Clinton Falls Asleep During Obama’s Speech?

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Hillary Clinton is earning some notoriety among web trolls today as a video makes its way around the circuit of her apparently catching a few z’s during President Obama’s speech in Myanmar on Monday.

The president was the first American leader to visit Myanmar, as well as Cambodia, and gave an inspirational speech to the audience at the University of Yangon.

“You’re taking a journey that has the potential to inspire so many people,” Obama said.

Apparently, jet-lag was enough to keep the Secretary of State a little sleepy during the oration, as it appears she nodded off for a moment.

Clinton Falls Asleep During Obama’s Speech?
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  • janie

    I usually doze off when he’s speaking too.

    • Sylvia Dunn

      totally agree

  • H L M

    The old bag is probably tired out from her world tour. She is probably dreaming of all the billions of dollars of taxpayer money she has pissed away on her globe-trotting vacation. She probably has a really warm feeling inside thinking about how she suckered her followers into thinking she was doing great things for her country.
    Gotta hand it to the old bag, no other politician has spent so much money, traveled so far, saw so much of the world, and suckered so many Americans into thinking she was doing her duty.
    Aren’t we a bunch of dummies?
    She wasted billions of dollars while the middle class were working their asses off trying to save a failing economy.
    She did nothing but stay on vacation. The people that believe differently are nothing but “SUCKERS”.
    Why, the hell, do we allow these Washington fat-asses to continue to feed their greed at our expense.
    We are having a hard time supporting our families but these fat-asses continue to make it harder on us. How much more can we stand?
    We put these assholes in office and then pull down our pants, point our butts in the air and let them &%$# us over and over.
    Remember your history lessons in school? Our ancestors fought many years ago to gain rights for us. Now, we have allowed the politicians to take most of them away. Our ancestors would be so proud…..

    • Richard

      Your comment lacks even one specific detail or substantive point. It’s pure negative generalities, with a healthy dose of misogyny towards older women. You’re not a nice person.

      • Viola Weber-Schroeder

        Old bag? You will be old some day.This is very negative toward older women.Shame on you.

        • H L M

          I am old

        • H L M

          I am old. I am just one of the many that financed her world tour and I think my money could be spent much wiser. It could have been used to help our economy and not her sightseeing world tour.

      • H L M

        Maybe I’m not a nice person but I am tired of seeing our leaders,(and I used that word loosely), waste our hard earned tax dollars on unnecessary things.
        We have a failing economy and we let this bag travel the world doing mostly nothing but seeing the world. A total waste of tax money that I helped provide.
        You are right, I am not a nice person when I seed such waste.

  • Susie Q

    Apparently, some people have nothing better to than pick on inane situations like this…Now I am not pro-Hillary by any stretch of the word, but good grief can she not have one private moment. Let’s consider some things. Number one and foremost is that she is listening to Obama, that puts me asleep as well. #2 Hillary is no spring chicken anymore and let’s face it, she has kept the roads hot during her tenure. #3 Hey! She is about to retire, and I guess she has finally given herself permission to cop a snooze because it is not going to amount to a hill of beans once she leaves capitol hill #4 There is no telling how little sleep she got the night before…..Honestly! Why can’t the media leave people alone! The paparazzi all but killed Princess Diana, and they have started on Kate. I have seen pictures of the queen of England nodding off too. If you want to be entertaining and creative, snap a pic of Biden picking his nose….rearranging his package…..sheesh!

  • http://yahoo andy

    For all of those people that are making harsh remakes, can you keep up with her even sleeping. You go girl!

    • JTerianDeShandreJacksonIV

      Hey Andy: are you gay? You sure seem like it. You go, boi.

  • L.B. Johnson

    All around her are wide-eyed and attentive — are did you notice???

  • Valerie

    And your point IS???? If I wasn’t so afraid of what he was saying, I’d fall asleep, too!

  • http://yahoo Marilyn

    Really, this is a worthless article, only written to stir up negative comments.

  • superbee

    she also fell asleep everytime bill wanted some lovin

  • robert staley

    Hiliary is sleeping because she hears O’s dismal speech–he’s trying to clone Lincoln without having any of the required bona fides. O is a poor actor who unfortunately is hogging the stage. Certainly an embarrassment to America and himself. He later (or earlier did) further embarrass America and himself with an inappropriate embrace of the noted Nobel Peace Prize winner of Myanmar fame. He further referred to Myanmar as “Burma” and called Yangon “Rangoon” a number of times. “O” neeeds to find himself anothe trailer park n which to insert himself and leave Wash DC.

  • gloria jones

    so what the lady probably was TIRED!

  • rosenie josaphat

    She is tired from all the lies that this administration has been telling.

  • Carey

    Heck, who hasn’t fallen asleep during a long speech or lecture?

  • Siobhan

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Hillary’s but she’s been so busy round the clock with the whole mess over there that she’s got to be exhausted. I wish people would back off and leave her alone. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Let’s be grateful for the freedoms we have and stop hating.

  • http://www.dailygrind.com Coffee Lover

    My only advice for Hillary is two-fold: 1)Get more sleep 2)Drink more coffee!

  • Bak2day

    all she has to do is wake up and say “In God’s name Amen”!

  • owen white

    Hilary Went to sleep The world was safe when she was sleeping for a while . Now If Obama And Hilary Went to sleep And Did Not Wake UP . The world would be safe for ever .

    • Joan Simon

      No matter your politics, Hillary Clinton has been a fantastic Secretary of State and most intelligent people realize this. Mean-spirited comments like this have no place in our common discourse, but they are becoming all too common. If you don’t like her or President Obama, that’s your right -just please keep your nasty thoughts to yourself.

      • Drexel S. Fuller

        By whose measure?Flying around the world doesn’t make you a great Secretary of State matter of fact we haven’t had one lately.

    • mmiller

      Be nice – if not, don’t comment …. !!!

    • Steve

      Never made it past Rendezvous Elementary, eh Owen?

    • marlene Brown

      The entire world outside the USA marvels at the nonsense and racism and pure stupidity of so many of you. Barack Obama WON! Grow up and accept it. Learn to lose gracefully.

    • old1

      3 pointer!

  • Paul

    Well that could explain the 8 years from 2001 – 2009. They were all asleep. That makes a whole bunch more sense than what happened during that time from Jan. 20 2001 – Jan 19 2009.

  • http://WebProNews Martha

    Hillary’s been nipping and sipping the wine!

  • Tony

    Hillary Clinton prepared the details of Obama’s trip, generated the connections, made all the necessary arrangements. All Obama had to do was talk. In fact, she’s the stronghold in his cabinet.

  • Laura

    Nobody works harder than Hillary does. She obviously was exhausted and jet lagged. It had nothing to do with Obama’s speech. ROCK ON HILLARY!!!!!!!

    • old1

      Hung over I bet! She hits the sauce pretty hard these days!

  • doreen

    i fell asleep too

  • LaKeisha Jackson

    I take a back seat to nobody in my complete, utter contempt for Hillary Clinton. But the lying bitch has spent a very exhausting week shuttling all around the middle east trying to keep Israel from going to war with half its neighbors. Cut the sorry scumbucket a little slack if she catches a snooze when she can.

  • Bill

    UUMMM….Pretty much somes up this administration!

    • Nathan

      Sums up is what you meant, moron. And, were you under a rock during Bush’s administration?? He ignored CIA briefings warning him that bin Laden was ready to attack on U.S. soil. Stop watching Fox News, your brain is being fried worse than a crack heads…Obama is 1000 times better than Bush…So cry about it and move to Mexico, ignorant piece of trash.

      • Victor

        Well said Nathan. Surely, some of the morons have no clues in politics. They’re best at ranting. I was hoping they would crawl back out in about 4 years from now.

      • old1

        I understood Bill! I can’t understand how you can cover for this ineligible Communist Muslim imposter though.

    • http://at&t ernesto

      spoken like a true republican. you probably conveniently forgot the idol of republicans falling asleep on the stage while the pope is making a speech. that’s okay for you though you repukelicans only remember what you want. my spelling is i really mean repukelicans.

  • Sherry V

    Hey if you worked and travel as hard and as much as she does your azz would be tired too.

  • Barker Khorasanee

    I travel to Burma quite often. The time difference is 14 hours and the flight time is 20 hours. Hillary with all her mind on the Hamas issues and the South East Asia visit is pretty taxing. Anybody that writes mean things about our hard-working Secretary of State is a MORON!

    • rb

      Still no excuse … thanks for your left opinion

      • Rob

        And thank you for the myopic view from the right

    • im_wally@hotmail.com

      Hillary is a mouth piece for that bonehead president we have. She has the blood of 4 brave Americans all over her hands and you defend this beast? I feel sorry for you and your lot. You cannot develop a single thought. You are a collective group of cattle all whining and bawling until you are lead by your brilliant, teleprompter reading, bowing, groveling, sniveling leader into the feedlot for your feeding of liberal silage. And like cattle you go without queston. But, what you don’t understand is that from the feedlot he will lead you to slaughter. You will be robbed of you liberties, your self worth and made dependent on a government that will then do nothing for you.
      Stop defending ineptitude and the incapability of this man and his swarm. I

    • old1

      Mr. Moron to you Barker! Khorasanee? Where the “H” you from?

  • http://www.whocare.com Peter Peter

    One speak the other asleep..wonderful teaching.

  • Marty

    She was probably dreaming that she was President and all the fun she would be having. instead of the Obominator.

    • Storm

      How and Why is this big news? Don’t you reporters have anything better to do?
      Give her a break, she’s human too.

  • Arthur

    Oh dear sweet lady… you are so beautiful. I would love to have awakened you with a gentle kiss to my beautiful queens lips. To wish is my dream of one day to hold you and to kiss you.

  • nomi rosas castillo

    So what? Hillary was filling tired. I feel tired sometimes and I don’t have the job she does. Please
    just think about the amount of hours that these people work. Let her daydream while Obama is taking care of business. She works non-stop. Its not her fault.

    • Ginger Meeder

      Thank-you for saying that on her defense….These people are ungrateful, miserable bastards still cryin over this election. They will make a mountain out of a hairball on their republican elephant’s whiney ass…

  • Drexel S. Fuller

    Where was Hillary and the UN when the daily rocket barrage has been going on?When the Jews finally say that’s it enough and start fighting back here comes the UN and Hillary,anybody else notice how the Jews are portrayed by media as the bad guys?

  • Steve Revenaugh

    It’s an example of effective time management. She certainly did not miss anything of importance.

  • Dave

    was she also sleeping when our ambasador in benghazzi was being murdered

  • AHW

    The jet lag alone could be responsible, not to mention, it’s fairly common for menopausal and peri-menopausal women to doze at times. Men of a certain age doze off, too.

    • old1

      Menopausal? That woman is older than God! She just acts like she’s going through menopause!

  • Ginger Meeder

    She was freakin tired people for criminy sakes….Like none of you have ever fallen asleep during churchin….the only reason some of you woke up was because you belched up yer Bud lights….

  • im_wally@hotmail.com

    Why is this suprising? Obama, his cabinet and his government have been this way thoughout his time in office. Most recently they were all in a deep sleep with what took place in Benghazi Libya. Clinton took credit for the deaths of 4 Americans, yet she is still jetting around accomplishing nothing. No accountability, no responsiblity….they can’t claim either, they were asleep and didn’t know what the hell was going on. But then again, look at her mentor Barry….Working on four complete years in office and he had done absolutely zilch. Well, if you call ramming a “healthcare bill” down our throats or slamming us and our children’s children’s children with the “TARP” bailout and oh yeah, leading us to a fiscal cliff anything, then I guess Barry has been busy. Right! They all and I mean Democrats, Republicans, Independents need to pull their heads out of their asses and get something done right there in D.C. That is what WE are paying them to do.

    • old1

      No thumbs up button! You get one anyway ,,,,!

      Obama and the Rotten Rodham get ,,!,.

  • kelli

    I don’t care what political party she is from — international traveling for any job is EXHAUSTING. Not to mention the pressure she is under with her particular job. Everyone is so quick to judge.

  • greg

    Was she sleeping when bill was getting his freak on?

    • mmiller

      Greg – that’s not for you to know – leave it!

  • Gerry

    I would consider it a blessing to fall asleep while Obama was speaking.

  • maury castro

    Oh, for crying in a bucket – picky, picky, picky! Cut the heroic, hard working, dedicated, and highly responsible leader some slack! She’s been criss-crossing the globe and on the spot with her mission and duties, non-stop! Who wouldn’t succomb to dozing off with her kind of schedule – not even a teenager!

  • old1

    Why not? She’s heard all his lies before! Probably knows them by heart!
    Her cease fire lasted all of – what? – 1 hour?
    How can America be this stupid?



  • kr

    Can’t say I blame ya – Hillary…how did this guy get the reputation for being a good public speaker – he is lost without a teleprompter.

  • Julie

    Even Hillary needs a break from all the bullshit from time to time.

  • gary

    she must have read the speach before oboma read it!!

  • Paula

    What happened? whoo..I fell asleep. What did I miss? LOL jk. I wanna say that she has been very busy, and has been all over the world. She probably is tired. I bet she had been up for days before this. She needs a vacation.

    • http://yahoo rose quin-bare

      So now we know what happened during the Benghazi incident….

  • gailchet

    For Pete sake the woman is 66 years old & probably doesn’t know what time zone she is in….RETIRE!!!!

    • http://www.webpronews.com/clinton-falls-asleep-during-obamas-speech-2012-11 diane

      Well, the old crow did just get back from the middle east, and I’m sure she has jet lag. She does need to retire, though.

  • bonnie

    Leave the Lady alone. She has worked so hard for us, that she deserves to sleep wherever she pleases! Obama would put anybody to sleep with his, look at me, I’m so much better than everyone else, speechs. Has he ever said anything that the poor working people of the US, want to hear?

  • al

    Dont people realize that the peace treaty was signed 24 hours before Clinton even got to Gaza Come on people she had nothing to do with it they just wanted support and more money for there army to defend themselves

    • http://webpronews.com wendy dakin

      When do you guys think we will get Hillary on the stand to testify what she knew during the Benghazi attack. Is that going to get pushed under the carpet?

    • levy

      wrong ..
      Israel and hamas had not agreed to stop fighting ..rockets were still falling on israel .
      let’s hope that pt obama will be tougher and say to Israel :
      Peace 2 people 2 states or no more weapons ..
      That would be great if Pt Obama were the man able to solve the conflict .
      Violence solves nothing .

  • http://yahoo porzia

    So many of us complain about what we think we know and we actually do not know what’s really going on…. Let’s try to do the work and see what will be able to accomplish

  • Matt

    In his speech, he says “Freedom of Worship”. There’s a BIG difference between “Freedom of Religion” and Freedom of Worship. Freedom of Worship doesn’t guaranty you the choice of your religion/denomination as declared by the Constitution. Freedom of Worship allows you to worship who THEY want you to worship.

    • Luis

      The UN refuses to endorse the New Charter because it has a ” Freedom of Religion- Freedom of Worship” clause in it. This has been sitting for a long time. The International Herald Tribune reported on this many years back.

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