Funding and Offers Pour In for Facebook Alternative

Diaspora: Our Situation Has Changed a Little

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Diaspora has been getting a great deal of attention as reports come out about interest in Facebook account deletion. Facebook’s Open Graph initiative, which has been criticized a great deal for being the opposite of open, has had people considering different options, and one of those options is Diaspora.

At least that’s the hope. Diaspora, doesn’t actually exist yet, but it’s raising funding, expectations, and a significant amount of interest from third-parties wanting to help out the group of young guys responsible for its existence.
The group has made more money that it asked for, and has posted an update to its blog today addressing where they’re at with the project:

Our basic plan is the same: we’re going to build a great lightweight decentralized social networking framework and release it as AGPL software. We’re going to use the extra money to help us reach that goal and to keep improving Diaspora after this summer, and possibly supplement our ramen with the occasional apple. :)

In addition to money, a massive number of talented and experienced people, including developers, designers, hosting companies and lawyers, have offered us their expertise. Though we haven’t responded to the deluge of emails, we have read them all. We’re still working through the backlog and are putting together a great group of advisors.

We’re also getting in touch with other projects in the space. We had a great talk with the guys behind Ostatus earlier this week, and we are excited to implement the Ostatus standards.

OStatus is described as an open standard for distributed status updates with the goal of specification that allows different messaging hubs to route status updates between users in near-real-time. It builds upon protocols like PubSubHubbub, Webfinger, ActivityStreams and Salmon – those generally associated with the open web.

In Diaspora’s initial description of itself, it said, "We are 140-character ideas. We are the pictures of your cat. We are blog posts about the economy. We are the collective knowledge that is Wikipedia."

Diaspora: Personally Controlled, Do-It-All, Distributed Open-Source Social Network from daniel grippi on Vimeo.

If the goal is to provide a legitimate alternative to Facebook, Diaspora has a large mountain to climb. No matter how great the product ends up being, it’s going to take getting the masses to sign on, and the masses are Facebook’s greatest asset. Can the enthusiasm of the tech community translate to the average Facebook user? Tell us what you think.

Funding and Offers Pour In for Facebook Alternative
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    Video encoding and share functionality built in, event management is built in, blogging built-in, photo share built in, collaborative blogging spaces built in, audio share built in, file share built in, contacts built in, notifications built in, subscriptions built in, post to social sites built in, calendars built in, groups built in, workflow tools built in, rss feeds built in. It implements open social. Assets can be grouped and published as a portfolio and xml feeds exposed for 3rd party badges, and system integration.

    Perhaps the most compelling reason to use Gambassa is the education and scientific value it creates through the project and curriculum engine. The projects engine allows for students to collaborate on projects such as a water sample studies, and to publish the results, methodology, and assets in an open xml format for others to see and review. The projects contain attributes that can be exposed and can be search by location on maps using GPS coordinates and reviewed by others in the industry for trends. By allowing independent research result sets to be shared using standard scientific formats and XML, Gambassa takes collaborative data beyond sharing unformatted, insecure spreadsheets and into the realm of dissociated normalized data result sets.

    Gambassa is already there and doing most of what is being talked about.
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