype?

    • matt

      the only performance difference with 4g is if you are streaming movies, which many people don’t use the phones for. processing power and screen resolution seem to be more important to most people at this time which the iphone has.

      • rational

        Not even remotely true…web browsing, picture upload/download, syncing…all benefit dramatically from 4G speed. Read some of the head-to-head comparisons of 3G to 4G that are out there. The relevant criticisms of 4G are availability and battery life.

        • wants-s2

          You forgot to mention that it is also now possible to reach your 2gb cap faster than ever before!

  • Bob Heitner

    After waiting months for the galaxy s2, only to have verizon not carry it, I tried it on T-Mobile, but not good enough service, so had to go back to Verizon. finally gave up waiting for nexus (my upgrade was available on June 8th), got the HTC rezound for $229 from Walmart, plus getting a $100 gift card available the week after black friday. Had it 4 days, so far so good and will get ice cream sandwich next year. Verizon does suck, except it is the only carrier where ‘can you hear me now’ where I live.

  • Raymond Jones

    This is more fun than a drunk rooster chasing a hot hen..Cannot stop laughing at slap stick style comedy of Verizon and the Nexus release. This event must go down in college curriculumn as How to Fail Marketing 101.

    We just enjoying the Verizon, Samsung, Google entertainment while awaiting the Nexus phone. No hurry on our part as we accustomed to waiting at age 64. Phone has to be great as anyone stupid enough to allow this release fiasco surely erred and built a great product. So we will just continue to wait. The other products proffered by Verizon, as Razr, Rezound, fail to tittilate and excite as the Nexus. Verizon and others lose the revenue stream until such time as we subscribe. Totally their loss. Shareholders should be incensed to their losses and the responsible management. Thanks for the venting.

    • Steve

      I Believe their is two reasons for the delays. First off, Verizon is just milking it so that they can sell off the phones they got now. Second, all these leaked documents is probably Verizon themselve providing them. This way they can keep people interested. They know that alot of people is looking to get this phone, and their stategy is working. People keep saying its coming its coming and people wait. I know this sucks but its the best way for Verizon to drag it out.

      • TYLER

        Tell me, how do these continued delays help verizon? If people hold up their threats(most wont)then losing customers seems to me would hurt verizon. Not sure where you get your logic, but it doesn’t work.

        • Brandon

          I’ve never comprehended delaying a product to sell more of another when people could just return it anyway (verizon extended the returns until Jan 15?). I do think a lot of these leaks are definitely from Verizon and on purpose. I’m not sure if they’re just too stupid to get it right or if they’re stringing us along on purpose.

          • jeff

            It costs $35 to return a phone. Some people will like the phone they buy and keep it. Others will pay $35 to return it once the Nexus releases.

  • marley

    I held on to my original Moto Droid (well, original if you count a couple refurbs I got when my other ones bit the dust) as long as I possibly could, in hopes of upgrading directly to the Nexus.

    I became eligible for a discounted upgrade on November 21, and my Droid began acting more and more erratic every day. I was willing to put up with its craziness for a little while longer, though, if it meant getting the Nexus.

    Then, last Sunday my Droid finally went to the 4G hotspot in the sky and I had to head to the Verizon store for a replacement. I picked up the Droid Razr, which is admittedly a pretty slick phone, but I still held out hope that the Nexus would be released within the 14-day window within which I could return the Razr no questions asked.

    The expiration of that window is this Sunday, the 11th, so I was hoping against hope that those Dec. 9 rumors were true. Alas, I guess it wasn’t meant to be, and I will apparently be sticking with the Razr until Septemberish 2013. So, in sum, I’m pretty damn bummed about the delays (or non-announcements, or marketing genius, or whatever). Sucks.

    Wait, what was the question?

    • Kyle

      I also picked up the Razr and before my return window expired went by a Verizon corporate store and explained my dilemma. They noted it in my profile and extended out my return till January 2nd.

      Like the Razr a lot but am not happy with the battery life and feel that ICS will be more user friendly.

    • Brandon

      Hey bud, you have until Jan 15!

      “Purchases made between November 15 and December 28, 2011 may be returned or exchanged through January 15, 2012. All other provisions of Verizon Wireless’ Return & Exchange Policy continue to apply, including Restock Fee.”

  • Tom

    I’m eligible for the phone update on the 11th, and have been hoping that the Nexus would at least be available for pre-ordering at that time. If it isn’t, I’ll be happy with purchasing the Razr that day. I do wonder a little if the delay might be partly due to a desire to sell more of the Razr’s and Rezound’s at their current price.

  • Johnny

    there should be a website just to leave carrier comments.

    they are the juice of the garbage right now.

    • David

      Yelp needs a carrier section, for sure. I found as a website, but there’s not really a forum.

  • Ex-Verizon advocate

    I’m also done waiting due to this Verizon launch fiasco. It’s terrible that this company should do this to their obviously loyal customers. For me, they’ve lost my loyalty. I’m dropping Verizon, and moving to AT&T. Will revisit the galaxy nexus if/when it’s launched on AT&T’s network. At least AT&T can give launch dates and deliver within a decent timeframe.

  • Frank McLaughlin

    I bought a Droid 3 4 months ago because I damaged my Droid x, so I can wait a few more days but I am anxious to get ICS and the big screen and fast camera.

  • Tiredofwaiting

    To tell you the truth, I am really tired of waiting for this Unit to be released, I think I might just go and get the Iphone 4s and call it done. If this is how Google is going to operate, well then maybe it is a good idea to just forget about them.

    • Kyle

      Why would you blame Google when the phone has already been released overseas?

  • James SC

    I’m so ….. damn tired of waiting for an official release date, Verizon, give us a god da*n break. Just tell us

  • JR

    Here’s a different view: Verizon is in a tough spot, with two other really hot phones (Droid RAZR & HTC Rezound) to sell in a peak buying season. They’ve purchased a large quantity of each phone and want to sell as many as possible before Christmas. If you were in their shoes, you’d HAVE to be concerned the Galaxy Nexus will effectively suck the life out of these other phones — hence the well-after-Black-Friday launch and near-total radio silence about the GN. But all the leaks about a 12/9 release date are building the GN’s buzz far more than Big Red ever wanted. So, why not delay the launch again — or at least fake another delay — to pressure buyers into giving up prematurely and buying the RAZR or the Rezound? Seems like smart business strategy to me … or at least making the best of a bad situation. Thoughts?

    • Tiredofwaiting

      Thats a very sound Look at it, I do have to Agree with you..

    • Brandon

      I sort of get it but you have to understand that while we think the GN is the best, there’s PLENTY of people that would walk right past it and buy a RAZR just because of the name and it looks cool or a Rezound for some other reason.

  • Tiredofwaiting

    Bell Canada has the Nexus out Today, Listed for $159.00 on a 3 year contract. Check the Bell Canada web site for details.

  • Magus Rex

    I am SOOOOOO frustrated with the Verizon BS and all the “rumor-azzi” bloggers playing their guessing games. I’m seriously considering jumping ship to the iPhone.

  • Bob

    Done waiting. They drove me into Apple’s hands…

  • Gman

    I saw the Galaxy Nexus on Tues. when it arrived at my local Verizon store. Awesome phone! I went in again Wed. and the Samsung rep happened to be there showing the store employees how the phone works. The new features are mind boggling- if you can remember them all! Disappointed, as always, with Verizon’s launch tactics, but having seen the phone I will wait it out and get one. A few more days is no big deal.

    • MrP

      At this point they can stick it! From what I’ve read it sounds like this “could” have been a fantastic phone. Too bad they decided to go with a crappy 5 mp camera and apparently no SD card. Another case of form over function.

  • Dean

    verizon want to sell more verizon phone..
    which is “Droid Series”…
    keep pushing back for galaxy nexus,
    cause , it is the “Pure Google”
    what a stupid move my verizon

  • bart

    Verizon knows exactly what there doing with the delayed releases. Go ahead, get frustrated and go buy you a razr or iphone. And then when nexus is released you’ll be the first in line paying full price of 6 or $700 for the new all new ics. And they know this. Ha.

  • GH

    my buddy manages a vzw store in seattle and i was able to play with the GalNex two days ago. fraking awesome phone. the browser loads pages faster than my pc (cable int). the camera images are as good as my droid inc (8mp) and the shutter is instant. its big which sucks but is super thin so it doesnt feel that big in the hand.

    any adult who complains about waiting is a freaking loser. and franlkly comparing the verizon network to that of t-slowble is laughable.

    trust me. its worth the wait. then again the S2 is pretty sweet too and once it gets ICS, there wont be much difference accept NFC which im eager to play with

    • EJ

      you must work for Verizon too. Way to play damage control.

  • Bryan

    I’m having Duke Nukem Forever flashbacks. Beginning to wonder if it’s not vaporware.

  • the one

    Fuck Nexus. I lost interest. They took too long, now I’m not interested. Galaxy S3 will be the phone to get.

  • Chuck

    SCREW VERIZON. After I have been a customer for the last 12 years and I wanted to buy and pay for a high end phone they can’t even effectively communicate a release date? SCREW those corporate *s* wholes.

  • Ed

    Yes very frustrating and confusing .I gave up and .will wait till they get the bugs worked out or something better comes out after CES 2012. They are doing this phone injustice and customers as well. They already missed black Friday . Gets old.seems like they favor Motorola..HTC Edge sounds promising too .Come on people just get it Done.

  • Andy

    I bought ice-cream sandwich but it was at the supermarket today. I could no longer wait and bought IPhone 4 from ATT.

  • EJ

    The “advantage” of getting the first phone with ICS is quickly dimishing, as it won’t be the first for long since it is taking so damn long to release it! We are in the last month of 2011 and have put up with delay after delay, even if unofficial and rumors only. In the past, these leaks for other phones are generally correct, so we can assume most of what we’ve heard was probably correct but delayed.

    Though the specs on the GN are impressive, they are not much different than the RAZR or Rezound, all in the same ballpark. Even the GN screen’s viewable portion is not 4.65, though the screen itself is that big. What I am saying is, 1) if you need a phone now because your current phones sucks to the point that it is not functioning, go get one that is available now. 2) If you are not sturck with Verizon, consider another carrier, and 3) If you can wait it out 1-2 months more, the quad cores will be coming out, will have ICS, and will blow away all the phones we’ve seen this year including GN. They will be running at twice the speed. When I think about all of this and where we are, the next BIG thing is in early 2012, not now. The GN sweet spot was back in Oct, but now, it is almost a thing of the past before it is even released. My opinion.

    Unfortunately for me, I had the OG Droid and it was not functioning. I could not call, had to remove battery repeatedly because power button was broken, screen shaked, half screen was dead to touch, and I could not use it or wait for the GN. It was supposed to be my next phone. I decided to go with Rezound b/c of HD screen and specs. Glad now that I did. But if I could have waited, I would, but at this point, I would be looking to 2012 in January or February for something better than GN. I hope the damn phone flops now. Verizon shot themselves in the foot again, dumb a**es.

  • Garrett

    I am hanging in there but the droid razor, bionic and galaxy s II are certainly seeming better and better!! and they are on the list of phones to be updated to ice cream sandwich.

  • scott

    Just confirmed release on the 15thphone by a Verizon store rep in north Carolina and he took my name and number and is calling me as soon as they are allowed to sell them that morning

    • mike

      sure they did

  • Mmerri007

    By the time this phone comes out, there will be another Ice Cream Sandwich phone out making this one obsolete. Verizon best release it because they are loosing valuable holiday sales. I’m not going to buy a Razr. Phone junkies will probably not buy a Razr. They need to get over it.

  • mike

    im done will wait for something else. phone will not be top of the line for long with so many delays. verizon screwed with the o.s. so much there techs cant fix it hence delays. why else would it take so long

  • zebov

    My wait for the Nexus ended when Amazon put the Rezound up for 1 penny. Nexus isn’t going to be worth anywhere close to $300 plus a few weeks extra wait over the Rezound. Nope, free is free and a free Rezound now beats a $300 Nexus… uh… sometime in the (near?) future.

  • dvdy

    Screw the Nexus! I’m waiting for Droid Razr 10…likely to be released in the next few months. Or will it be the Bionic 5? 😉

  • CoolGuy

    Yes I have already got hold of the Droid Razr XT910… Go to hell Samsung.. !!!

  • marty

    Yea – I got tired of waiting and waiting and purchased an iPhone 4s a few weeks ago.

    I like it, but have to remember it’s a huge upgrade from the Palm Treo Pro I was using before.

    Since I had to sign a two year renewal with Verizon, I will just wait for the new iPhone 5 to come out, hopefully with 4g and bigger screen.

  • Samsung Google

    that is odd. i thought they going to sell gNexus in the states first, but they sold it first in UK and part of asia. well, gNexus isnt not a popular product here. NOBODY SEEN USING IT, except those iPhones and galaxy 2. so i guess ill pass gNexus