Dead Rising 3's Gamescom Trailer Is Pretty Silly


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Dead Rising 3 had some fans rightly concerned. At E3, the game looked like an open-world version of The Walking Dead. Not a bad idea by any means, but it's just not Dead Rising. The developers were quick to reassure fans that the game will remain silly, and the newest trailer only further cements that.

For Gamescom, IGN scooped the CG trailer that Capcom created for Dead Rising 3. It's a little unfortunate that we're getting a CG trailer now after months of seeing nothing but gameplay footage, but this particular trailer can be forgiven. In short - it's hilarious and perfectly embodies what the Dead Rising franchise is all about.

Dead Rising 3 looks to introduce a lot more customization, but we've yet to see exactly how much. Sure, you can make custom weapons, but can players make the kind of the crazy vehicles as seen in the above trailer? I, and presumably many fans, certainly hope so.

Dead Rising 3 is an Xbox One launch title, and will be released this November.