David Cassidy Sentenced To More Rehab

    March 25, 2014
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David Cassidy has been ordered to enter alcohol rehab for three months. Cassidy went to court in Los Angeles on Monday for a drunken driving charge. He pleaded no contest to the charges. The judge also ordered that he serve five years’ probation, pay several fines and take part in a nine-month alcohol education program.

Cassidy was arrested near Los Angeles International Airport early in 2014. The officer noticed that Cassidy made an illegal turn at a red light and pulled him over. The officer reported that he smelled a strong scent of alcohol coming from the vehicle and Cassidy himself and administered a breathalyzer test.

Cassidy blew a .19 on the test, twice the legal limit for driving in the state of California. Cassidy was arrested. It was his second DUI arrest in six months and his third in the last three years. Earlier this month, one of his other previous DUI charges was reduced from a felony to misdemeanor by a judge in New York.

Shortly after Cassidy’s arrest, his manager offered a statement explaining the situation.

“David just completed a stint in rehab and was doing very well in sobriety,” manager Jo-Ann Geffen said.

“He was in Los Angeles to attend depositions by Sony Pictures Television, respondents in a lawsuit filed by Cassidy in 2011 over what he claims are monies long due him from ‘Partridge Family’ merchandise, home video, etc.,” she said. “After attending his and his manager’s depositions, it appears as if the pressure led to a brief relapse.”

Cassidy’s attorney claims that Cassidy will stay in rehab for a longer period of time than what has been ordered by the judge. According to him, Cassidy is focused on sobriety and overcoming his alcohol addiction. He plans to use rehab to better himself and avoid further arrests.

Do you think rehab will help him this time?

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  • Tim

    God Bless you David will be praying for you brother.

    • Paul

      I would suggest praying that you are never on the same road he is driving on.

      • Scarlett Love


  • Paul

    “It was his second DUI arrest in six months and his third in the last three years.”

    Well, let’s not be too hard on the man. After all, he hasn’t killed anyone just yet.

    More rehab? Yeah, that ought to help a lot. It sure worked in the past.

  • randyk01


    • Paul

      Don’t get carried away now. It will take the liberals at least another year or two before they legalize your driving a school bus with a bong in your lap.

      • Lamont Cranston

        yes but it will not be legal for the driver to hit the bong while the bus is in motion. Only at stoplights and while either unloading or loading students will it be legal for the driver to hit the bong provided the driver blows the smoke out the driver’s side window. We can’t have the students breathing that stuff.

        • DownriverDem

          Another embarrassing old angry white repub. You’d think they would want folks to know since they are in the minority now. Oh yea, they don’t know it.

      • DownriverDem

        Hey Paul, your foolish hateful statement has been duly noted . Angry old white repubs like you are an embarrassment. Please proceed.

  • John Lydon

    Fuck that asshole. I hope he gets cornholed in the state penitentiary.

    • thomas coogan

      hey punk lydon. I’m sober 30 plus yrs. i know the man personally . he s a good good guy, who happens to have a drinking problem….. often,,people in sobriety,,get it the 1 st time or some take ,many treatment plans. cut him a compassionate break. fortunately,he has nt hurt anyone.consider u self lucky, so wish I’m the best, n stop your wise ass BS, if u have a problem with me,,look me up in my ny home. YOU LL REGRET IT,PUNK

      • Rob Billeaud

        Hey Tommy boy, sounds like you’re back on the drink. I hate angry drunks. And stop with the look me up crap, makes you look like an idiot.

      • Liquid Steel

        Hey Tommy Boy, you sound like one bad dude. Wont be looking you up, that’s for sure.

      • vmalone416@yahoo.com

        Cut him a compassionate break . . . you’ve got to be kidding! I’ve known him personally, too, and yes he used to be a kind, decent good guy . . . all of that has changed in the wake of his troubles . . . time for him to grow up & face the music . . .

    • linda stoever

      John: I’d rather meet him on the street over you anyday. What have you done for society lately except open your foul mouth on the internet?

  • KatFisch

    Like Father like son. Use to LOVE him in my teens all the way until I saw his stint on Celebrity Apprentice. What a Douche. Hope he gets the help he needs for the sake of his family.

  • rupert

    It’s in the genes. His father was a notorious drinker and died in a house fire after passing out at 1 of his many parties. He even looks like him.

  • meowcats

    David, knowing you briefly so long ago, I hope this time, you will conquer the alcohol demon. You are a nice guy and have a lot of support, please try hard this time so you won’t hurt yourself or anyone else.

  • Scott Sproat

    why is it that famous people get treated better than average people?

  • Addy Hansen

    This is a tough-call….David Cassidy has known for years that he has a serious drinking problem. No one can change that except David Cassidy. The number of DUI’s is a serious matter in/for the public at large however and you REALLY need to deal with this and DO IT NOW, David. You are WAY TOO OLD to continue with this behavior – but, we all know that it’s just up to you. This is just very sad – on every level possible. GET IT TOGETHER!!!

  • vmalone416@yahoo.com

    David’s been in other rehabs before & yet he continues . . . his manager’s continuing excuses are oh, so lamely tiring . . . those to whom he owes amends will be waiting . . .

  • locohoya

    Paul, don’t be so cynical .I know exactly where he is, because I’ve been there. Took me three trips to rehab to get it right. Through the grace of whatever higher power there is (and a lot of support from AA), I have not touched a drop since 1986 but I had to go though hell to get there. I hope David gets there too.

  • JW

    “Point me in the Direction of Sobriety”

  • mrredbarontwo

    Rehab = punishment for the well off and famous. County Jail = punishment for the not so well off.

  • Sara

    David Cassidy was amazing in his heyday, the girls from the USA and other countries so crazy about him, filling up his concerts, screaming and crying, just to see him. He was young, handsome, sexy, and talented. He left them swooning and fainting. He had a life similar to Beiber but way way more grown up and interesting. It’s so sad to see him now, many years later. Really hope he gets himself together.