Etsy Makes It Easier To Find Stuff

    October 10, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Etsy has launched a new browsing experience for it shoppers with the addition of new “browse pages”. Etsy’s Hebo explains in a company blog post:

A few months ago, we released a new way to browse items for Weddings. It’s been a success — those planning their weddings are able to find items more easily and purchases have increased, which is welcomed news for shoppers and sellers alike!

Building on the success of Weddings, we’re happy to extend this new way to browse to the rest of Etsy’s marketplace. If you look on Etsy’s homepage, we’ve moved the long list of Categories under More Ways to Shop and we’ve replaced it with new browse pages.

Here are a couple examples of Browse Pages:

Browse Page on Etsy

Etsy Browse Pages

With new browse pages, items are organized by what they are, who they’re for or what they’re used for, as opposed to them being separated by technique or material. The browse pages, based on search results, will also surface items in more than one place, as opposed to the old way where they were only surfaced in one location based on category. This should be good for creating more exposure for sellers.

Handmade and vintage items have been combined, and it’s now a filter that can be used from any browse page.

Etsy notes that the browse pages also make it easier for the site to highlight “of-the-moment” shopping trends, such as holidays, seasonal themes or things like iPhone accessories.

Etsy isn’t finished with making the browsing experience better. The company also hints at a coming region-based shopping experience. I suppose we’ll hear more about that soon.

  • http://www.etsy.com/shop/felixfunhouse sarah

    Looks okay but not a fan!

  • http://www.StoriesDivinations.Etsy.com Laurie

    ve had an exceptionally positive experience with Etsy with very little exception with receipts in excess of $59K last year – AND I make everything myself (except the vintage items, of course). But I feel extremely vulnerable when they, for example, change their search engine protocol and my views and sales suddenly plummet. This happened today, in fact, when they launched a new great-looking “browse” function. It ramps up the trendy look of the site for shoppers but absolutely killed my sales activity – and who knows for how long. I have a fairly loyal following on Etsy and many repeat buyers, but when things like this happen and there is no clear information given about how to compensate, I just fell, well, kind of used, rather than a valued “partner” or even a valued “component” of the Etsy success. Laurie at StoriesDivinations on Etsy.

  • Sharon

    Its so unorganized and the same pictures page after page. Everyone still needs to use the search bar to find what you are looking for. Etsy made a mistake with this one!