DC Superheroes Promote Tourism With New Posters

By: Richard Stalker - May 21, 2012

Ever wondered what your favorite super heroes do when they are in costume but not saving the world? Do they only hang out in the Hall of Justice? Seems king of weird to have a bunch of people in tights sitting around and not waiting for a gymnastics meet. What if they helped their home cities promote the tourism industry?

This what Dan, a “graphic designer and lovable geek,” from London has done. He put the 5 of the greatest superheroes in the DC universe in art deco style tourism posters. I think the Wonder Woman one is funny because who would want to go to an island of all women except for men, but if men go to the island they are killed? CHeck out the posters and see for yourself if they make you want to go to those cities:

Visit Metropolis


Visit Gotham City


Visit Theymyscira


Visit Keystone City


Visit Star City


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    The are actually be Dave Ault. Dan form London just posted them on his tumblr.