Gabrielle Giffords’ Shooter Disappointed She’s Still Alive

    August 10, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Gabrielle Giffords, the former Arizona Congresswoman who was shot last January at a political rally, says she’s satisfied with the shooter’s guilty plea, which would save the city–and the surviving victims of his rampage–a long, painful trial. However, the gunman, Jared Loughner, told his psychiatrist that her survival means he’s a failure once more.

The shooting–which left six people dead and 12 injured–rocked the nation; but Giffords, in her remarkable fight for life, survived being shot in the head and eventually endured several painful surgeries, as well as rehabilitation in order to walk and speak again. Her story captured millions and inspired a country which was in shock from such a horrifying tragedy. Loughner, being in custody, was unaware that she’d survived. When he made repeated comments about her “death” to prison officials, his psychiatrist, Christina Pietz, explained that Giffords was alive, which seemed to throw him into a depression.

“I’m not an assassin,” he told Pietz. “Jared Loughner failed again. He’s a failure. So all of this would be for nothing.”

However, later he began asserting that Giffords really had died, and Pietz believes it’s because he was trying to comfort himself.

“In my opinion, Mr. Loughner maintains this belief to vindicate himself and not because he is delusional,” she wrote in a report.

Indeed, Loughner was declared mentally competent and was allowed to enter a guilty plea earlier this week, which won’t see him receive the death penalty. Instead, he faces life in prison without the possibility of parole.

  • Tammy Pierce

    This is very disturbing to know people like this walk amongst us!!!

  • fifi

    he should be executed

    • josie abbott

      to fifi-the only folks executed anymore are the unborn babies, thanks to the liberals. In their minds ruthless killers like this, as well as our 4 legged friends are worthy of being protected, but not unborn babies. A tragedy indeed. P.S. I am an animal lover so I’m not implying that animals shouldn’t be protected (they should), but to be valued MORE than human life is wrong.

      • http://lifesfunnylikethat.blogspot.com debby

        Wow. This is a barely coherent line of rhetoric and name calling.

        Abortion is wrong in my eyes, but I believe in the end, God will judge.

        I am a liberal. I am also a Christian. I stand here and wait for your judgement, Josie, even as I remind you that Christ himself said thou shalt not.

  • janet

    whether or not you got the results you wanted loughner, any time you deprive someone of living their life because of your own misguided actions, then you have failed.

  • http://Yahoo Cindy Showalter

    He is VERY sick and should be executed. Why should the taxpayers pay to keep this fool alive? That idiot Holmes that shot up the movie theater in Colorado is going to get the same thing. Life in Prison without the chance of parole. WHY? I am afirm believer in the death penalty, especially for people like these 2

  • Raven

    he should be executed. Why should we pay to keep him alive for the next 40 years

  • Scott

    I find it frightening just listening to him. Reading what he has to say is almost akin to getting inside of him – frightening! We should take the microphone away from him. He’s already caused enough harm. Put him away; throw away the key; forget about him.

  • Zach

    Cindy Showalter, Please refrain from using the argument for the death penalty by saying that taxpayers will have to “keep this fool alive.” That argument is just untrue. The appeals process and legal fees after a capital punishment is given is just as expensive, if not more than a LWOP sentence.

  • FRANK Macon

    Our country is disintegrating…morally and socially. We are the Dis-United States of America. These mass killings that are happening regularly are but a symptom of this disintegration. History is filled with examples…we ignore them. We have failed to learn and we are reaping the consequences.

  • tw33kerloki

    LWOP? It’s cheaper than a Death Penalty process (unless, like McVeigh, he wants to die quickly). If this tool fights it, it would drag on forever. LWOP could be even better if Loughner were “accidentally” let loose into gen pop every once in while. Wouldn’t be long before he gets violated and mutilated. Hopefully they don’t kill him too soon.

  • Shurl

    Why should the citizens pay to keep this guy in prison instead of death? He doesn’t deserve being alive after what he did & will only cost millions to pay his room & board!

    • Silky1

      If we are lucky he will rot sooner than later or be executed by an inmate.

  • Sk8eycat

    Life without parole is less costly in the long run than the death penalty. In addition, this failure of a nobody’s name should never be mentioned in public again, nor should his smirking face be shown in the media. Lock him up, throw away the key, and let him rot in obscurity.

    Do the same with the nobody who shot all those people in Colorado, and anyone else who commits such atrocities. They don’t deserve even fifteen nanoseconds of “fame.”

    • Weeb

      agreed Sk8eycat!

  • http://YAHOO Kay Walker

    People simply do not read nor research. It has been demonstrated over and over that it is cheaper to imprison rather than execute due to laws which entitle one to many appeals. I am glad we have such laws as we are finding people that are innocent of their crimes due to DNA testing. It is a sad statement for society in a recent case that the person was judged insane until he was forced to take medication. I guess some think it is okay to execute the mentally ill. Schizophrenia and many other disorders are genetic.

    • Terry

      He deserves exactly what he provided 6 other people, execution. I suspect we could raise the money in a week if the state is concerned about process costs. And to the over educated senseless individual who shared with us that we just dont understand mental illness like you do, and as a result execution is not warranted, perhaps you have personal experience that fortunately most of do not.

  • roseann

    too bad he is still alive. He needs the electric chair.

    • Joe

      No, he needs to be shot the same way he shot all those people.

  • BcdErick

    I hate seeing her picture. She’s so pretty and so full of life. Yes I know what she has done to recover is beyond heroic. But I’m like a lot of posters here. I would like to see the shooter executed. Yes I know that emotionally for the families and financially for the state this plea bargain makes sense. But it’s not justice.

  • melvin coles

    This comment should revoke his plea deal. What a scum bag!

    • Terry

      Well said.

  • jeff johnson

    God bless you Gab, and those in Colorado and Wi and everywhere crazy people are killing people.

    How about we don’t kill anyone! It costs a lot more to prosecute someone for the death penalty then to keep him or her in jail for life. Then you never make a mistake. And abortion, there are cases where it is necessary but generally if used as a means of birth control-sterilazation is better -if you don’t want kids and can’t control yourself (or be responsible) don’t kill anyone!

    so libs quit killing-murdering babies and conservatives stop killing murders. Besides, it is rather confusing, if we execute murders then do we execute mothers that kill their unwanted babies?

    • Garanduser

      This dude deserves to be fried, I volenteer to flip the switch.

      • Steve

        Garanduser: I agree completely. Loughner should be executed for his crimes.

  • Wiliam Davis

    What an odd choice for a title of an article. Who cares what the shooter thinks?

  • relly

    2 weeks before miss giffords was shot a very dear friend of mine was also shot by some person who just wanted to kill the first person he saw, my friend survived if you can call being paralyzed told you will never walk again scarred where the bullets entered his fragile body depression feeling alone and exiled surviving

  • KP

    Father, forgive these people, because they don’t know what they are doing. Luke 23:34

  • Joe

    Father Lord, please give this filth of the Earth the same fate of everyone he killed and injured.

  • irv stone

    She can’t be brought to life; so what is the discussion about?

  • http://none irv stone

    She can’t be brought back to life, so what’s the discussion about?

  • http://none irv stone

    She can’t be brought back to lijavascript:void(0)fe, so what’s the discussion about?

  • Marco

    Can’t put a good Jewish woman down. I hope he lives the rest of his days in disappointment and failure. Love live Gabby

  • tom black

    I bet she wishes she was DEAD

  • http://none Ron Moraca

    Loughner, you were always a failure. The best part of you ran down your mama’s leg. It would have been better if you had never been born.

    • Steve

      I completely agree with you, Ron. Loughner definitely and sadly brought a lot of heartache and tragedy to many people.

  • Steve

    If I recall correctly, Loughner has faced charges only in the State of Arizona. Couldn’t Loughner also face federal charges as well? Since Loughner allegedly murdered a federal judge and another federal government employee, couldn’t Loughner be sentenced to death in a federal court for the murder of the federal judge and the other federal government employee if the federal court finds him guilty of first-degree murder for the murder of the federal judge and the other federal government employee?

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