“Duck Dynasty” Cast Gets Big Raise Ahead Of Season 4

    August 14, 2013
    Amanda Crum

“Duck Dynasty” has been a huge, unexpected hit for A&E, and producers apparently agree with their stars that it’s worth a salary bump to keep the ratings.

After prolonged negotiations, it’s been reported that the 9 adults and 11 children who appear on the show will now receive $200,000 per episode to split between them. That’s about four times more than what they made before.

The show pulled in a massive viewership last season, with 9.6 million fans tuning in for the finale. The family has reportedly been in talks with producers about their salaries for a while now, and it looked like they might not return for season 4 back in July as they hammered out an agreement.

“The ‘Duck Dynasty’ guys… they don’t need the money,” said A&E CEO Philip Segal. “They’re having fun, right? It isn’t about the money, right? They were wealthy to begin with. These A-type personalities… the network says, ‘Can’t you get them to be behave?’ No. They are crazy, which is what makes them compelling characters. When a show is a successful, it becomes a problem.”

The pay agreement comes not a moment too soon, as the new season is set to begin tonight. The latest episodes will feature a new Robertson family member, Alan, who is the only brother without facial hair. The Louisiana pastor has spent time with the family during their speaking engagement tours.