David Letterman Appearance Canceled By Bill Cosby: Refuses To 'Dignify' Accusers With Response


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David Letterman will not get a chance to ask the embattled Bill Cosby about the truth of a growing number of rape allegations.

The comedic actor was expected to appear on The Late Show With Dave Letterman on Wednesday, but canceled.

Kim Izzo-Emmet, a spokeswoman for the The Late Show said that she could offer no comment “on the booking process”.

It is known that Dave Letterman often snags Regis Philbin as a guest in the event of last minute cancellations.

Philbin is now listed as the main guest scheduled to appear on The Late Show With Dave Letterman in the place of Bill Cosby.

Had Cosby appeared on Letterman’s show, it’s highly likely that David would have asked at least one question about the controversy the 77-year-old actor finds himself embroiled in.

And that seems to be something that Cosby is determined to avoid.

According to a statement released by Bill Cosby’s attorney on Sunday, the elderly actor refuses to answer to any allegations against him.

In a statement to the Associated Press, his attorney John P. Schmitt said that just because allegations have been repeated “does not make them true”.

He also insisted that his client would not dignify "decade-old [and] discredited” accusations with an answer.

Since it’s doubtful that David Letterman would have put up with a silent head shake and silence.

That was the response when Bill Cosby was asked to address the decades-old allegations against him during an NPR interview.

David Letterman is not above putting his guests in the “hot seat” when they cross him.

One of the most famous examples in recent history was when presidential candidate John McCain canceled on David Letterman for less than forthcoming reasons, only to be exposed as lying.

It’s not yet known whether or not Bill Cosby will eventually appear on the The Late Show With Dave Letterman at a later date.