Eva Marcille Files Restraining Order Against Boyfriend, Shares a Picture With Him Days Later

By: Meaghan Ellis - April 9, 2014

Eva Marcille has lots of people wondering about her topsy-turvy relationship with Kevin McCall. Back in January, most would have assumed they were floating on cloud nine.

With the birth of their daughter, Marley Rae, they both took to social media with loving messages, doting on one another. They appeared to be the epitome of the ideal couple. However, things definitely aren’t as they seemed, and the truth is beginning to surface.

On March 28, the America’s Next Top Model star was granted a restraining order against McCall. According to TMZ, things got out of control at the Marcille-McCall household. The publication reports that Marcille claims McCall went “ballistic.”

The two had a verbal sparring match that quickly escalated, with McCall ultimately kicking down four doors in the house. McCall reportedly chased Marcille around the house, trying to take their daughter from her. The Grammy award-nominated singer-songwriter also threatened to hit Marcille.

In most cases, filing a restraining order as a result of domestic violence means you want to distance yourself from the person in question, right? Well, not in this case. While the news of Marcille’s restraining order caught the attention of the media, what happened just days later raised even more questions.

On April 4, Marcille shared a picture via Instagram of her and McCall with their 2-month-old daughter. Ironically, the caption for the picture read, ““#familyfirst.”

They appeared to be a happy family, despite the physical altercation that took place just a week prior. The picture is quite contradictory since McCall is required to stay a minimum of 100 yards away from Marcille, according to the restraining order documents.

Maybe the old cliché is true where Marcille is concerned. “Love hides all faults.”

Hopefully, Marcille and McCall can reconcile and repair whatever damage has caused a rift in their relationship. Otherwise, they’ll will be living out McCall’s lyrics and “chunking up them deuces.”

Image via Eva Marcille, Twitter

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  • maria

    she should leave him! Abusive partners don’t change their patterns, they’re abusive behavior is welled deep inside of them

  • maria


    • Cubano_Twin

      lol #GrammarCheck

    • jkebeans

      I know. What is she thinking. She has a child to protect. I certainly would not be easy with a boyfriend who chased me around the house and broke down 4 doors. Hell no.

  • Red

    When will women learn?



  • kay3434

    They should take her into custody for wasting the government’s time and the taxpayer’s money.

    • jkebeans

      Seriously, you think they should punish the mother and leave the kid with her boyfriend. That would really be great wouldn’t it.