Gabrielle Union Requests No Cameras At Wedding

    July 20, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Most couples expect their guests to take a lot of pictures at their wedding. Some even encourage them to do so and rely on guests instead of professional photographers.

Gabrielle Union however, has asked her guests not to bring cameras to her wedding. While Gabrielle and her soon-to-be husband Dwyane Wade will have a photographer at the ceremony, they are afraid that if they allow guests to take photos, they will be tempted to share them and neither Dwyane nor Gabrielle want pictures of their wedding on social networks.

Aside from the no cameras rule, Gabrielle claims that she is pretty laid back about the wedding planning and has even let Dwayne do most of the planning.

“I am the girl that would just rather be at a sports bar with a cold beer… We are pretty deep (into the wedding planning), and by ‘we,’ I mean he and the wedding planner. Once he realized I was trying to turn it into a frat party with beer pong he would take over. He really ‘Kanye-d’ himself and really doubled down – I’m really just along for the ride,” she said.

As far as the wedding guest list goes, Gabrielle and Dwyane decided to only invite their family members and close friends. Don’t expect to see a long line of celebrities waiting to get into the secret wedding venue in Miami.

The wedding will take place in August, and the couple recently sent out wedding invitations to their guests. The invitations were attached to wooden cards and read, “Put on your dancing shoes and join us for a THROW DOWN.”

What do you think of Gabrielle Union’s no camera rule and do you think it will prevent their wedding photos from showing up on social networks or elsewhere on the Internet?

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • tym2go

    She’s full of crap.

  • Chicago

    All I can say is right on Dwayne and Gabrielle….. what most people forget is…. celebrities are human too and deserve the rights to their privacy. Allow them to share this special moment with family, friends and no intruders. I pray that this union will be a life filled with many blessings. For those of you who say otherwise, I say if you get in your own buggy and tend to it, you won’t have time to get in someone else’s.

    • cupcake333

      boch stop dreaming you have to be a friend of hers or a realitive for sure .. no one but no one believes this wedding should take place hell we know they call the shots ,but still we will be waiting to see how she crys foul when he come out with another baby .. i believe he will be sleeping around with that new baby moma … they still friends you know .>> duhhh gabrielle get over yourself this man is a cheater once a cheater always one , ,he just will be more cleaver next time . i bet you the first year of this marriage you will see poor gabby folloowing wade everywhere he goes .. her already flagging acting career will end so fast .. cause she gonna be every where he is watch her …

  • Charlotte DiLondon

    This couple seems so much in love. I hope they can respect and appreciate each other, and if trust is there, and they remain in love and faithful, we may see this couple hang in for a long term. I’m rooting for them. Everyone deserves to be happy, and should NEVER let anyone try to convince them that they are NOT…….

    • cupcake333

      are serious ? are you serious lady/”? this woman is desperate to marry a basket ball player she know many male actors she could have gotten she wanted a baller she has a facination with athletes , her last husband was a football player lol . that ough to tell you something … she was older than him too she cheated on him and he left her …. she became a known groupie and was sleeping with jason kids while he was married still , kevin garnett to ., she was a pass around with the players …. so save your breath

  • Grennly41

    Why is she marring him anyways. He’s just gone cheat on her again and she’s older then he is….Girl bye.

    • cupcake333

      she havent learned her lesson yet she thinks its all a dream and will go aways once she become a wife , like a lot of regular women out here do , she have no idea what is about to hit her and we all will say we told ya so ,,, he has a scary personality , to go out there and get woman pregnant, knowing the groupie game , he is one of the oldest players on the team …. i bet the rookies feel sorry for his ass .. and look how he did his wife .>>?

  • Abe Linkedin

    Wonder if Dwayne’s “baby from their break” is invited. He’s a dog and she’s a fool.

    • cupcake333

      thats a good question , why cant he go bring the baby to the wedding since im sure his sons gonna be there .??? duh? i hope his ex break up in there a clown him ,,there is a reason they having it at night time you betta believe that one .. he is so evil and sad ..

  • cupcake333

    she sure can lie, talking bout she rather be at a bar drinking beer , honey if you were a beer drinker you would have a few beer commercials in the magazines . she is ssoooo social pathy in personality , the way she talk is excusive , and passive she want to believe so bad this wedding is what wade wants NO HONEY THIS WEDDING IS WHAT WADE NEED .. he is trying to cool the public suspicions of his behavior . TOOOOOO LATE WADE YOUR RACHETT , NASTY , DUMB , CARELESS, LIER, MANIPULATIVE , SELF SERVING AND THATS HALF OF WHAT DESCRIBES HIM .. LIL UGLY MONSTER .. WHO EVER said he was a sex symbol sure was looking at his pay check that is one uggggly aszz nigro … uggggly for real and got the nerve to be cheating