Dakota Fanning to Star in Indie Drama, “Franny”


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With an already laudable portfolio, actress Dakota Fanny is set to add yet another notch under her belt. This time around, the 19-year-old “Twilight” star along with “Underworld: Awakening” actor, Theo James, will move into the indie circuit. The two are lining up to join veteran actor, Richard Gere in the new production, “Franny.”

According to IMDB, “Franny” is an indie drama that centers around a philanthropist, portrayed by Gere, with a reputation of meddling in the involvements of newly married couples. However, most people don't know that his reasoning lies in the imperfections of his own past. Deadline reports that Fanning and James portray Olivia and James, the dominant newlyweds in the production.

“Franny” was written by up-and-coming filmmaker, Andrew Renzi. He compiled the script during the Sundance Screenwriters Lab earlier this year. Renzi, who has been lauded with high regards for his prospective future as a prominent filmmaker, also debuted his short films “Karaoke!” and “The Fort” at Sundance.

Renzi will be making his director's debut with the production of “Franny” which is scheduled to begin on October 21 in Philadelphia.

Image via Wikimedia Commons