Cyber Criminals Are Selling Web Traffic

    January 30, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Have you ever wanted to buy traffic to your Web site? Well, now you can through the help of Russian cyber criminals.

SC Magazine is reporting that cyber criminals have opened an online store selling Web traffic by hijacking other Web site’s traffic. The shop injects hidden integrated frames into pages of legitimate Web sites to redirect visitors to the buyer’s URL.

Integrated frames split pages into parts that are used to embed windows from another Web site. When an iframe’s height and width is set to zero, it becomes invisible.

Customers can purchase 1000 visitors through the online store for an average of $4.

Regional traffic prices do vary with 1000 Dutch visitors costing $18 while 1000 visitors from Australia is only $8. One thousand visitors from the U.S. is only $12.

The shop will also purchase redirected traffic from others. Sellers can inject their own iframes and sell the resulting traffic to the shop.

The operator said that the service does not record any IPs, no one will ban your account and they don’t care what you’re promoting.

The shop can adjust prices automatically based on supply and demand.

The site was originally created for personal use but was opened for public use after the realisation that money could be had.

There are “legal” options to buy Web traffic, but what this shop offers is definitely illegal. If you want to increase your Web traffic, use the old fashioned method of promoting via social media like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Joseph

    “use the old fashioned method of promoting via social media like Facebook and Twitter. ”

    LOL – FB is old fashioned……Good thing you’re not the one selling that IPO.

    I would have thought “link cloaking” is more of an “old fashioned” method…… hehe 😉

    • Zach Walton

      The speed at which promotion on the Internet progresses, I wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook and Twitter really do become old hat in the next few years.

  • http://www.zco.com/search-engine-optimization-seo-services.aspx Daniel Wood

    I often read post on various forums where people would be selling traffic but i was not aware that there is a full-fledged website for this. 1000 visitors in just 4$ its quite cheap.

  • http://www.internetmarketingeagle.com/ Mike Hill

    Zach, don’t you think sites that are using this illegal method should be penalised in some way? I know it would be hard to enforce, but surely there should be a way.

  • Steve

    Selling website traffic is illegal? Here is another example of some idiot who has no clue what he is talking about! What do you think google adwords is? They are selling traffic via banner ads, textual ads, ect… So your saying that buying and selling traffic is illegal? And that facebook is old fashioned? Yup, another nobody thinking they can save the world. Buying traffic is not illegal, but hyjacking a website is… so maybe you should have put hyjacking a website is illegal?