Facebook for Android Update Mimics Earlier iOS Update

    March 20, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Facebook has just pushed an update for their Android app that mirrors changes pushed to their iOS app earlier this week.

First off, the new version of Facebook for Android allows users to change their profile picture. This follows last month’s update, which gave users the ability to change their cover photos directly from the app. Earlier this week, Facebook finally gave iOS users the ability to change their cover photos.

Facebook says that there are now fewer taps involved when users want to start a group message. Facebook also updated iOS to improve messaging, tweaking this same thing as well as making it easier to name and find group conversations.

Lastly, Facebook now lets Android users hide stories and report spam from the news feed.

Like with its iOS app, Facebook is keeping to the regular update schedule with its Android app. Ever since announcing that they would push app updates every 4 to 8 weeks, Facebook has, for the most part, made good on their word.

You can grab the update right now over on Google Play.

  • http://www.msinteractive.com Moonstone Interactive

    This is a great concept, if Facebook can continue to update Apple and Android in the same manner, life will be much simpler for those who use Facebook on an hourly (or less) basis. More and more people seem to have Android devices and Facebook has the right idea by encouraging the same features no matter what device the user has. This will expand the apps potential for users, businesses, and marketers.

  • http://successwithsocialmediaonline.com/facebook/ Jacob

    Can i ask what is iOS? What’s is the meaning of that Acronym i’ just curious about it.

  • http://successwithsocialmediaonline.com/facebook/ Jacob

    as far as i know this app for android is still beta hope this works perfectly in android..