Cop Accused Of Rape Has Other Accusations Of Assault

    November 25, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A 19-year old woman claims that a San Antonio police officer raped her after pulling her over, and the officer in question has been accused of sexual assault at least one other time during his eleven-year career.

40-year old Jackie Neal reportedly pulled the victim over on Saturday morning and said her car had been reported stolen. When she showed him the registration to her newly-purchased car, she says, he ignored it and asked her to step out of the vehicle. A request for a female officer to perform a pat-down also went ignored, and the victim says Neal groped her before handcuffing her and raping her in the back of his patrol car.

Officials on the police force say that Neal’s car was equipped with a camera, but the hard drive wasn’t working at the time of the alleged rape, something Neal was aware of. A GPS tracking system was in working order, however, and confirmed that Officer Neal was indeed on the street the victim says she was on when she was pulled over around the time she indicated. Worse, a similar complaint was made by another woman a few years back, but she refused to press charges or cooperate with an investigation, so Neal suffered no consequences. Whether it was because that victim was intimidated is unknown, but Neal allegedly told the 19-year old to stay quiet about what had happened. She reported the rape on Monday nonetheless, and the San Antonio Police Department is commending her for her bravery.

“I can’t express in words how disappointed and angry I am about this. I am at a loss for words,” Police Chief William McManus said. “I am outraged. This is a punch in the eye to the Police Department. There is no such thing a consensual sex on duty. I feel silly even saying that we won’t tolerate it. Of course we won’t tolerate it. There is no gray area. This is a criminal offense. I praise the victim for having the courage to come forward and having the confidence in the SAPD to handle the case effectively.”

Neal was suspended in September for three days after it was discovered that he was dating an 18-year old member of the Police Explorer program, which is provided by local officials to young people who are thinking about a career in law enforcement. As of now, he is out on $40,000 bond and is still receiving pay pending an indictment.

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  • Really

    Cops are some of the dirtiest people on this planet. We are constantly bombarded with “Cops are Good” propaganda, but anyone who has ever worked with cops knows that behind closed doors, many are some of the worst people you would ever want to meet. I know of cops who set people up, dealt drugs, and who have gotten away with killing people. You can’t report them because in he end, they are the ones investigating themselves. That is why more of these types of stories don’t make it to the light of day. If people really knew what was going on, they would riot.

    Go to your prisons though. Talk to people about what cops do behind closed doors. Then you will get the real story. Don’t tell me inmates are liars. At that point, they have nothing to lose and speaking out against the cops could get them killed, so if they ever do, you better listen because it is the truth.

    • @Really

      You are right. Most people know this though. They won’t admit it, but they know it. It is weird how on TV there are so many cop dramas. All the cops are good guys. Yet, none of those shows are even close to being realistic. We had an incident where I live. The county police department had cameras every where but the evidence room. Why was that? Because the cops were stealing the drugs and other evidence. My county is rather large. It has close to a million people in it. So, this is not some small town situation. This was done on purpose. They got caught and were fired, but never faced charges. If it was me or you, we would be serving at least 10 years. But the point is, that they purposely did not put cameras in the evidence room.

      There are hundreds of these types of stories. If you ever really want to see a bunch of dirty cops, go to a correctional facility and start researching why cops get fired, terminated, or moved. It is all because of illegal stuff going on.

  • JL

    I know a cop who set up a guy on the internet. The guy just went to meet a person that he was talking to but the cop claimed he was going to meet someone underage. The man received 3 felonies and a 30 year sentence even though he never even saw a person and a person never even existed. Prior to that, the man had a parking ticket on his record. He was single, never married, and with no kids. He literally was just looking to get to know someone new. He was also pursued for over a year and invited 5 times to meet.

    A year later, the cop who did the setting up, was busted for having sex with a 13 year old and he got a misdemeanor and a year probation.

    That is how dirty the cops are. While they are setting people up, they are doing the very same thing for real behind closed doors. Don’t even get me started on drug busts.

    You may hear more about this case in the future. Several major news outlets are interested in it because it is so outrageous. The police, however, are doing all they can to prevent that from happening. When cops do something wrong, it extends much further than the cop. It goes to the DA, the investigators, and the judges in the county. The last thing they want is their dirty laundry to be aired.