Facebook Seems To Be Having Some Notification Issues

    March 27, 2013
    Chris Crum
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A lot of people are complaining about issues with Facebook notifications. Specifically, some users of Facebook’s Messenger app are having problems. We’re seeing complaints that people using the app are getting notifications for old messages.

One user of the iOS app tells WebProNews the app keeps alerting them to previously sent, old messages. This person says that from about ten messages a friend sent today, they’ve gotten about 40 alerts.

The problems may not be exclusive to the Messenger app or the iOS version. People are also complaining a lot about notification issues on Twitter:

  • Scott Sisco

    Was a solution ever found for this problem? Starting a week ago I began getting duplicate messeges in messenger. Every morning I wake up with 20-40 old messages. It’s extremely annoying.

  • Cara

    Was this ever fixed? I’ve been having this issue on and off for months. Me and my friend already live on a bad time difference, and now sometimes I never am notified of him sending a message. It just never tells me.