Daisy Lowe Plans on College After Having Children


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British fashion model Daisy Lowe has expressed a desire to attend college after she's had children. Lowe, 25, told BANG Showbiz, "When I have kids, I'll go back to university. The university of life has been good for me."

Lowe, who has been featured in Vogue Italia, W, Harper's Bazaar, Playboy and Jane, added, "While my friends were at uni, I was still going out and having fun. I was really into school, a real Saffy."

Saffy, a.k.a Saffron Monsoon, is a sensibly nerdy character on the hit BBC television sitcom Absolutely Fabulous.

Lowe, daughter of Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale and singer/songwriter and fashion designer Pearl Lowe, related her previous schooling experience at South Hampstead High School in London. "Going to South Hampstead was really academic and you're really pushed to want to do things for yourself. I was quite happy to work really hard. Helena Bonham Carter had gone there and I love her. She's always been a massive idol of mine. I really loved sciences - that's what I got all my 'A's' in!," the starlet remarked.

Here Lowe displays the subtle nuances required in exacting the proper gate of a professional fashion model:

Lowe, who once lived with Kidulthood actress Jaime Winstone, commented that she's been feeling more "childlike" as she ages. "Everyone's always said I'm quite grown up for my age, but now I'm 25, I feel like I'm the age I'm supposed to be. The older I get, the more childlike I become, which is probably a good thing. When I was 21, I used to live with Jaime Winstone. She's hilarious and really talented. We had a fancy dress room, a creative room ... it was a whole year of fun!"

American Express has tapped Lowe to be an ambassador for Small Business Saturday, a rally to promote consumers to patron small businesses.