Dina Eastwood: Has She Moved On Already?

    September 2, 2013
    Lacy Langley
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The rumor mill has already started chugging along this morning with news that Dina Eastwood has rekindled a romance with her High School boyfriend, University of Hawaii assistant basketball coach Scott Fisher. A source reported to the National Enquirer that “Dina is in love with Scott. It’s like High School all over again.”

Dina confirmed her split with Clint in an interview with Us Weekly on Thursday, and added that she remained friendly with her former husband although they had been living separately for over a year. Rumors that their marriage is on the rocks started doing the rounds last year when Clint was seen without his wedding band at the TriBeCa Film Festival in New York City earlier this year.

Rumor has it that trouble began after Dina insisted on filming “Mrs. Eastwood & Company”, a reality show for E! that flopped in it’s first season. The show featured the couple along with their daughter Morgan, and Francesca Fisher-Eastwood, Clint’s daughter from his relationship with actress Frances Fisher, and reportedly, Clint did not appreciate that his privacy was being invaded. Yeah, Clint doesn’t strike me as the reality show type. This prompted him to spend a lot of time away from home, during which time Dina reconnected with her former boyfriend, Fisher, a Celeb Dirty Laundry report said.



    • http://yahoo CHRIS MORRIS

      It was also awful.

      • Carrieann

        I agree, Chris…..it WAS AWFUL!! :-)

    • Gabrielhues

      It was indeed. I can’t imagine how he stayed married to her that long.

    • josh

      Clint wasn’t complaining. Married since 1996 cannot be called a ‘bad marriage’. but the honesty of both, so far, is admirable!Why pretend to be on equal terms when both parties need to go their separate ways.

  • http://yahoo jim

    it is so funny when the women cheats yo always give a reason the poo girl cheated put when a man doe’s it you bash him all you can shame on yahoo

  • a carmelite

    they were mismatched from the beginning. pity they reproduced. poor kid has been growing up with a manic-depressive mother and a great dad.

  • Robert jr

    Good the she is gone, Clint deserves better!

    • mysterioso

      Yea, maybe he can get Sarah Palin away from her homo husband.

      • Carrieann

        What an idiotic statement!

      • Jersey Dave

        Yeah because pro snowmobile racing champions are such sissy boys right? Facepalm…

        Go watch “Stars earn stripes” some time. Todd Palin is a mack.

    • Tidalwave

      Maybe now he can marry one of his other babymamas.

      • josh

        Clint East has all these kids for women not married to him but others who do the same are ‘less than worthy”. That is the main problem, the behavior and the attitude of personal worth and debasement based on material benefit.

  • http://Webpronews Kate

    You don’t stay in a marriage 17 years if you just did it for the money. She gave up a news career when she married him. She is a very attractive woman who still has a lot of living to do. Now as far as Clint Eastwood his best days are behind him. He should be thankful he has a good looking wife and daughters and live out the rest of his 5 or 10 years (if that) and make the best of it.

    • Deela

      @Kate. What a negative, foul, hateful person you are. Wow.

      • Jersey Dave

        Yep. Plus I bet people said Clint was done in the 1980s, and the 1990s, and the 2000s, and the 2010s.

        The man keeps going. The haters are just jealous. I hope I keep going the same way man.

    • Carrieann

      His wife and kids would be NO WHERE and NO ONE important if it wasn’t for Clint — they’ve been living off his monies and name for decades!

      • Kathy

        So the rest of us not married to celebrities are no where and no one. What a stupid, stupid thing to say.

    • @Kate

      Who are you kidding? She didn’t give up anything. She will make more money from the divorce than she would have in 10 careers as a news person.

      Also, during those 17 years she wasn’t staying at home and slaving over a hot stove. She had the best of everything. Connections to everyone and everything.

      Please don’t give me or even hint at the poor little woman stuck with a bad man routine. American women are so spoiled that they can not even realize when they have everything.

  • CJ

    OMG people!!! Scott is Dina’s stepson! Doesn’t the writer research and check the facts before posting such a stupid story? come on now

    • Diva M.

      CJ: What are you talking about?? He is NOT her stepson.

    • Diva M.

      CJ: What are you talking about?? He is NOT her stepson.

    • shokkou

      You’re thinking of Clint’s illegitimate son, Scott Reeves. Scott Fisher is of no relation to Clint Eastwood.

  • http://DinaEastwood Colleen Pires

    She shouldn’t have started that reality show, that really hurt her so much, I wish her all the BEST, she is a beautiful & wonderful person.

  • http://Yahoo Dick Hertz

    Now Clint has an empty bed to talk to.

    • Lori

      That was a great comment Dick, loved it, he is not so good at talking to empty chairs or now beds haaaaa

      • Jersey Dave

        Dude, we’re talking about Clint Eastwood here. That bed probably won’t be empty.

        • shag11@sbcglobal.net

          Dude, what is he, 80 years old. And a previous poster referred to this wife as a golddigger?

          • Walt Coogan

            He’s eighty-three, but I don’t know that she’s a gold-digger.

  • lilly

    I’m sorry to hear this, but this is what happens when you are off making movies without your wife, I saw this one coming. However I could also tell Dina was sexually frustrated, Clint is so fragile I’m sure he’s weak in the bedroom dept.

    • mysterioso

      He’s weak in the mental department as well.

      • josh

        Anyone who is treated as a Hero for talking to an invisible person, on a chair has some real mental issues! Nuff said!

  • Badbob

    She probably got all she can get out of Clint, so she will move on to another sucker. I hope she never gets another dime from him.

  • Dave

    I remember Dina Ruiz on KSBW back from my younger days in Salinas. She was a weird air-head. She was even an annoying news reporter… so many people, including me, knew that that was a mis-match. Jeeez Clint, better stick to a mature woman closer to your age. A real woman who is serene and isn’t opportunistic.

    • shag11@sbcglobal.net

      Such a great artist, who allowed himself to be reduced to the idiot performance at the Republican National Convention. Probably karma. He should get with someone his own age.

      • Marilyn

        Loved that performance. I still laugh about it!!!

      • Marilyn

        Loved that performance. I still laugh about it!!!

      • Marilyn

        Loved that performance. I still laugh about it!!!

        • Walt Coogan

          Calm down, Marilyn, we get it … you probably voted for Romney, too.

    • Alice

      destined to happen. I also remember Dina when she was a news reporter and I attended school in Monterey. We also had the same hairdresser. I was shocked at that time to hear that she was secretly dating Eastwood.

  • http://yahoo Jetta

    There is no blame game. It’s a lose/lose game. Can’t we open our hearts and minds at this devistating time for this family. I don’t know either of these people any more than any of you. Mr. Eastwood has been a private person for years and his wife was a very public person. She didn’t come into the relationship without her own identity or own career. To say she is a gold digger is just wrong. Seventeen years of marriage isn’t a flash in the pan.

    • Walt Coogan

      … well-said.

  • Shelly

    Clint deserves better.

  • http://yahoo golden girl

    Who is surprised he didn’t like the idea of her reality show being he’s so private. Guess after 17 yrs and his losing interest in her she knew it was time to try something new before going it alone.

  • wendywoo44

    i watched their reality show. Dina is weird, a control freak & a beoch too. Clint qnly appeared on the show once. No wonder…..

  • bdavis

    While the reality show choice may have been the “icing” on the “cake” ??? No doubt there were other issues, this is just the one that finally revealed their differences. I sure can understand where he’s coming from on that point in particular, reality shows are the scourge of television. I think it’s unwise if not utterly stupid to expose your daughter to this type of media IF, you’re a smart/wise mother. Hm. Dina? Meet Kris Jenner…You’d two get along famously.

  • Marilyn

    I love Clint Eastwood……Loved him as Rowdy Yates and all of the acting and directing he has done. Great guy………

    • Angie

      You may love his work but hello, he is an actor, that is not who he is. He pretends to be someone else for a living. The fact that he has so many children by so many women should be a clue about who he is. Why didn’t Dina see this? I live in his home town and we have a much different view of him.

      • Walt Coogan

        Eastwood is also an award-winning director and producer, not just an actor. Since the start of the 1970s, he has directed thirty-three feature films, almost all of them good, many of them great.

      • Walt Coogan

        Where do you live?

  • Not a Eastwood fan

    Im sure she’s not to Blame alone. Again this guy has been married 7 or 8 times sounds like he’sa Problem to live with

    • Barbara Nickle

      Actually, Clint has only been married twice. He has several children by different women, but he only married two of them – his first wife, Maggie, and Dina.

      I deeply admire Clint for his creative work. However, he does not strike me as someone who would be easy to live with.

    • bob

      I’m just curious as to why you capitalized blame and problem.

    • Kathy

      He has only been married twice but lived with several women, and the older he gets, the younger they are. His work my be great, but as man he shows a lack of character and a very short attention span when it comes to love.

      • Walt Coogan

        Character isn’t simply defined by romantic fidelity …

  • Jo

    She is “Gold Diggers”

    • Kathy

      She is “gold diggers?” You can’t even spell. Maybe you should try spell/grammar digging. First of all, she had career as a journalist when she met him and was quite comfortable. Second, if an elderly man wants relationship with a women half is age, what do you call that? A creepy old fart.

      • Hmm

        Love knows no age. Just because people are close in age, it doesn’t mean things will be better. I can give you tons of examples of how it is not relevant.

      • tom

        It just gripes me when self-righteous people criticize others for their spelling errors when they do exactly the same in their blog–“had career”; “man wants relationship”; “a women (woman?); half is age”

    • josh

      At leastm Clint like to have some sugar in his coffee so he is a true patriot!

      • Walt Coogan

        What the hell? Why would a movie line render him a “true patriot”?

  • Reality

    If this woman had not married Clint, we would have no clue who she was. At the end of the day, women are just never happy. To them there is always something missing or something better out there.

    The correlation between the rise of feminism and the rise in the divorce rate is well documented. Feminists have sold women an illusion. That you can be a leader, a wife, a mother, a lover, a career woman, in shape, in a loving relationship, and successful without giving up anything. That a woman can have it all and should have it all. That men have been holding women back for decades and that they are doing it on purpose. That life is better without men and relationships are disposable. However, the reality is that success in life comes at a high cost and you simply cannot have everything.

    The funny thing is that all worldly accomplishments really don’t matter. All the things we chase are temporary and won’t bring you joy in the end. You are better off just finding someone you truly love and sticking with that person. On your death bed you are not going to be thinking about money, careers, or accomplishments — you are going to be wishing you had more time with those you loved or if you have never loved, you will be wishing you had.

    Men and women both are too careless with love. We don’t value it enough. We don’t value each other enough. To all the people out there contemplating divorce, before you go through with it, go talk to someone who is alone and that has no one. See what it is like not to have love in your life. It may just open your eyes to what you have and give you the strength to work on the things that need to be worked on. If you have love then you are an extremely rich person in this world.

    • josh

      Feminism is not the issue but equity before the law is! No more, no less, and yes, men are from mars and women from Venus.

      • Hmm

        If equality before the law was the issue … more men would get their kids in divorce settlements.

        Don’t delude yourself. Feminism is very much the issue and feminists have created a very hostile situation between men and women. Feminists have created a very dysfunctional expectation level. The research on divorce and feminism is quite comprehensive. Read some of it. It is very interesting.

    • Carl Velas

      Very well stated. One does have to look as where they are going once they leave something behind.

    • pinksnapdragon

      Reality – Really, you are kidding, right? Feminism is to “blame?” No one should complain that women have nearly all options open to them that men do. Women coming together and working hard to get out of their slavery to men in marriage, business, career, higher education is more like it. There was a time when women couldn’t even vote. Who told them they couldn’t vote? Other women? No. Their kids? No. Could it have been MEN?!Women have had to fight men for everything they have. Women are called aggressive witches if they are too strong or outspoken or educated; while men are called successful, manly and a leader if they are aggressive especially in business or politics.

      Oh, and believe it or not, some people actually get divorced because the love is gone for one reason or another. Most of us do not believe relationships are disposable and suffer in silence to keep the family together.

      • @pink

        Sorry you are so bitter and have such a skewed view of life. I am sorry but women — especially in America — do not have it bad at all. They are slaves to no one.

        Pink you are a prime example of how feminists skew everything. Your rhetoric creates deep divisions. My father adores my mother. I know many men who adore their wives and girlfriends. None of the women I know are slaves to the men in their lives and they never have been. I also know many men who have difficult lives. Lives just as difficult as a woman’s life.

        Feminists such as yourself, will never be happy because to you everything is unequal and everyone is out to get you. Contrary to popular feminist belief, men don’t call women like you witches because you are strong, outspoken or educated. It is because you are ridiculous, blame everyone for your short comings, and simply complain too much.

  • Reality Hit It Right On

    Reality really summed it all up perfectly! I recall several years ago in Salinas, Ca. Dina would go out for drinks at Lyons restaurant after news anchoring on local KSBW tv station, people would walk by and say hi to the local celeb and would have her nose so high in the air look right through you. It was all about attention, the Carmel/Pebble Beach scene.

  • rose

    I am so tired of actors or actresses pretending to be young and marrying someone wayyy too young for them. They should know better and know they only want to get their money and on the screen. Wake up people and start hanging with people of your own class and age. Someone who isn’t out to get all you have

    • @rose

      Age has nothing to do with it. I know tons of people who are with people who are of the same age and they are miserable. Just because someone is near your age, it does not mean they are going to treat you any better.

      Young is also a state of mind. I know people that have acted their age their entire life and they are very miserable. They are constantly trying to live up to what society expects of them. They simply have never had any fun in life.

      I hate to tell people — if more people were a) in shape and b) not so serious all the time, there would be much less break ups.

  • donna abrahamson

    Who cares, she lost me with her reality show, and he’s old enough to know better!

  • Katie

    Who cares???????

    • http://webnews ginger rivera

      you care !!

  • Go Tran

    I think Dina was a great wife for 17 years. She was not extravagant or wasted his money. She did not ask for 100 million dollars like Tiger’s wife. She is not bad mouthing him like Katie Holmes, who is having so much fun after the divorce.

    I felt Clint never really appreciated her.

    • Walt Coogan

      You “felt Clint never really appreciated her”? Based on what, a reality show that Clint never wanted to be a part of? Conversely, I’ve read enough interviews with him over the years to know that he definitely appreciated her, that he appreciated her in way that he’d never appreciated a woman before. Why exactly a great partnership finally unraveled still isn’t clear, but what seems clear is that Eastwood’s true love is filmmaking and that he just wasn’t going to settle down in his old age and become someone who was at home all the time. And Dina, needing to find ways to occupy herself while her husband was regularly away on film sets, started turning to managing a boy band, which led her to a reality show that exposed Eastwood’s family and perhaps caused him to spend even less time with her at home. It’s life, and the bottom line is that in America, many people don’t stick through marriages through thick or thin, the way that they may have in the old days.

    • Walt Coogan

      Also, although I agree that Dina was not after Clint’s money, she signed a prenuptial agreement in 1996 that would prevent her from claiming half of Clint’s fortune, anyway.

  • Patsy

    I don’t really buy that Dina was a golddigger OR that Clint was some old monster….they were together 17 years, which – while not “till death do us part” – is not exactly a bad run, especially in the entertainment industry. They seem to be dealing with this politely – so kudos to both of them.

  • janesmith

    I can’t imagine Clint doing a reality show, they are for losers.

  • ann

    I met Clint once when he was making a movie in Wyoming. He was very quiet, shy, easy-going, private and an all around nice guy. I also met someone knew Maggie and said she was super nice. These two should have stay married and grown old together, although I’m glad his other kids were born.

    • Walt Coogan

      … that movie must have been “Any Which Way You Can,” filmed and released in 1980.

  • PeeWee

    While I admire Mr. Eastwood’s acting and directing ability, there is more than ample info out there that he is a rather demanding and demeaning personality. Powerful men aren’t always that nice to their women. Do any of you remember Sondra Locke? She was Mr. Eastwood’s girlfriend for 14 years. When he ‘fired’ her from their relationship he blackballed her in Hollywood. After that, she couldn’t even get spit on in Hollywood. She ceased to exist creatively. He didn’t want her to talk about the gory intimate details of their relationship. Mr. Eastwood is a powerful a**hole who can get away with a lot in terms of being unkind to others. He has the power to control and intimidate anyone around him because he is still a Hollywood moneymaker and part of the Hollywood Old Guard. Absolutely untouchable. Just Google ‘Sondra Locke’ and you will find tales of abuse and serial cheating on Clint’s part. I’m sure Ms. Ruiz has had more than her fill of Clint’s bad behavior. If she has moved on, good for her. He will find some new young chick in her 30’s who will be starstruck and then find herself trapped with a cranky, crotchety wrinkly old geezer. Check out this link: http://davidlfurtado.wordpress.com/2013/08/31/sondra-lockes-the-good-the-bad-and-the-very-ugly-the-woman-with-a-name/

    • Deacon

      Sandra Locke was discovered having an affair while living with Eastwood, they were never married. When they split, she hired a famous Hollywood divorce lawyer to represent her in a palimony suit. She was already counting the millions, when it was discovered that she never got divorced from her previous husband so she didn’t have a legal leg to stand on. Hollywood gathered around Eastwood in support. Locke was looking for fame and fortune, and Eastwood kept putting her in his movies, but she just wasn’t very talented. Most critics panned her acting commenting that the only reason she was working in the movies… well, you understand. Reminds me of the old saying, don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

    • Walt Coogan

      PeeWee, if you possessed a clue as to what you were talking about and weren’t so gullible and lacking for critical thinking skills, you would know that Eastwood is a maverick and virtually independent filmmaker and that Locke was trying to exploit him for money. Sondra Locke was receiving no attention from significant Hollywood figures before Eastwood started casting her in movie after movie, and she received no attention from significant Hollywood figures while Eastwood was showcasing her as a star. Her breakup with Eastwood did nothing to affect her career, except that he funded a developmental contract for her and then she later turned on him. Locke was also married throughout her relationship with Eastwood, she tried to evict Eastwood’s son from their home, and she was thinking about suing him even before he broke up with her. She was a gold-digger who cast herself as a victim, fooling gullible folks such as yourself.

    • Lynn

      He’s harassed most of Monterey with his antics. I have never been a admirer mainly due to how he treats the people in Monterey and surrounding areas.Even when he did business locally he would always ask if we wanted his autograph. I don’t care how private he claims he is,he is extremely arrogant. What he did to Locke was dead wrong. As a matter of fact Locke was on KGO AM 810 San Francisco radio interviewed by Ronn Owens and she got one of the most harassing calls and it was from Monterey, female and sounded a lot like Ruiz a few years back.

  • C. Jones

    Obviously she married him for the money and the exposure, probably the reasoen she wanted the reality show. She ended up with a man her own age. He is an old fart looking to be with women old enough to be his daughters or even grand daughters. He’s got one foot in the grave and needs viagra just to get it up.

    Serves him right being used like that.

  • nosy reader

    very fishy!

  • superpal

    The older guy, beautiful young woman thing looks to be a temporary arrangement for so very many couples. It looks so obvious to us. The fresh, young woman with a man who has had life and decades behind him. Whatever happened to Sandra Locke? She was blonde and beautiful and they were so happy once, together for years.

    • l page

      Clint broke a lot of hearts and coldheartedly dumped a lot of women, often with no notice. Looks likes he’s on the losing end now…most people get their turn. Really, she WAS too young for him; people should stay closer to their own age in love and marriage.

  • http://n/a dean


  • Sandy Beach

    That ridiculous reality show was the kiss of death for them. Anyone could see that a mile away. She certainly didn’t do herself any favors by putting herself and their private life on display that way. What a shame!!!

  • Andrea Whynn

    Pathetically it looked like “just” being Mrs. Eastwood wasn’t enough. More and more it seemed she needed to keep up with him with failed attempts for attention or notoriety such as her moment of acting in the film “Carmel” , managing the South Aftrican band Overtone (which flopped) , and finally her horribly unpopular reality show that made her look like the neurotic mom of a spoiled teenage brat. I felt sorry for her as it was obvious she was trying to re-invent herself and almost beg for a place in the spotlight. Maybe she didn’t realize who she had married, a man who lives for making movies. No woman, no how can come between him and that. Feel sorry for all his kids who must see their Dad even less than she did while they were married. She is lucky she is young enough to pick up the pieces and sip cocktails on the beach in Hawaii with her step kids or lover of her choice! Good job Dina!

    • G

      I swear she was on drugs! Acting alt like Whitney Houston!

  • G

    I used to love Dina Ruiz as a news anchor. Watching that hideous reality show left me with one question: COCAINE or METH? What is she on?? I was embarrassed for her, Clint, and her daughters. It was obvious Clint would never stick with her as bad behavior and trashy vocabulary. The show was so low class. Wow what a mess!

  • Lynn

    Being a former resident of the Monterey area fourth generation.Now living out of state. Dina Ruiz is a terror. Egotistical to the core and hopped up on something. Mrs. Eastwood and she made that VERY CLEAR around Monterey county I am glad she’s getting the karma back that she’s done the central coast. She was always fame hungry and a terrible news anchor on KSBW Salinas, CA. Clint should have stayed with Maggie Johnson Eastwood.