Clint Eastwood Talking to a Chair, the Song, Now Exists

    August 31, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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If you missed the final night of the Republican National Convention, you probably missed Clint Eastwood talking to a chair; an empty chair that was supposed to contain President Obama, or something like that. Clint Eastwood said a lot of things as the RNC’s surprise speaker Thursday evening – and I’m sure there is a healthy debate out there about how much of it was satire, how much of it was actually on point, and how much of it was the delusional ravings of a old man.

But one thing that isn’t up for debate is the fact that Clint Eastwood did spend a large part of his speech talking to and/or at a chair.

And as you would expect, the internet has responded with a song.

It’s aptly titled “Clint Eastwood Talking to A Chair,” and comes courtesy YouTube user therockcookiebottom.

Making a song about the legendary actor/director’s speech took a little while, and that’s understandable. On the other hand, it didn’t take someone very long to create the Twitter account @InvisibleObama. That was up and tweeting before Eastwood’s speech was over. The account was briefly suspended earlier today, but quickly reinstated. It currently has over 50,000 followers.

[via UPROXX]

  • DGarr

    How many ways can one say, “mistake”?
    Republican convention went off the rails with this one.

    Is this a taste of what Republican good judgment looks like?
    What the hell were they thinking?

    This was the last night of the Republican convention.
    And we are given this?

    I love Clint Eastwood.
    But only managed to feel sorry for him.
    And to feel sorry for the poor bozo who talked the convention committee into this stunt.

  • http://WedProNews Sigmon B.Carter

    sometimes u remember sometimes u don’t POOR CLINT.

  • fred fep

    Lock and load

  • fred fep

    Old white man ranting at make-believe Obama. Definition of Republicans

  • Perry Peltonen

    still beats bah ma nomics simple tons

  • http://RealNiggaTalk Nookie nugg

    You Republicans all of you. Have a fuck up way of sayin you dont like a person or someone you people are suppose to be considered profes. Thats why realniggatalk will let yall so call jealous asses have it.

  • http://gmail eddie smith

    Acting is one thing,helping someone ran for a seat in the white house, talking to a chair is another.

  • dave

    Clint Eastwood was not a mistake stupid!

    • http://yahoo Steve

      Yes it was a mistake moron

  • http://yahoo.com ann p. lowe

    Eastwood – more than a political antic. No doubt, voters have much to think about on issues and stand for what they think is right. This is what I perceived from the presentation.

  • Vincent Birungi

    Poor Clint. He looks so old he may have become senile. Talking to an empty chair is a sure sign of senility, definitely not a good stunt at this time when there are lots of serious things facing the world.

  • Hairy Potter

    The empty chair is the best description of Obama and his “phone it in” approach to both international strategy and economics.

    That’s what really jerks the Leftists’ chains — the fact that the public laughed out loud at their Holy Messiah, recognizing the inherent truth of the joke, especially applicable to a President that has spent more time in the golf course than Ike , who can’t be bothered to attend his intelligence briefings, who bows and apologizes to every tinpot dictator me meets, and whose wife has been on vacation at our expense for three and a half years.

    I won’t even go into how this bozo has destabilized the entire Middle East by actively supporting — even militarily — the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda by toppling the stable governments in Egypt, Libya and now Syria. Iran laughs, while we help destroy Israel.