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Services Take Advantage of New Facebook Open Graph

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After Facebook unveiled the timeline, the company started talking about its new version of the open graph and how it’s going to change apps. They’ve already partnered with a whole bunch.

More than a dozen developers have worked with Facebook to build social music apps with the new open graph, according to Mark Zuckerberg.

“Developers are using open graph not only to rethink music, but to rethink the whole music industry, and i think Spottily has done a great job with this,” he said.

Daneil Ek CEO of Spotify took the mic for a bit. He said, “Spotify users who connect to Facebook listen to more music on a weekly basis. They also listen to a wider variety of music.”

Daniel Ek

“We have over 400 million playlists to back that up,” he added. “They’re also more engaged and more than twice as likely to pay for music.”

“It’s a big day for music and an even bigger day for the music industry,” said Ek. But it’s even a bigger day for users, he added ( or something to that effect).

Spotify has a post up about its integration.

This isn’t all about music though. Movies and music are also part of the equation of course. Hulu, Netflix and a bunch others have integrations.

f8 video partners

There is also a video timeline. This contains movie and show info that the user has watched. It’s highlights. Not everything.

Reed Hastings CEO of Netflix took the mic to talk about how much better movie suggestions are from friends and how the new Facebook will help this. It’s already helped him watch Breaking Bad since a friend suggested it, despite the Netflix algorithm having recommended to him for a long time. Unfortunately for U.S. users there are some privacy issues preventing the new integration from being available here. For now. More on the Netlix integration here.

Reed Hastings

Then there’s news. You can see all the most popular articles that all your friends are reading across all kinds of publications. Yahoo News is using Open Graph so you can discover more news stories through your friends, Zuckerberg explained, for example.

A Yahoo spokesperson tells WebProNews, “A milestone in Yahoo!’s social strategy, the company has launched a new way for users to discover and connect with friends around the world’s most popular content on both Yahoo! and Facebook. The Yahoo! News Activity Feature is putting people’s friends front and center to usher in an innovative way of connecting around content socially.”

More on this is here.

He looked at a new app for Washington Post (social reader). He showed one for The Daily as well – a Facebook-specific canvas app. More than a dozen developers have worked with Facebook on new social apps for news.

Of course game apps are all over the new Open Graph. With the new open graph, all kinds of activities from games will appear in the ticker. There are a bunch of game partners who have already taken advantage of this as well.

f8 game partners

Finally, there is what they’re calling “Lifestyle apps”. Zuckerberg describes lifestyle apps as apps that let you keep track of and express different things from your life. “I think that this is going to be really big,” he says.

He showed off a Nike app for running. He then showed the Foodspotting app. He says they worked with “dozens and dozens” of other partners to create other lifestyle apps for the new open graph.

More on Facebook’s new Open Graph here.

f8: Music, Video, News, Games, Lifestyle Apps
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