Demi Moore Going to India When Ex Gets Married

    April 22, 2014
    Heather Vecchioni
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Demi Moore is taking the phrase “get out of town” to a whole new level. The actress’ attempt to get as far away from the wedding of her ex-husband Ashton Kutcher and his pregnant fiancé Mila Kunis as possible is taking her out of the country and halfway around the world. Moore has planned a yoga trip to India when the happy couple says their “I do’s.”

A source told Radar Online that Moore is still reeling from her divorce with Kutcher. She wants to get away during the pre- and post-wedding events, as well as the actual ceremony, as she knows she will be bombarded with news and pictures of the events. She fears being around will send her into a relapse regarding her anorexia and addiction to prescription pills, in which she sought treatment for in 2012, right after her split from Kutcher.

Moore’s trip will take her to the yogic spiritual center in India, Rishikesh, where she will participate in waking up at 4 a.m., chanting, yoga by the Ganges River, meditation and eating light, vegan meals. The actress will be cut off from all technology, including cell phones, television and internet, allowing her to avoid the wedding and its gossip entirely.

Moore will reportedly take another trip around the time the baby is set to make its arrival, which is believed to be sometime in October. However, this getaway won’t be as intense or far away as this retreat is.

Moore and Kutcher ended their marriage after reports of Kutcher’s affair with a 22-year-old administrative assistant. The divorce became finalized in 2013. Soon after, Kutcher and Kunis made their relationship known. The former That 70’s Show co-stars became engaged and made news of their pregnancy a few months later.

Moore recently showed signs that she was moving on, after being spotted on several occasions with Dead Sara drummer Sean Friday. She and her much younger beau have gone on vacation together, as well as attended Moore’s daughter Rumer Willis’ performance in Los Angeles.

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  • Ms Additude

    wow the first to leave my opinion FIRST DEMI???I’m exactly you age…

    knew going into it being the Cougar and depriving such a young man the
    experience of being able to bear him children or at some point you
    turning 50 and able to get your AARP would it still work ???? come on
    the only reason a women would even get involved with a man so much
    younger is because of vain selfish reason…get a clue only date men
    your age or older move into your senior years with dignity the public
    doesn’t care about what you look like we admire your acting skills come
    down to earth grandma you would make better PR if you show some love
    that your happy he can now experience the things you did having children
    new love…the public loves these do its our The 70’s show dream…and
    from a Iowa girl that grew up 30 mins from Ashtons hometown you don’t
    get Ioweigns anyway take your yogo guru crap and maybe don’t go donate
    the money to a worthy cause pampered princess…GROW UP!!!!!drop the
    holyer then thou additude your old your career is at a different
    level…go write a book or something…LOL PEACE!

    • Jeff in LBC

      You write like someone who is illiterate.

      • robert

        you are an asshole

        • Jeff in LBC

          Takes one to know one, “fanoboss”. Yes, i know it’s you. You’re too easy.

          • dubba

            You write like someone “who” is illiterate.
            Not “that”.
            Just sayin’.

          • Jeff in LBC

            Hi fanoboss, er dubba.

    • Kelly Nye

      Wow, do you think she actually read your comment? Are you waiting for a response from Ms. Moore? LOL

  • fryer01

    my guess…..they will never get married…or they would have by NOW !!!!!

  • Jeff in LBC

    Good God, Ms Additude. I bet you are 80 years old and 400 pounds. Telling a woman she can only date someone her age or older. Who the f do you think you are? Crawl under a rock so society doesn’t have to hear your crazy views. Guess what, honey. We now have color TVs, unlike the black and white thing with the rabbit ears that you are using.

  • Deborah Tallent

    Ashton should have known if he wanted children or not at the time of he and Demi’s wedding. It’s not Demi’s fault. She didn’t exactly hold a gun to his head. He knew what he was doing. Age makes no differance if two people love each other, and both are honest about their age. I suspect the baby issue was brought up before Aston and Demi were married.

  • Mike Postioni

    I know it’s hard; I know it hurts,
    but face it, my dear Demi.
    Face your fear by doing charity work, not by running away
    Helping orphans, the homeless or other unfortunate people
    They really need your help
    Give them hope and happiness,
    and you’ll be just fine, my dear.

    • Bus driver lady

      Don’t put your judgments on her. Let her deal with it the way she chooses.

  • sally


  • really

    gee all that $ and she is running away — just buy a new boy toy

  • Lady

    Ashton was after money and fame when he married Demi. Let’s just say it sounds like he used her and she fell in love w/younger man like most older women.

  • dennis

    boo hoo hoo. like attracts like. holly weird types are so shallow & hedonistic. they deserve who they pick as “most” of them have no morals, just pride & ambition.