Conspiracy Theories Over Flight MH370 Inevitable

    March 23, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 went missing on March 8th and so did the 239 people on board. Two weeks have passed and there is still no sign of the airplane or its passengers.

As the search for the jetliner heads into its third week, some believe that it’s very possible the plane may never be seen again.

With mystery continuing to swirl around the circumstances of the jetliner’s disappearance, it is inevitable that it would prove to be a lighting rod for a number of conspiracy theories.

Was the plane hijacked by air pirates or terrorists? Did the plane crash into the ocean or in a remote jungle location? Did it fly low over fishermen in the early hours of March 8th or was it re-routed to Pakistan to be used in an attack?

These are in fact the mildest of conspiracy theories floating around the internet. Some are blaming the plane’s vanishing on a “Bermuda Triangle”-type incident while others think Flight 370 was spirited away by extraterrestrial beings.

Those closest to the passengers have made conspiracy accusations of their own. Family members grow increasingly distrustful of Malaysian Airlines and government officials. There have been numerous calls by relatives for these organizations to reveal the truth about what led to their loved ones’ disappearance.

The finger-pointing and endless theories make some wonder why some circumstances seem to generate so many wild conspiracy claims.

In reality, it has been the same with other missing flights: The lack of a definite explanation results in a void that is simply unbearable.

Something must have gone wrong. This is the only certainty after all this time. But it’s not enough to bring closure to so many anguished families and concerned observers.

In order to cope, individuals offer up what explanations seem logical to them.

For the family members, the truth is there but government authorities are cruelly hiding it from them.

Onlookers imagine many spectacular explanations to avoid believing that the Malaysia Airlines flight simply crashed and there are no survivors.

At least in the imaginations of many there is a reason to hope for the best, even after all this time.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • 9e57542b@opayq.com

    Flight 370 evidence covered up by Malaysian government..don’t believe? read for your self…http://www.naturalnews.com/044337_flight_370_gay_rights_protest_oppressive_government.html

  • TimMiller

    This is the part where the government and their paid cronies (the media) attempt to make people who think outside the box look like mental cases and jokers… I guess since no one has any idea what happened to the plane or where it is, any suggested theory is plausible at this time. With the exception of aliens being involved of course. That’s just silly…. Call the CIA. They know where the plane is and what happened to it… False flag if I’ve ever seen one…

    • Jack

      yeah right the CIA knows everything. even the underwear you are wearing. CIA is not like you see in movies.

  • Jack

    If there is a conspiracy and the government is involved why did they say the plane is missing, they could have just said it crashed and covered up the evidence. missing and now the whole world is talking about the plane.

    • Bill

      Spot on, Jack. If it was a conspiracy why not just say it crashed in the first place? To me that disqualifies any conspiracy theory unless there was actually something that none of the governments would have any knowledge of. I guess an alien abduction would count, but come on.

  • Dan Gregory

    I hope they find them,but man has the media run this in the ground.They will do whatever it takes for ratings..They talk to this expert,that expert and not a soul knows what happened..Why not wait until you do,instead of repeating the same things over and over and over and over,smh

  • guest

    The un-discussed fact is that the plane was hijacked and went to Iran. The fate of the passengers is unknown but it is guessed that the are hostages, so that if the truth comes out,,the terrorists can buy their freedom by freeing the hostages. The plane is being outwardly re-designed, (different color etc) and will be used for a suicide mission at Israel or the eastern USA. Or do you think like many do, that a plane like that can just disappear forever without a trace?

  • Doug Walshe


  • Richard Symonowicz

    its got to be in the ocean,,,its says china not saying it found those two pieces 1 80 feet long another 15 feet…cover up …who knows and maybe time will tell…..keep ya boots on…….

  • deano

    This plane was stopped from landing in CHINA. On board were Chinese computer engineers involved in Huawei & Kylin(cyber security) & US computer firms.
    Once out of airport radars, on board transponders were turned off & flight changed course to west over the Indian Ocean.
    8 hrs later. Rolls Royce received a “ping”,from engine health monitors which ativates before take-off, cruising altitude, & landing. So the plane landed somewhere.
    No radar on northern route from India,Thailand,Burma etc, but witnesses in the Maldives, saw a low flying jet headed south. Whats south of Maldives>Diego Garcia US Naval/Air base, with B1 & B2 bombers,Black Ops prison & interrogation facilities & satellite tracking for air/marine & space.
    What if cockpit was “gassed”, then remote control flying of plane to Diego Garcia just like drones can be flown. Chinese computer techs & their computers,hardrives hussled off plane(suspected terrorists), plane refuelled, then flown to remote southern Indian Ocean to “nosedive” into deepest depths.
    Sounds sinister I know, but planes on 9/11 did the same>escape radar/reverse course. Hi-jacking is impossible with armoured cockpit door & no demands.
    Fire would have seen “Mayday,Mayday FIRE need assistance” & emergency beacons would have found the plane by now.(cockpit smoke alarms/oxy masks)
    Suicide? What about the co-pilot & Navigator? All 3 had a death wish?

    No, this is a very well planned,mission, knowing all radar & systems tech.
    How come their is no mention of Maldives witnesses & Diego Garcia in MSM news?
    DG has many planes & ships but the US have sent only one Posiedon plane to help from Perth? Perth?
    The only info the plane flew south is from US Transportation & Safety. How do they know it flew south?

    Think NSA,CIA wishing to maintain their stranglehold on computer espionage & hacking/infilatration into China. A country the US owes Trillions of $$ , & has been sabre-rattling with the “ASIAN PIVOT” & the “Trans Pacific Pact”.

  • HR

    I think there is only one theory based on the facts like Malaysian goverment hiding something, most of passangers is from Chinese, no wreckage found, no terrorist claim for responsibility, some maldives people state they see a plane that they believe MH370, there is British / American secret base (Diego Garcia) that near Maldives, there is a rumor that Phillip Wood post picture that from Diego Garcia .. so the theory is, there something about chinese passangers that seems important for us/british intelligence, and because Malaysia is part of british commonwealth so they must be involved with this, probably the pilot is requested by Malaysian goverment to divert the plane to diego garcia, and that’s why Malaysian Air Force not intercept the missing plane.