DJ Mister Cee Amid Sex Scandal, Returns to Hot 97


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DJ Mister Cee's ears must definitely be burning since there's been lots of chatter about him lately. With all the talk surrounding the allegations behind his sexual escapades, times have been quite trying for the legendary emcee. However, the DJ has decided not to let all of the drama bring him down. According to CNN, DJ Mister Cee has indeed, returned to Hot 97 after resigning just last week. As a matter of fact, Cee didn't even let a full day go by without having a change of heart. He has decided that he's done with the guilt, and has every intention of getting on with his life, turning the negative into something positive. He also plans to become an advocate for sexual freedom, with the belief that people should be accepted as they are.

"I am tired of trying to do something or be something that I am not," he said.

For those who don't know what actually prompted Cee's departure from Hot 97, it was a series of events that gradually reached a boiling point before erupting. While the incident that led to his voluntarily resignation is not the first in question, the damning evidence came in the form of footage, which was undeniably incriminating. Then, the on-air conversation that took place last week really put a new spin on things. However, it was the confession during the conversation that sent the media into a frenzy. What followed afterward was an admission to the allegations along with the DJ's resignation from NYC's Hot 97 after more than 20 years on the air.

The allegations began to surface following DJ Mister Cee's 2011 arrest due to his involvement with a transgender person. Cee was allegedly caught in a compromising sexual act in Lower Manhattan. But, the defaming controversy in which the footage was produced involved the solicitation of sex with a homosexual blogger disguised as a woman. With little cognizance of the exploitation, the footage of the DJ's encounter with the transvestite was released September 11, 2013. The seven minute audio clip began flooding the Internet, and the allegations came pouring in. As the veteran DJ was faced with constant interrogation, he initially denied all claims dating back to the 2011 incident, stating that the arrest allegations were false, and that he had no association with such activity. However, last week after the release of the footage, Cee made the ultimate decision to “come clean.” On September 12, the allegations came up again on air between Cee and Hot 97 radio personality, Ebro. DJ Mister Cee admitted to knowingly soliciting sex from transgender prostitutes.


Image via Hot 97