G+ LeapYear Aims To Capture A Day In The Life Of Google+

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Last year, "Life in a Day" was released - an ambitious YouTube project that put together footage from numerous people about "what it was like to be alive on the 24th of July, 2010."

Now, on Google+, there's a project going on called G+ LeapYear aimed at capturing a "day in the life of G+". It might not be quite as ambitious, and it may not have Ridley Scott behind it like the YouTube project, but it's interesting nonetheless.

The description is as follows:

A project to capture a small snippet of the lives and the world from the perspective of everyone here on G+. Everyone will take a picture of their small piece of the world on the 29th Feb 2012 and share it with the whole G+ community. This will create one never before seen photographic record of what the world looked like on one specific day in time. A record that forms a kind of time capsule that we can use to look back on one frozen moment in time.

The about page also provides the following instructions:

  1. On 29th Feb 2012 Take a Picture (or several)
  2. Upload that picture(s) to Google+
  3. Share your picture(s) publicly
    1. Include the tag: #G+LeapYearDayProject
    2. + Mention this page
  4. Once your picture is public fill in this very short form to help us keep track of all the submissions: Click Here for the form

They say videos are OK if you keep them under a minute.

While the initiative comes from users, some Googlers are sharing it around.

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