Fake YouTube Video Leads to Multi-Million Dollar Soccer Transfer

By: Chris Richardson - January 27, 2012

What can a fake YouTube video do for you? Well, if you’re name is Stewart Downing, a moderately-talented soccer player for Liverpool, it can turn a decent paycheck into an absolute gold mine.

The story, which was seen over at TheBigLead.com, goes something like this: Before he transferred to Liverpool, Downing’s previous club, Aston Villa, made a viral video of Downing hitting soccer balls into a trashcans that were placed some 30 yards away. Members of the Liverpool management team — Americans John Henry and Tom Werner — saw the video and apparently went nuts.

The only problem is, the video was a fake:

Now, it should be noted that Downing was already a player in the English Premier League, although, he’s probably not good enough to warrant £20 million transfer fee. Thanks to the video, however, the American management team just had to have him, even after they realized the video was a fake:

John and I said, ‘Oh my god, this player is brilliant, we’ve got figure out a way to make a deal with him.’ We later found out of course that the footage was somewhat doctored but we were so excited about Downing joining Liverpool.

So what can a viral video do for you? Well, if the right, — or in this case, wrong — management team gets ahold of it, you may wind up being part of a huge money deal, one that’s way, way above your skill level.

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  • tom

    Do you really believe the owners would spend 20m on a player based purely on one youtube video?? This lazy journalism really ticks me off sometimes!

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Richardson

      Did you not read what the management team said? I, nor did any of the sources certainly didn’t make that up…

      • dog

        this is utter shite

        • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Richardson

          So we’re all getting this wrong? I guess Henry and Werner were just joking, right?

          • dog

            You’re so naive Richardson. I think you need to improve your journalism skills. Alex has a rosie nose