Disappointed Kids on Christmas YouTube Videos 2011


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While most who took in the "WTF I Wanted an iPhone" video were shocked and appalled by the teen and pre-teen reaction to not receiving a car or Apple product for Christmas, there's something more light-hearted and humorous about younger kids being disappointed on Christmas.

Jimmy Kimmel tapped into this with a challenge to parents to give their kids a terrible present for Christmas, which a lot of parents were more than happy to respond. Even without Kimmel, there have been plenty of videos submitted of parents pranking their kids with an awful present.

One such video is picking up steam on YouTube, and has by far been my favorite of all the submissions. Being a White Sox fan, I absolutely understand this girl's reaction to receiving a Chicago Cubs pillow pet for Christmas. My response would have been more smarmy than hers, and would have just bragged about winning a World Series in the past 10 years. Not sure she was alive in 2005 though.

Here's the rest of the submissions, enjoy, and have a Happy New Year!