Donna Summer, Disco Queen and Gay Icon, Dead at 63: Twitter Reacts

    May 17, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Donna Summer, the iconic songstress known for such 70’s hits as “Last Dance,” “Hot Stuff”, and “Bad Girls”, passed away today at the age of 63. The Disco Queen, gay icon, and Grammy winner was struggling with cancer, a disease which ultimately claimed her life. She was rumored to have been in Florida at the time of her death.

If the news of Summer’s bout with cancer comes as something as of a surprise to you, then you’re not alone. Summer apparently went to great lengths to conceal just how sick she really was from friends, family, and fans alike. According to the folks at TMZ, the singer was recently attempting to put the finishing touches on her latest album.

Summer was instrumental in kickstarting the dance music craze in the 70’s. With the help of producer Giorgio Moroder, the talented singer delivered a number of hits during the decade, though she couldn’t be confined within one particular era. During the 80’s, Summer kept returning to radio with songs like “She Works Hard for the Money” and “This Time I Know It’s for Real”. She’s credited with influencing with artists as Duran Duran, David Bowie, Whitney Houston, and scores of other artists.

Twitter reactions to the singer’s passing have been understandably overwhelming. For more information about her pass, stop by Famous Dead.

My heart and thoughts go out to the family of Donna Summer. MBB
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RIP Donna Summer, you were my disco queen. On the Radio made me believe I had it goin on and could sing just like u into my hairbrush.
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I worked with Donna Summer on Hollywood Squares..she was one classy lady…#discoqueen
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Donna Summer. Man I can’t believe this— like “My Baby Understands” was on my workout playlist this morning! This MORNING! God…I just…
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We’re losing too many of our icons, R.I.P Donna Summer
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Love to Love You, Baby… RIP Donna Summer. You were a great part of my youth <3 #fb
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Thank you Donna Summer for defining dance music in the 70s. The Last Dance will always be yours …. http://t.co/3mlhZyqt
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Damnnn, Donna Summer too? Wow, RIP. Our culture is so indebted to her.
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Guess what kids? The “Who is Donna Summer” tweets are alive & spreading. Humanity never fails to disappoint.
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Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder were perfection never to be duplicated.
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  • http://webpronews Sabrina Doolamsingh

    I am really Saddened by this Shocking news,because I was just singing one of her songs “She works hard for her money” Then after the song I heard that she Passed away I….My Blood Ran Cold,because I love her Music,I was born 1978 & She was already a BIG Star…May Her Soul Rest In Peace..Thank you for the Lovely Music that will Never be Forgotten :(

  • Maxima

    She was a Disco Diva and a gay Queen…She betrayed us and we stopped loving her. I wish all my friends who died of Aids would see her death yesterday.