Drew Barrymore’s Half-Sister Found Dead


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Drew Barrymore’s half-sister was found dead in her car on Tuesday. Her neighbor Marta Lopez was trying to leave for work when she noticed a car was blocking her driveway.

She approached the car and found a woman inside. She said that the woman was reclined back in the seat and had an energy drink between her legs. Lopez asked the woman if she needed help several times and when she didn’t respond Lopez took a closer look to see if the woman was breathing.

She noticed that she was not breathing and saw a pile of pills on the seat next to the woman. She called the police.

Another witness had seen the car parked in the same location the night before Lopez found it. The witness said that he just thought the woman was waiting for someone.

The San Diego Medical Examiner's Office confirmed that the woman in the car was Jessica Barrymore, daughter of John Barrymore.

Drew Barrymore released a statement about her half-sister’s death.

“Although I only met her briefly, I wish her and her loved ones as much peace as possible and I'm so incredibly sorry for their loss," she said on Wednesday.

Unlike her famous family, Jessica Barrymore had lived a simple life and worked at a Petco where she was well-liked.

Two of her coworkers spoke fondly of her after learning of her death.

"Jessica was always a helpful person,” friend and co-worker Dawn Scott said. “If we had any problems she would help us work things out. She would always put people first... She was one awesome, helpful person and she's someone we're all going to miss."

"Jessica always had a positive attitude at work, great with customers, us and animals," said Dawn Vaughn, a former co-worker. "Awesome sense of humor and always had a smile for you, very generous in heart and spirit. This world lost a wonderful human being for sure.”

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Image via Wikimedia Commons