Edward Snowden Clemency: What Do You Say, Obama?

    January 2, 2014
    Tina Volpe
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Edward Snowden is a whistle-blower who exposed the U.S. governmental spy agencies and what they did that infringed on U.S. citizens, as well as some of its allies. He deserves clemency — or even a full pardon from President Barack Obama.

That’s the request put forth to President Obama by the New York Times and Britain’s Guardian newspaper, urging him to drop his insistence that Snowden come home to face trial.

“When someone reveals that government officials have routinely and deliberately broken the law, that person should not face life in prison at the hands of the same government,” the Times argued. “President Obama should tell his aides to begin finding a way to end Mr. Snowden’s vilification and give him an incentive to return home.”

Mr. Snowden is currently charged with two violations of the Espionage Act involving unauthorized communication of classified information, and a charge of theft of government property. Those three charges carry prison sentences of 10 years each, and when the case is presented to a grand jury for indictment, the government is virtually certain to add more charges, probably adding up to a life sentence that Mr. Snowden is understandably trying to avoid.

The National Security Administration (NSA) and the U.S. government have pretty much banned Edward Snowden from the U.S., unless he wants to spend his life in prison. He did take information that did not belong to him, to the tune of 1.7, more or less, documents that were “highly classified”.

Many American’s are grateful that he did, although the documents were classified, they revealed information about the U.S. government’s surveillance tactics, information that the public had a right to know.

These files showed how the NSA was forcing American technology companies to hand over private customer information, without warrants to allow legal access to the information, and they also revealed how data from phone and Internet records were intercepted without the users knowledge.

While the release of these documents forced Snowden to flee the U.S., no doubt in fear of the possible NSA and governmental ramifications that he would face, and move to Russia. Remember though, it also alerted the American public — and many U.S. allies — of the government’s intrusive, unethical and possibly unlawful spying efforts.

Snowden’s actions have prompted the American Civil Liberties Union to sue the NSA. The suit aims to force the U.S. government to disclose details of its electronic surveillance program and describe what protections it provides to Americans whose communications are swept up during the search for terrorist suspects, Reuters reported.

Snowden should be treated as a hero not a criminal and Obama should consider that when making his final decision.

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  • Ironic

    This will never happen. Who are we kidding? They want to kill that man and they are worried about what he has. He acquired 1.8 million documents. He might even know himself what he has because he hasn’t had time to read all of them.

    Face it America. Your country is a police state and it is only going to get worse. We already incarcerate the most people in the world. It isn’t even close really. They are building more prisons every day and privatizing them. They are even listed on the NYSE. Really think about that. Prisons on a stock exchange — gee you don’t think there is profiteering going on do you? Have you ever read the annual report for CCA (Corrections Corporation of America)? They know what is going to happen in this country. They know it is going to get worse. America already leads the world in victimless crimes. We literally have people in prison for crimes against no one. It is crazy.

    This country is one or two events away from martial law being established. In fact, during the last 7 “terrorist” attacks in this nation, there was also a government drill going on at the same time. Even at Sandy Hook, there was a government drill and training session going on just 20 minutes away. The training covered the very things that happened at Sandy Hook. Some people may say that is just coincidence but others may say there is something strange going on. All these terrorists events just happen to coincide with a push to get guns. What happens when guns are taken away from the people? Well, talk to every dictator that ever existed. That is their first goal — disarm the public — disarm the resistance.

    Do I need to remind the public of the “useless eaters” comments that were said by government officials. There are many people in government who look down on the people. They would like nothing more than to be dictators, kings, and the ruling elite. No, America. They will not pardon Snowden. Wake up from your dream. Stop believing your illusion of America and look at what it really is. Look at what it has become.

    Compare the Soviet Union in the 80s to America today. It is so ironic. We are doing EVERYTHING they did. We are even in Afghanistan just like they were. It is crazy really. Our two roles have literally reversed.

  • A.T.

    America has been in denial since 9/11. Every other country in the world knows this except America. The evidence is all around the American people. They just won’t open their eyes and see it.

  • Clapper

    That woman from the Washington Post is clueless. If Snowden would have come forward, he would be exactly where Daniel Manning is right now. Sitting in a prison for the next 25 years or so.

    She is clueless and the very reason why we need to worry in the United States.

  • Clapper

    By the way, go visit the prisons. The only people that are in prison are the poor. You certainly won’t find anyone with government connections in the prisons.

  • Objective

    For me the issue of NSA surveillance and Edward Snowden’s actions are two separate issues. I believe there has been an over-reach in reaction to 9/11 and government intrusions into privacy. There does need to be some pullback and more protections for our privacy by giving the courts more scrutiny so that the government must show a strong compelling reason for surveillance. A court stronger than the current FISA needs to be created so that it does not rubber stamp government requests.

    However, a strong intelligence agency needs to remain because of threats inside and out of this country.

    Edward Snowden is not a hero. Sure, we gained information, but he could have found a more lawful way to handle this matter. His actions have endangered intelligence personnel that are doing their jobs. he is not the judge and the jury. He claims that the government should be held accountable. It should and he should also be held accountable as well. i do not see the government nor Edward Snowden as HEROES. Both are villains.

    • Wow

      Who are you kidding?

      If Snowden never came forward, it would just be business as usual. Clapper would still be saying the American people aren’t being spied on. By the way, the government will never investigate itself.

      Stop being so naive.