Dump Trump: Petition Calls Out Macy’s For “Birther” Ad

    November 13, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A SignOn.org campaign has garnered over 500,000 signatures calling for Macy’s to release Donald Trump as a spokesperson and pull him from their newest “Magic Of Macy’s” Christmas ad, all because he tugged on Santa’s beard.

The petition states that Trump, who is featured in the Macy’s commercial pulling on Santa’s beard and asking if he really is Santa Claus, has a history of cruelty and bigotry and says the ad is just a thinly veiled reference to Trump’s claims that President Obama is a fraud. Trump famously called for Obama to give up his birth certificate, and earlier this year offered millions of dollars to charity of Obama would surrender his college and passport records.

“If I stood inside a Macy’s store and said the things that Trump has said, security would escort me out,” said Angelo Carusone, who organized the petition. “This is about taking away the system of perverse incentives that rewards Donald Trump for continued outbursts of sexism, bigotry and just plain meanness.”

Macy’s has yet to comment on the ads, but Trump gave a statement, saying, “The fact is that there’s a large group of people who like Donald Trump and what Donald Trump says. I have no regrets.”

He may have found a fighter in Carusone, however; he’s the same organizer of StopBeck, a successful petition to stop many advertisers from airing their spots during Glenn Beck’s show.

  • Sabrina

    Well, I had to look up the ad at youtube to see what the fuss is about. My thoughts? I think the ad is hilarious and the petition is a lot of nonsense brought up by humorless individuals with nothing better to do. They need to lighten up and move on. Great marketing strategy on the part of Macy’s. It’s not often that an iconic company like Macy’s can get away with lampooning itself in this way. Mind, I’m not a big fan of Donald Trump, but fact of the matter is whether one likes it or not, he is as much a part of the NYC scene as is Macy’s, so it’s fitting he’s in the ad along with other NY based celebrities. If you ask me, it’s more like Trump making fun of himself because he’s always been a skeptic of sorts if one has ever read his books or watched his TV show, so pulling Santa’s beard is precisely the kind of thing he would do…and Santa would be perfectly justified in sending him a lump of coal this year LOL

    • Jack black

      How could a jogger write such stuff.

  • http://none allen morris

    dump the asshole

  • neil crowley

    sounds like the donald is losing it.

  • http://webpornews paul

    i think that trump is loosing it and i wouldn’t blank on him if he was on fire

    • rich

      I had the exact same thought, what an arrogant loser.

  • http://yahoo Dianna La Tempa

    Tired of Donald Trumps disrespect of the president, this draws negative publicity to Macy”s a store i love to shop at!! Get rid of him!!!!!

  • sis todd

    go donald. macys business is already tops but will go through the roof! the left will not have any money to shop anywhere with this president. go figure!

  • sis todd

    go donald.this will boost sales thru the roof for macys. the left will not have any money to shop after obama gets done. go figure

  • Tony Gaze

    I admit I was disgusted to view the most recent Macy’s TV commercial with an appearance of Donald “Orange Comb Over” Trump. But I say, let’s just make sure that all of the Trump endorsed merchandise remains on the shelf. It’s not worth wiping ones butt with. Boycott Trump and Macy’s will get the message.

    • joyce smith

      lets boycott Macys until they get the message!!!!!!!

  • bud smith

    I guess we know who has been naughty!!!!!!!!! HOHO

  • ED

    Dump the bastard

  • http://WebPronews ED

    Dump the bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • savannah

      no,but you are!!!!

  • dbwells

    It’s okay to despise Obama. I know a lot of pathetic little people think Obama is God. He’s not. The only reason he is president is because a bunch of ignorant, lazy, welfare low-lifes voted for him because they thought they were going to get free stuff.

    • joyce smith

      no, you sound like the idiot….I paid over 32% in taxes last year and worked my ass off to earn my success-by the way I was THRILLED to vote and contribute $$$ to the campaign for Mr Obama and would do it all over again!!! YAY to President Obama!!!!!!!! you rock!!!!! stop the HATING!!!!!!!

  • NeedaHateu


  • Truth

    To Angelo Carusone,

    You dumb stupid idiot. Do your research! Every single document Obama has released and every single document which has been uncovered is surrounded by anomalies. If YOU were to produce all the documents Obama has produced, I’m certain yours would be fine…so how is that every single document Obama has is questionable? Even the birth announcements in Hawaii newspapers cannot be found like you claim…they are micro-film copies; and the micro-film itself is the only one out of all the others to be different in color and texture. Again, I ask, how is it possible that every single document of Obama’s is different than any one of ours??? Open your eyes, you dumb-ass!

  • christina

    I hate Trump but even I think that they are stretching it quite a bit to tie him pulling on Santa’s beard to it being something about Obama and the whole birther thing.